43 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald Interviews Rep. Tulsi Gabbard About Foreign Policy and Her 2020 Campaign

  1. How naïve the public can still be. There’s nothing different under the Sun in this interview: “When I’m president I shall do this, when I’m president I shall do that, when I’m president this is going to stop, I’m not like the other candidates, I will not be like the other presidents in the past.” Selling idealistic goal now only to find out who runs the business in America such as the military complex, et al. People are the ones who need to change, not the political candidates. Change comes when people change, not when candidates’ gender changes or when candidates’ political affiliation changes.

  2. What about the economy? National security when we can't choose alternatives? Education? Veterans? Social Justice? Native Rights? Healthcare? Or all the other issues a President must deal with?

  3. These morons presently in the white house are Dysfunctional psychopaths who need to be institutionalized in a mental asylum

  4. Great show! WHAT A BRILLIANT LADY! She gets my vote. Is Tulsi into worker co-op's to take the control away from the elite, and give democracy back to the people? WE ARE ALL HUMANS, AND SHOULD ALL BE EQUAL. Money, Greed and Power all take away our rights of equality. So until we deal with these issues, we will get nowhere.

  5. The biggest problem is GERRYMANDERING
    We need term limits as well ONLY vote for candidates that will pledge to term limits.
    There is electoral manipulations but it is by ISRAEL not Russia

  6. Listen up ! I will tl you what and how Trump was elected. I know this because I KNOW EVERYTHING!! EXCEPT I have a lot to LEARN !! Seriously, from the times of Whitewater and Ken Starr ( he was actually the SECOND special prosecutor because the first special prosecutor said that the Clintons were clear of any wrong doing in Whitewater but the Republicans couldn't stand that and somehow got another special prosecutor, you can easily fact check this ,but it was the demonstration of them and if you throw enough mud some will stick. FOX news the propaganda channel of the Republican party was relentless in demonizing Hillary, granted she was sometimes her own worst enemy but Trump recieved the benefit of the anti Hillary voters whp under normal circumstances would not have voted for Trump.plus the electorate was conned and lied to by Trump and we have a very ignorant and stupid group of blowhard idiots in our electorate. You have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to not realize that Trump is a fraud.

  7. I believe Greenwald is a believer of complete isolationism from his line of questions on the war on terrorism. Though I fundimentally agree, this policy of turning your cheek and allowing fate sort out terrorist groups, will impossible to win a US presidential ticket on.

  8. Came here to listen to TULSI as she acknowledged her hindu background and is in coherence with common american folks , a nationalist. But im amazed that anchor is selling horseshit equating PM of india with ASSAD. Thats why media is losing its credibility day by day . Zero on comparative data , maximum on feelings expressed by other fellow journalists in cocktail circuits . Request you guys to kindly visit twitter bio of quoted journalist and you will realise india also has its own linda sarsour and that too in plenty who hate that peaceful hindu majority

  9. Kiwi viewpoint. Trumpf will win next election because of the DNC debacle over 'Russiagate' while ignoring his corporate-backed attacks on US citizens' basic societal rights. Then, after the continued neoliberalist agenda finally sputters out to its inevitable bankrupt conclusion, most folk in the US will start to see the benefits of democratic socialism (cf. many Scandinavian countries … sadly, not my own, where many still live on the streets and family violence — big contributor, lack of money to make even the basic ends meet — let alone enjoyable leisure times — money is still a challenge, for even the time-rich.)
    ….overall? Support those politicians who demonstrate that they care about wider community and the survival of this planet. Live in hope of fundamental change.

  10. I am a Tulsi fan, but if she became president, given her stances, the pentagon would hire one of its many terrorist state allies to start a coup. All the companies that we have subsidized and bailed out for an eternity would leave, almost immediately. A famine would set in. Americans would watch Americans die and call it the gravity of capitalism, at least the intellectuals* will. We need to plan for the inevitable failure that is to come, so that we might rise from the ashes more formidable.

  11. "This is not the war we chose". Pretty politically correctly said. So, how come it ended up arming those who attacked US? Was it connected from the beginning?

  12. What a stupid idea thinking that elections could be protected from interference. What about domestic mass media lies, corporations, internal parties' cheats etc., not even mentioning influence of the country from another continent, and it is not Russia.

  13. This is no interview; It's Glenn Greenwald taking advantage of the exposure to opine about his personal, political chestnuts

  14. Communism is globalism's main goal, they all speak beautifully when in campaign and once in office they got all the same Zionist puppets

  15. Im Going To Vote For Her…..I Just Hope She Doesn’t Pull An Obama On Me And Play Me For A Fool. If That Happens I’ll Never Vote Again. Like George Bush Once Said “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can't get fooled again.”

  16. The liberals all over hate Hindus so much that it's hard for them to digest that Tulsi is a Hindu and that she supports Modi.

  17. I like her too much to be president for she would be assasinated
    For her beliefs and what she wants to do
    She would be more powerful not as president

  18. No smearing?! Wow! How refreshing. Oh! It's not CNN or MSNBC. Makes sense. I've never heard a journalist to highlight all her positions so clearly, so early in the interview.

  19. It's a conundrum because the "War on Terror" is a direct cause of U.S. destabilization efforts worldwide so for her to say she's a "Hawk" on dealing with terrorism is strange to hear when she's so clear and adamant about the U.S.'s role in creating these extremists and ideologues.

  20. 12:00. The only way to stop outside hacking of our voting systems is a return to hand marked, hand counted paper ballots. Counted in front of witnesses from all political parties. The gold standard of the election process.

  21. This interview has swayed me away from supporting her. The host is bias. As a former GOP voter I hope her voice gers heard. She belongs in a new DC, mYbe a VP. Maybe a Trump cabinet member.

  22. Glen, what is with this fake interview style. The over the shoulder shots to make it look like you two are in the same room is cringey at best. A remote interview is totally acceptable. When you fake even a small detail like that it promotes doubt in everything else. It's something CNN would do.

    That being said, I love that you exist. You're one of only a handful of actual journalist left in the world. And I hope to see Tulsi Gabbard as president one day. She is the only viable democratic candidate. They are trying to silence her because they can't control her.

  23. Saw this lady on Joe Rogan she is bright articulate has good ideas beautiful in/out cmon yanks as nobody's brave enough to put a bullet in the CUNT get this intellectually malnourished cunt you voted in out of office

  24. I wouldn't take too much away from this interview. We know Tulsi's position on Russiagate as does Greenwald who was also promoting that same position. This was a Greenwald promotional piece more than anything else.

  25. ⭕24:12 modi government is killing muslim minority ?
    📛Fact = 250 million muslims live peacefully in India . Muslims in India are most educated and wealthy than neighboring countries and they are more safer than in America.
    🔰Then What about US government killing thousands of muslims ?
    👹="No answer"
    ⭕24:22 Modi government behind srilakan attack Newyork times? (Newyork times is always against India no surprise)
    📛Fact=Modi government warned srilakan government many times about attack going to happen before attack by ISIS .
    📛Fact =Newyork times mocked Indian space agency later they have to apologies .
    🔰What about Indians and hindus killed in America ?
    👹="No answer"

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