Glenn Beck: Obama ‘Has All the Earmarks of Marxist Dictator’

Glenn Beck: Obama ‘Has All the Earmarks of Marxist Dictator’

alright Glenn Beck says the Brock Obama
has all the earmarks a Marxist dictator this was of course
related to the lackluster rollout the Affordable Care Act website
how that connects the marxist dictatorship I don’t know but let’s see if one back
can explain it to us just asking tough questions for three
weeks you’ll see this guy are all a comer out
at you the knives and I’ll give you exactly
what would happen on tomorrow’s radio program oh you don’t
wanna miss it and I challenge anybody in the press to
actually do it you’ll see this man change overnight because he has all the earmarks love a Marxist dictator
he does he doesn’t like anybody to challenge him
he a he launches into instead of answering
the questions he just launches into a diatribe stern
25 min it depends on how wonderful Obamacare is it’s more that a website ya
vol okay I so Barack Obama because he doesn’t like challenge and he launches into diatribes instead of
directly answering questions he’s a Marxist dictator funny Louis
because don’t most politicians not really like to be
directly challenged and instead of just answering questions
plainly they going to elaborate roundabout responses I thought every
politician did that I cannot right now become a politician
who doesn’t let’s actually analyze whether whether
what President Obama has done makes in Marxist in some way he’s giving
private insurers a new pool 30 million people to make
their customers for-profit private insurers that doesn’t really sound marxist to me
he allowed for-profit health insurance
companies to rate the health care reform bill that doesn’t really sound marxist to me he reduced the number love government
jobs below the George W Bush level that doesn’t sound very marxist to me he on the bank bailout did basically more
of the same instead of the National jobs program that many progressives were
calling for he poured billions of dollars into banks
which be had its merits in terms of helping
the economy but certainly not what a marxist would do Louis financial reform basically the
exact same thing after the BP oil explosion invites for-profit oil company BP to the White
House for lunches to talk about what happened but tea partier seem to
believe it and their parroting it even is you even if it’s not a at all based
in in reality I know this is sad and I’m sure once
Auckland Expo lowers looked up or marxism wisner probably a agreed to 100 percent with him the
Providence though it you know why I its it’s really sad that this guy can
just sit back there in make things up but hey you know what we
have to support his right to do so

64 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Obama ‘Has All the Earmarks of Marxist Dictator’

  1. I kinda wonder if we should support gb's right to say what he says….outside of free speech concerns (he, of course, can ultimately say whatever), there should be a requirement that he disclaim his show "for entertainment purposes only", that way people realize he doesn't use fact at all. otherwise, whatever. isn't his show losing ratings?

  2. I'd love to see Beck stuck in a foreign country with a real dictatorship, where people actually suffer for speaking out. Within an hour, he'd probably be begging Obama to take military action to save his whiny ass.

  3. Think of it as a litmus test – if anyone calls any US politician (including Bernie Sanders and those moderate lefties) a 'Marxist' you know they're a moron.

  4. I like the bit at the end of that clip where Beck says "jawohl", the idiot doesn't even know what country he is talking about. How the hell this man gets on the airwaves is a complete mystery to me, don't you have a mental health act in America?

  5. Oh man I can see some memes along the line of "Glenn Beck has the earmarks of a *insert insult here*" sprouting up based on these youtube comments.

  6. So what do you think about our great presiden because all you do is bash on this man but what makes you anny better ???

  7. I thought "earmarks" are things added to spending bills. Shouldn't he have used the word "hallmark" instead? Either way, Beck is still a fear-mongering idiot.

  8. Personally I love the fact that someone like Glenn Beck can make millions by getting morons to pay to listen to his bullshit. Stupid people should always be exploited, and they are usually conservatives.

  9. Wait, I just thought about this, and Glenn Beck is TOTALLY RIGHT! I mean think about it, Barack Obama DOES have all the earmarks of a Marxist Dictator. Take for example: he's black, he's black, he's BLACK… he has big ears, his father was from Kenya… and he's black. ALL the marks of a dictator right there, people. Glenn Beck said it first.

  10. As much as people do not like Mormons because of their cult like beliefs, I think that Glenn Beck is a disgrace to the Mormon religion!

  11. Beck described himself and every right winger at fox.

    He doesn't like being challenged, they don't like answering questions directly and they go on screaming fits if someones goes against them and makes good points.

  12. I'm still convinced Beck was implanted to discredit the handful of legitimate points right-wingers actually have.

  13. Where does the right for a racist, fascict and demagogue come from! Where it leads to, we all are very much aware of. I assume Louis, you refer to " freedom of speach"…Like with the Phelps and other maniacs there ought to be limits. Particularly when others are harmed and need to be protected. That also is a right first hand, and guaranteed. Still love the DPS 🙂

  14. Didn't Marx's theories of Government, basically call for a dissolution of government. So isn't a Marxist Dictator an oxymoron?

  15. Dictator, yes. Marxist, absolutely not, because Obama (like many Democrats in congress), push for the same policies as Republicans, so long as it entails further alienating the constitution, self-enrichment, or advancing the wealth of 1%.

  16. Dear Glenn Beck:
    Eat a bag of dick, fuck off back to the cold war with your red-scare tactics, and stop bothering us sane people and shitting all over the duty of voters to be knowledgeable and reasoning.

  17. A few examples of people who hate being challenged, and launch into diatribes to avoid answering tough questions: Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz. Rand Paul. Paul Ryan. Donald Rumsfeld. Lloyd Blankfein. Antonin Scalia. Mitt Romney. Bill O'Reilly. Michelle Bachmann. Scott Walker. Ann Coulter. Jim Imhoff. Ted Nugent. Marsha Blackburn. Grover Norquist. Laura Ingraham. Donald Trump. Joe Walsh. Michael Savage. Wayne LaPiere. Glenn Beck, shrieking at a dissenting caller "Get off my phone!"

  18. I wouldn't go so far as to say we have to support Beck's right to "make things up". I realize he has freedom of speech but there's a point where it seems like it should be criminal.

  19. So amusing that the tea party speaks for America when they are the least popular political party in the country then calls those representing tge majority dictators. Beck and his tea party really need to get dictionaries…badly!

  20. I Would venture to say that Becks audience in the main haven't got a clue.. What a Marxist is or even what Marxism is other than Something that sounds scary

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