Glenn Beck: Democrats Want A ‘Marxist Utopia’

Glenn Beck: Democrats Want A ‘Marxist Utopia’

Glenn Beck is gonna tell you what the
democrats secret plan is apparently I missed the
memo on this one wasn’t is the president willing to pull
the trigger is he willing to say to hell with it all because it would only help him transform
the entire world republicans as flawed as they may be are
dealing with marxist revolutionaries who want America to default so they can
scrap it all and start building a Marxist utopia from scratch remember this isn’t crazy talk this is
what lenin and marx said they said the dick country the perfect utopia couldn’t be a anything but a on a a a capitalist country because only a
capitalist country could make this transition so it would
work on these democrats they’ve %uh favor
defaulting on our debt so let me get this straight the republicans shut down the government the republicans threatened not to raise
the debt ceiling which leads to defaulting on the debt
and who knows going back blame the democrats and Obama its then I can
probably go back in Franklin said Glenn Beck himself advocating for not raising
the debt ceiling who cares if we default on our debt when our son when it’s inconvenient of
course you have lame but the democrats and makeup is
ridiculous conspiracy theory well look better he’s clear he says the democrats and Obama are marxists their marxist okay so we can actually see if that’s
true so what is the definition of marxism it
is quote a political theory derived from Karl
Marx advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according
to their abilities and needs so in other words the means up production is government-owned
so it’s a society that is a hundred percent government the entire
economy all the jobless our government and
everything is divided equally okay so let’s go ahead look into
this what was but the government like and what was the jobs situation like
under goal capitalist-style George W Bush you going back along let’s take a
look well about ninety percent of the jobs
were private sector jobs provided of course by small business and
big business and nine percent of the jobs were
government jobs okay there you go I’ll I guess you could
say george bush’s only nine percent communist or 9 percent socialist he’s
ninety percent capitalist cuz that’s on the jobs were split up under under him so but let’s take a look at Obama under
Obama i mean clearly the number of government jobs shot up right I mean a had to go up because back to saying this
guy’s big-government liberal he’s a communist he’s a marxist was take a look ninety-one percent of
the jobs under Obama are in the private sector more all the jobs under all bomber are private sector compared to Bush only eight-percent other jobs our government
jobs so what’s it’s not even like it’s the same between
Bush and Obama you actually have Obama with less
government jobs and more private sector jobs in fact let’s go and take a look at the
overall eight years but when Bush was in office
so in poll Bush lost 665,000 private-sector jobs that’s at Lac you
gotta understand and thats a big deal because by even if a
president’s not good when it comes to the private sector and
the economy nearly so I’m at least a million jobs but growth two million jobs though he lost
665,000 but he gained gained one one million seven hundred forty
eight thousand government jobs under supposedly small-government George
W Bush he exploded the public sector the
government by one million seven hundred forty eight
thousand jobs now let’s compare that to Obama under
Obama the private sector so capitalist capitalism has gained about 7.5 million jobs growth of 7.5 million private sector
jobs so when it comes to government jobs as
you look at over there what he has cut 750 to 1000 government jobs so big-government liberal right Socialist Marxist Obama is cutting government cutting government so many
body is closer to Marxism it’s George W Bush

56 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Democrats Want A ‘Marxist Utopia’

  1. Wait. That doesn't fit my preconceived notions. You must be wrong.
    I'm afraid of the black man in the white house. That means he must be bad.

  2. I can't believe nobody else in the media brings these hard hitting facts.
    And explained all under 5 minutes.
    Great job, as usual.

  3. I think it's because not everybody is employed, or there is some third option of employment that's not private or public that I'm unaware of — but I was wondering the same thing.

  4. What would Bitch Beck know about anything? The pathetic little boy loves to spit conspiracy theories, just like Jones.

  5. I find a lot of people on the right don't do their own research which leads to these politico entertainers telling them what's true.

  6. Democrats wants affordable health care, and i strongly recommend that Clen take advantage from its mental care portion

  7. Actually. The Circus arts are a skill set which must be honed very early… including Clowning and Mime and other Theatre skills.

  8. KYLE

    the thing that could separate you is that you dont have to play the clips of the retarded right wingers blabbing.

    you seem to mostly do stories on the most idiotic guys you can find and i often times find myself wondering why im watching fox news when i realize its secular talk. yes im stoned

  9. I think the 3rd option is probably the community or voluntary sector. Understandably, it's a pretty small percentage of overall employment in most countries and that could explain why the public and private sector job numbers do not total 100%.

  10. I thought the same thing. LOL He is reminding me more and more of Yukio Mishima. Wait for him to commit suicide is some kind of crazy public fashion.

  11. I hate my self for voting for Obama more & more. FDR knew how to spend more & create more gov workers & it worked. Ppl keep saying Obama is a socialist & I can only say I wish.:(

  12. "When that the private market cried, Obama hath wept:
    Marxism should be made of sterner stuff:
    Yet Glenn Beck says he is Marxist;
    And Glenn Beck is an honourable man".

  13. How much power did either President actually have over these private sector jobs numbers? I thought that the Congress would have had the most influence in this respect.

  14. I'm absolutely amazed and flabbergasted that a proven lunatic and stunning jackass like Mr. Beck somehow earns a public platform to spew his blatant ignorance. This goof-ball has no business analyzing anything but his navel!

  15. Kyle, I have greatly enjoyed watching you channel grow over the past few months. Your channel is absolutely brilliant, and it gives me great satisfaction to see it has grown to a much more appropriate size for your incredible content. Congratulations.

  16. here's a riddle for you: Who is Australian, very old, has a small penis and is stupid enough to reply to every comment I give him? the answer is YOU!! lololol only reply if you agree you have a small penis.

  17. Of the 10 states that give more to the fed than it receives from the fed, 8 are Democratic states.

    Of the 10 states that receive more from the fed than it gives to the fed, 8 are Republican.

    Getting more from government than you give is the absolute definition of socialism.

  18. The scary thing is that some people actually believe that this guy is not an idiot. This "anything but exactly how I want it is communism" crap is getting old.

  19. Marx wasn't a utopian socialist. He argued vehemently against utopian socialists. Marx didn't believe communism was going to be a utopia, at least in the later work.

  20. 3 years later and the democrats just about nominated a self-proclaimed socialist. I'd say Glenn Beck was right about the desires of the left (I love that it was only 3 years ago that liberals were in full denial about their socialistic desires and now they completely embrace it.. liars)…. But clearly, whoever this kid is, does't know anything substantial about Marx and his philosophy anyway. Everything Beck said about Marx philosophy was correct. Beck probably went on to explain how a Marx society would be built on the ashes of a capitalist country, because that's his method, but the clip was too short to tell.

    Secular talk, educate yourself on Marxism, not through wikipedia, but through Marx's books, and THEN pretend you know what you're talking about. I'll even give you a jumping off point — Start with Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit," specifically the Lordship and Bondage section and then get into Marx's readings.

  21. why settle for a shitty watered down version of freedom and equality (social democracy) when you can actually strive for true freedom and equality (anarchy)? makes no sense.

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