Girlfriend Sold for Money? (Social Experiment)

Girlfriend Sold for Money? (Social Experiment)

what's up guys I'm Joey salads and I'm here today to see how much a man would sell his girlfriend for I've got a thousand-dollar role here and at ten thousand dollar role here let's see what happens what's up so uh how much for your girlfriend how much for me to have your girlfriend for one night a million what about a thousand bucks in cash me and her one night sexual favors included but about 10,000 from one night look at it look at the bills all hundreds one night you do a lot with that I mean if you take our vacation goodbye our down payment on a car you know my girlfriend's not myself $11,000 says she is one night 11 would you do it with another girl that means you can do it I mean we're trying to move in together Oh like you're actually gonna give me this you can keep it so you want to do it eleven thousand one hour I'll bring you back in one hour ready to go all right I'll bring her back in one hour all right look right here right there just wait oh hey buddy need your help finding a place casual question

36 thoughts on “Girlfriend Sold for Money? (Social Experiment)

  1. well i dont have a gf but if i did i wouldnt sell it to anyone even if they gave me 100000000000000000000000 dollars still no selling gfs this is as same as selling woman shame on the boyfriends who are selling their girlfriends

  2. Men's twisted morality:
    You'll get money if I have sex with a stranger = Babe, think about it, please. It's nothing, just one hour!
    I'll have sex with you for your money = You are such a whore! How can you live with yourself? (Then agrees anyway)

  3. Dude..plizz show us more about girlfriend sold for money wanna see more of it….the main is the girl just follow u and they are down to go for it sex or what ever it takes..that's the part wanna see the girls reactions.hopefully waiting forward to it dude.

  4. But it even depends on the girl
    If the boy says yes I can still no cuz u can't force me cuz its my pu$$¥

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