Girl Talk #15: AshAllDay Navy Veteran & Mother of 2, on Nationalism & Christianity

Girl Talk #15: AshAllDay Navy Veteran & Mother of 2, on Nationalism & Christianity

33 thoughts on “Girl Talk #15: AshAllDay Navy Veteran & Mother of 2, on Nationalism & Christianity

  1. The cons of birth control terrify me, but I feel as though there are no other options.. If you are married but not wanting children at the moment, what can be done? It's such a hopeless feeling, I do not want to subject my body to altered hormones 😔

  2. Nobody in our circles, or in USA, should give legitimacy to illegal unconstitutional illegitimate "laws" that propose to ban the true Christian bible! Ban Jews instead! This a Christian country, however our churches have been wholly subjugated by Jewish filth!

  3. Hi CC, could you do a hangout with Dancing Dove? if you can get in contact of course. she makes quirky content, poetry readings, some history and of course birds…

  4. I'm going to start "Pimping" your Channel before and after the
    Owen Benjamin Live Streams. Both yourself and AshAllDay have
    earned the "Slapweasel Seal of Approval for Bears".

  5. AshAllDay is pretty woke on the J-Question; she obviously didn't say anything very explicit but of course she knows, very well for her.

  6. Sir John Glubb's essay On The Fate of Empires – Good reading.

    You know what the US might start to resemble in a generation or two? The Austro-Hungarian empire. In school when we learned about WW1 and its causes one thing we never really learned about was the total and utter dysfunction of the Austrian state. Partly as a result of its multi-culturalism. I think the US could become similarly as dysfunctional as the European population collapses. Now the US does have the advantage of geography and bountiful resources. Who knows. Maybe it will be more like Rhodesia or India under the Raj. Difficult to say.

  7. I'm surprised how little push back there was from the interviewer and in the comments. Ashallday has along way to go before she understands what a nationalist is. She obviously still a leftist. Everything she says is still framed with leftist thinking.

    CC talks about white decline in birthrate. Ashallday is the literal cause of this. The irony is lost on her. She is the epitome of multiculturalism. She has non-white children and married to a non-white husband.

    Would she truly accept the nationalism and freedom of association if she was told she was unwelcomed in an ethnostate?

    This interview only reinforces the idea of women staying out of politics.

  8. Great content… nice to see new ladies entering the White Well Being / Nationalist movement. Ash seems on point.

    We must have in-group preference & fight for our right to live, organize, raise families amongst our own people. America will decline after the people who built it become a minority. Whites are already the extreme world minority. We must create more white Christian families!

    I've turned the girl I recently started dating onto you & others 👌14

  9. multiculturalism is a failure sharing a space with people you have nothing in common with can omly lead to conflict

  10. Interesting episode until the end and the anti-vaccination tangent. It kind of went off the rails and nothing you were saying made sense to me.

  11. I loved the political, cultural discussion but the anti vaccine stuff is worrying. I used to be anti vaxx (didn’t vaccine my daughters) but now they’re up to date. This propaganda is dangerous.

  12. Never heard of her, thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Its not like Channels like her's get promoted much by youtube…

  13. I had my first two children in a hospital… completely horrible experience. So with my third I refused to have my baby in a hospital. I considered home birth, but then discovered a birthing center with midwives 3 hours from my home and decided to go that route. It was like night and day. The drive there was brutal, but the birth was natural and quick and we were able to leave for home four hours later. My recovery was so easy compared to being in a hospital.

  14. there was a lot of truth in this, and a few falsehoods. the anti-jew stuff is disturbing coming from a Christian tbh, but it sounds like she's one of those new-fangled american christians that date their church all the way back to like 1988 or something. but still, prudence is the foundational virtue, so we all need to be careful about incorrect ideas.

  15. As Christians I think the next step down the rabbit hole should be to check out channels like know more news with Adam green and Israeli news live. So many Christians are deceived and blindly support Israel and the Jewish agenda. These channels can wake up Christians, which is so important because the new world order agenda can't go forth without their support.

  16. "We're not allowed to act on our human nature". That's succinctly put, I'm tucking that in my back pocket.

  17. What Jordan P did was reminded you that it is OK to say No. He has his own interpretations of life, but you are free to take what you want and leave the rest. The problem comes from making him or anyone a cult leader. Unless there is a spiritual power behind the cult, people end up disillusioned. I do believe there is one behind him, which might be sufficient to keep many from discovering a relationship with Christ. In the 1990s I had a dream that the name of Jesus will be banned. We are almost there, so the substitutes are being heavily promoted. Psalm 2 will be plainly shown to everyone, though most will not see what is happening.

  18. ~48:00 If you don’t know how to tell when you’re ovulating, you can use things like Natural Cycles to know when you’re fertile and not. I hope that kind of method (using temperature to track fertility) will become more common in the future. I recently started using Ava, which is a bracelet you wear every night to track temperature, pulse and some other measures to see when your ovulation will occur. It’s not for birth control, but rather to help with getting pregnant, but I expect that something similar will be developed for birth control soon.

    It’s sad when girls who have barely started menstruating get hormonal contraceptives, since we don’t even know how it will affect their brains. Also, at least here in Sweden, health care staff sometimes basically try to convince you to get on the pill, even if you’re trying to say that you don’t want to have hormonal contraceptives. The information they provide you with comes from the company selling the pills (not likely to be critical). Hopefully, these other fertility tracking methods will outcompete the hormonal methods in the future.

  19. Excellent observation by both intelligent women, CC and AshAllDay, which is Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro artificially increase their intellectual/debate status by cherry picking easy opponents like vacuous feminists or shallow soy boy, college students. You see their pompous titles like Ben Shapiro DESTROYS!!! libtard college student! And no CC, Jordan Peterson won't debate EMJ. JBP uses Floyd Mayweather's strategy in the intellectual domain by preserving his dominance which is more important than losing his glory against a right wing intellectual who will postulate better ideas than Jordan's corporate approved talking points.

  20. 45:50, CC says there was blips of flaccid populism during Trump's presidency but the alpha-Chad-dominant freight train steamrolling through the culture is progressivism. They are the force to look out for because conservatism is completely neutered and emasculated at this point. We are just waiting for them to turn queer and eventually transgender. It's only a matter of time.

  21. AshAllDay's camera had low resolution, not like Critical Condition's camera capturing her beauty in 1080p. The audio was good though.

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