GIANT TUNA TAIL & Filipino Food Tour in Davao Philippines, DURIAN CAPITAL

GIANT TUNA TAIL & Filipino Food Tour in Davao Philippines, DURIAN CAPITAL

36 thoughts on “GIANT TUNA TAIL & Filipino Food Tour in Davao Philippines, DURIAN CAPITAL

  1. I love to watch you eat… it is inviting and you look delicious, i mean the food you eat are delicious. hehehe

  2. strickly dumplings, why are you endorsing sanas kabuwan as the most popular eatary in Davo? This joint is an overpriced sham and is not well known by locals at all, even those in the neighborhood. Went there during lunch and no one is eating there other than the same employees depicted in your video – bad sign. The food items depicted in your video is prearranged as nothing close to what's actually being served in the restaurant. The soup was salty and tasteless while the beef was lumped and greasy and very expensive by local standards. The owner lady's love for her president is the only hype for this place to be known to out of towners.

  3. Mikey, you need to squash the chillis til the juice and seeds come out. This will make your dipping sauce spicy without even eating the actual chilli

  4. whats that beef soup called again that looked bomb.? going there in a few months might have to hit that place up lol.

  5. Wow!!!! You visited Davao. You even ate at Lachis in our subdivision. You should have eaten at our bbq joint ONE GARNET STREET and i'm sure your gonna love it. its just a few blocks away from Lachis. I should have taken you to other local exotic cheap delicious restos in Davao and experience a different gastronomical adventure. Thanks for visiting Davao.

  6. 3:56 You are suppose to eat the beef and soup with rice you put some soup in the rice then you eat the beef.

  7. I like that i can hear people speaking in the background because when people film like eating videos its usually just music and i grew up with a noisy family and now that i live alone now i miss them so i really like it when people just talking in a background…and also RIP papa 😢😊

  8. What you eat 3:55 is not a cow its a water buffalo and its soo good!.. KALABAW in tagalog KABAW in bisaya.

  9. congratulations! you got the dipping sauce: soy sauce, vinegar, kalamansi, and chili, right! for grilled or fried foods, you may also want to try vinegar (sukang iloko, if possible), pipino, onion, chili and a bit of sugar, it's also one hell of a great dipping sauce 🙂

  10. It's amazing that you still remembered the names of the places you've previously visited in the philippines

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