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  1. OMG! Fisrt time listening and I just "got" what you're saying about the interest rate vs total amount of interest paid. It just blew my mind!!!! Thank you.

  2. With a 700 Cash Flow borrowing 20k at a 8% will simply take too long to pay that off you would need way more.

  3. Does this program still exist? I don't get paid once a month. I get paid every two weeks. Is it the same principle parking every two weeks?

  4. Why are u not adding the interest of the renaining $14050 on the balance left for that month along with with the expense you are short by couple of hundred dallors

  5. There are two things that I cannot seem to wrap my head around: #1: Using the cash flow to pay down the principle every month will have the exact same effect as utilizing the "debt weapon", except, when using the cash flow, you will not pay the interest from the debt weapon, even if it is minimal. #2: At 31:37, it was not a total of $21,592.42 paid, it was a total of $20k paid, $1,592.42 was the "scheduled payment" and $18,407.58 was the "extra payment".

  6. Once Dan and Megan became debt free did they put down anything as mortgage down payment? I must’ve missed that!

  7. Hi Matthew, love your program, i watch every one of your videos, and study everything I can? Would love to become an officiate in Australia 👌

  8. If you apply your monthly cash flow towards the mortgage principal each month, you will pay off the mortgage in exactly the same amount of time with the exact same interest savings. Don’t use the PLOC to park your check. Use the “debt weapons” and the HELOC to purchase real estate that will provide positive cash flow, don’t tie them up with this method.

  9. Hey, I've watched your videos for a while now. I would like to download your amortization table and show my family. Can you send me a link. Thanks

  10. This is brilliant. The VIP Financial Education channel is a God send. I am not sure about real estate, but your other videos are phenomenal. Your debt weapon information is CRAZY!! I am a huge fan and will be signing up and hopefully chosen to receive your help to create wealth. I pray you have continued success. For others that have not taken advantage of ALL of your videos, they are doing themselves a disservice. This is my opinion only so please no one comment to me. The attention belongs only to the information provided by the video.

  11. Hi just got wondered, if pay 20k for my mortgage one time, then should I wait another 10months for next payment for another 20K? How about my due date every month for that mortgage? Don't I have to pay a due date every month?

  12. You look way diffreent on this video dude.

    I learn with you guys how to manage my money and no buy more liabilities until I can afford them, your help with how to bank and how to follow my spends (Mint), help me every single day. Look forward to having a session with you guys. I am currently working on getting my 800 USD (500 cash flow + 300 VIP membership) cash flow and 750 credit score.

  13. Hey, this is brilliant stuff, I would like to download your amortization table and show all my friends and family. Let me know! Thanks

  14. Beware. I tried downloading this softwear from the Vip website and my antivirus stopped the dl due to malware, spyware and virus detected. I called Vip to warn them but no answer just a voicemail and no call back. Beware.

  15. Just finished listening to this presentation. Where is the feedback form? Presentation was great. cannot wait to get started.

  16. This was very informative.  I am looking forward to using your techniques to pay off my mortgage and get out of debt.

  17. Your ideas are very insightful, methods most would not consider. The behavioral modification and results speak for themselves.

  18. I dont think im smart enough for this. It seems to me that the couple in this example just took 100% of their cash flow and used that 2k a month to pay off their house faster? Thus saving them a couple hundred thousand in interest? I wonder how much they would have earned if they invested it the 2k every month???

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