Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror

Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror

33 thoughts on “Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror

  1. while i was watching this movie i noticed that the eyes of the “slaves” always seemed sad or scared so i started covering the lower half of their faces to test this and damn, it gave me chills

  2. I think that "interracial relationship" is a misleading term and kind of racist. Biologically, there are no different human races, just different skin tones.

  3. Stepford wives told women in the 60s they were not happy now in 2019 they know what unhappiness is for real. Thanks for the fake liberation, I see they are now moving on to the next community.

  4. I love how this video pointed at similarities between Get Out, Stepford Wives and Rosemary's Baby. This channel is really great at connecting stories to one another. 🙂

  5. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I've seen a lot of commentary/material on it. And that image of a horrified Chris crying with his mouth open is one of the most evocative and gripping images I've seen in media. Something about it is so raw and real, it hurts.

  6. I literally get so disappointed when the videos are over. This channel is amazing! I could listen to them for hours!!

  7. Brilliant movie but the way that this video describes something like 'white people's subtle smugness' as so bad but feels suggesting that black people are physically superior is alright perfectly highlights the ignorance and hypocrisy of today

  8. I always feel that you "get" a movie or you don't. Once you start analyzing everything it seems like you're reaching. I don't believe most of these are A+B=C unless I hear it from Jordan's mouth

  9. I also wonder if this movie is an allegory for the archetypal white girl dating a black guy that piss her family off and/or look progressive

  10. As a woman of color, I wonder if there will be a movie about how sometimes other WOC could be my oppressors (as they are giving allegiance to a White Supremacist Patriarchy) or how I can be alienated by well-meaning white women.
    I love the conclusions you make about the three films: it's about control of someone's body and taking away their autonomy and how there are messy (unequal) power dynamics in relationships. I watched a video reviewing the scariest episodes of Girl cartoons and the reviewer concluded that girl's media is less afraid of gore and monsters and more afraid of losing control of one's body and mind.

  11. OK I have one question. What if Chris hears someone using a spoon in a glass cup will he go back to the sunken place?

  12. I dont subscribe often, but when I do… great job ladies!! Very detailed, intricate work beautifully edited and narrated.

  13. is this get out explained or how close is this movie to stepford wives. one or two references was good enough

  14. Why was it necessary to have Chris, while strapped to the chair, watch that video explaining what was going on? …oh, so that the rest of us could get the explanation.

  15. i feel that if people didn’t like the movie it must’ve been because the subtle aspects and deeper meaning completely went over their head and they saw it as a bad horror movie.

  16. You looked way too deep. A whole heap of these metaphors have been shot down by the director/writer. It’s like English teachers overanalysing books and seeing things that just aren’t there. One thing I didn’t understand is why the patriarch of the family and his wife are doing menial tasks for their children. Also, if they’re in control of those bodies, why are they so unnatural. They seem like they’ve had lobotomies, not had brain transplants. Also, all these white people are wanting to transform into black people because they’re so “physically superior” Isn’t that racist as well?

  17. Racism is eveywhere. Most people dont like to be referred to as racist even if they are racist. Some do racist things knowing its racist, others try to control their racism especially in public. But in general everyone is racist.

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