Gerrymandering: Crash Course Government and Politics #37

Gerrymandering: Crash Course Government and Politics #37

25 thoughts on “Gerrymandering: Crash Course Government and Politics #37

  1. Bipartisan laws are stupid regardless, who cares if im represented by a left pr a right, everyones vote should count the same for everything, including the electorial college

  2. Here in WI our state level districts are gerrymandered so that 53% of votes are cast for Democrats and yet 65% of the state Assembly seats are held by Republicans.

  3. I live in NC, probably the most gerrymandered state in the nation. NC is generally a pink state, but 47% of people voted for Democrats this year. Yet 75% of seats went to Republicans! Oh well, we're number one in something I guess…

  4. Great video but two corrections:
    1.) Gerry's name was pronounced with a G rather than a J sound.
    2.) A Salamander is an amphibian.

  5. Awkward and uncomfortable. Thumbs down because: you’re not funny, talk to fast while skipping over important topics & biased.

  6. Its funny, the UK have a far better voting system, but America has a far better executive system. If only we could both merge those those ideas.

  7. I’m here for my AP human geo class, can you guys please tell me the three main points in this video and the pros and cons

  8. This is just another invented idea of politician to keep the control of power, and supress popular votes. At the end republicans and democrats, they all are liar and fight for their own interest. But the problem is not them, is the ignorance that there is among people in the contry, defending a political party as if they care about us… They just throw some bread to people to keep them satisfied while they keep most of the goods. It happens in front of our Eyes, yet we do not see.

  9. Actually Gray v. Sanders (1963) established "one person, one vote." Baker v. Carr (1962) just opened the door to that decision by saying that malapporionment is a justiciable question that the Court has the authority to rule on.

  10. We have that in my town a bit the majority minority thing. It does help that our town is still very much neighborhood divided by race. There's 2 districts on our City Council that majority black and Mexican neighborhood. One of these districts just elected our City Councils first minority council person. A black woman who is also our first female council person

  11. funny how some people are naive enough to think that to solve Gerrymandering, all you need is Bi-Partisan committees.

    The problem is, that representatives don't want fair elections, they want SAFE elections. Its the one thing that Representatives from both the Democrats and Republicans can agree with.

    So basically, the power to redraw electoral boundaries, is put into the hands of those who have the most to gain, from those who redraw them themselves. Basically its a massive conflict of interest.

    What the USA Needs, is a national electoral agency, a government department that can withdraw them, independently without interference from elected officials. Canada has one, called Elections Canada, that oversees the redrawing of parliamentary constituencies every few years when populations change.

  12. My College professor just gave us this to watch what a great day and Craig can talk impressively fas t

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