Germany Today (French documentary about the political and economic situation in Germany)

Germany Today (French documentary about the political and economic situation in Germany)

39 thoughts on “Germany Today (French documentary about the political and economic situation in Germany)

  1. Not french, neither spanish so ja endlich ein Ausländer, but yes, Germany ain't an easy place to live now as it seems its becoming the US of Europe… sad :c

  2. WTF this is not even bavaria. I am from the south and often in bavaria. This is in some parts maybe I never seen people in lederhosen everywhere. We only use it for festivals. Also the rest if germany doesnt hate bavaria. Grrmany is devided in north, south and east. West is south + north. In the south nobody hates bavaria and yes they are correct the west is richer than the east and the south is richer than the north. Bavaria and his neighbour state Baden-württemberg were the last staes joined germany. We were diffrent countrys 200 years ago. This is nothing you can just ignore. The culture is diffrent and the economy aswell. Berlin is known as a shit hole in the south which it is with the crime rates, drugs, multi culture… I know people from berlin who say they hate east berlin and people from there are not like them from west berlin. The borders dont just go away if taking them away. This documentary is wrong wirh almost everything. Also Schwaben have lederhosen too for festivals. Also you can translate mittelstand with middel class. Also the green partie in baden-wüttemberg is diffrent from all other green partie members. He is also hated by the rest of the green partie but he gets votes so they let him do ä. He is actually in the wrong partie and he often said dircetly to member of his parties they are ignorant and stupid.

  3. Someone Can help a portuguesh student to improve her knowledge about English using for this of an cultural exchange?

  4. The German are the cultured nation. They are equipped with latest technologies in the world. In the country the rate of unemployment is a few . They always think of well being of others . If any chances come everyone should come in touch with them mentality of the nation . They can produce businessmen . Let's get in touch with them and visit the country for the betterment of living standard in all respects. With thanks.

  5. Dude wtf you thinking about F*cking Bavaria these old cunts with there traditions is cringe for the yung people. Its just not fair to say this is Bavaria and this is rest of germany -.-

  6. Dudes, fuck Simone the big picture is: Germany needs the foreign workfoce. What's important is the advancement of the country as a unit & not individual whining over spilt milk.

  7. The Jewish owned and run Banking Cartel has a long history of controlling Countries. No-one looks up who paid for WWII and who took over Russia using what Karl Marx wrote about, and had the Tsar's family murdered. Plus, who runs America as well with the FEDeral Reserve started in 1913 using the IRS as a real Gestapo.

  8. Berlin is the bullshit-city no. 1 ! Who pays for this left radical left Berlin ? And the speech of this turkish man is more than outrageous ! If he want to vote he should become a german, if not he should go home. Nobody would miss him !

  9. At 6:30 (((Christian Stückel))) the Marxist agent of Israeli Zionists.
    Possibly a crypto-Jew.

    Every region and nation is best off when producing their own wealth.
    We can all help each other to get on our feet but ultimately every person and nation should, and will feel better, when they are able to stand on their own.
    Otherwise you can also do barter. For example Berlin could do something for Bayern that is equal to the economic aid they receive from the Bavarians.
    But if they can do nothing to reciprocate then perhaps they should not be spending so much cash in the first place.
    Paying for free Kindergarten is NOT conducive to healthy families with strong children growing close to their mothers, who should be at home anyway, taking care of the house and family and such forth.
    This has proven the optimal way to raise a family after thousands of years of human history.
    It's very simple.
    And the simpler and less complicated, the better.
    That is how the National Socialists had such success.
    We have much to learn from them, today.

  10. The lower Saxony farmer had all John Deere farm equipment reminded me of American farmers in the Mid West.

  11. German Manufacturing Sector is impressive ! but a postmodern economy relies more on services and less on tangible output. I guess they need to change definitions now..

  12. Russian speakers…..muslem believers…..
    and chinesse people represent strong cultures that will not by definition assimilate/integrate easily into another culture
    these are rich ancient cultures but its realy because of the charachter of these people
    unfortunately these people also represent the majority of immigrants into western societies (but are western societies strong cultures???)
    America is the strongest culture out there that can assimilate within itself any other culture (the ability to renovate and stimulate interest creates a joker that beats up any sort of patriotism or loyalty towards an old love)

  13. Virtually every European word read by the narrator is hugely mangled.  The reader obviously has no training in any European language.

  14. The same voices of Brexit are growing among the most financially important countries in the Union. Eventually this is going to come to a head. The aggravation is the muslim invasion.

  15. i am from bavaria and don't get why they are showing unterammergau as an example for the political and econoimic situation in germany… and it annoys me a little bit, too

  16. Germany is one giant elderly home almost everybody in this program is old, it makes the future not too promising….

  17. Don't worry Bavaria, many of us in Europe wish the whole of Germany would dismantle the EU state – a disaster and a failure – but the people at the top of this shit pile are making too much money so will never give it up – another Germanic failure, like their world wars, they are good at huge enterprises that collapse – Germans make very bad leaders and have always been known throughout the world for their arrogance

  18. dont forget (according to title) it is a french documentary (and given its biased, it does appear to be). a doc by a country that protect its worker so well that it has one of the highest youth unemployment in europe.

  19. seriously worst documentary. I mean there is almost no wrong information but the focus is on the wrong people. The people who are shown are just minority groups. Of course you hear from all the issue in the news but that#s not how the life in germany is.

  20. Baden-Württemberg is not only the land of Swabians, butnalso the land of Badeners. There are big differences between Baden and Swabia and the Badeners don't like to be called Swabians.

  21. Everyone who is not German and looks at the comments here should know that the people, who comment here don't show the real face of Germany. Yes, there is an ammount of people who are ignorant or racist, but the majority of the German people has an open mind.

  22. plz don't think bavarians are like germans. they are far more right winged, espacialy if you go to a traditional meeting up.
    actually a lot of the other states don't like bavaria,…

  23. 11OC16…0325 hrs. This is so out of date…the Railroad station problem in done. They have the new station. Therefore the published date is almost always incorrect.

  24. Hope Germany will not become again Nazi with rise of right wing parties
    like AfD, NDP and groups like Pegida. It is scary that politicians in
    main stream parties like CDU uses nazi terms like ´Völkisch´.

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