Germany: Auschwitz statement by Polish FM is cynical play on nationalist feelings – Lavrov

Germany: Auschwitz statement by Polish FM is cynical play on nationalist feelings – Lavrov

That statement of the Polish Minister where he claims that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukranians… Well, I can’t even comment on this. Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army which included Russians, Ukrainians, Chechens, Georgians, Tatars. Trying to play on some nationalist feelings in this situation is sacrilegious and cynical.

9 thoughts on “Germany: Auschwitz statement by Polish FM is cynical play on nationalist feelings – Lavrov

  1. The Poles seem to forget that the USA gave Poland to Stalin, lock, stock and barrel, along with most of eastern Europe.

  2. The original statement was Retarded stupid and far away from Reality!
    As it was that in Berlin by the Fascist scums, and hundreds of more!

  3. HAHA Russian propaganda is amazing Schetyna said The Red Army is multinational and Poland don't forget about the oder heroes

  4. My late father JR Hill who was awarded the Military Medal (MM) in western Europe saving lives as a red-cross stretcher bearer/medic had nothing to do with the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, but was with the British 8th Army when they liberated the Belsen death camp. He and others saw the horrors of Nazism at first hand and he would have been absolutely appalled that the USA, Canada and the Ukraine in a recent UN Resolution to ban Nazism in all its forms worldwide, voted to keep it. Therefore what are politicians and their leaders coming too when they vote for the existence of the most vile and insidious thinking against humanity ever? Indeed, what did they fight for to see politicians allow it to exist.

    'Obama and His Administration Voted for Nazism to Exist in the United Nations Resolution on Banning it Globally (unbelievable but perfectly true according to the UN Vote in November 2014) – What is the Modern World of Politics coming too When the Most Insidious Political Ideology and Regime Ever Invented that Murdered tens of Millions world-wide, is Allowed to Exist and Flourish – But Obama Wants it That Way'-

    Neither Obama or his vice-president are attending the remembrance ceremonies to honour the dead that Nazism brought about. The question that humanity asks is, WHY?

  5. No wounder mr Lawrow is angry. He is trying so hard to make Ukrainians look like nazis in eastern Ukraine.
    Interesting that only 2-3 years ago all Ukrainians were freinds and strategic partners to Russia. Took only 2 years to turn them all to nazis? 🙂
    And so the image of Ukraininas liberating "Auschwitz" spoils the new image of a nazi fanatic Ukraine then.

  6. "Russian liberators"  17.09.1939  Russia atacked Poland then in 1945 took over whole country for over 50 years .  Yes  Stalin was  great  "liberator"  He  even  liberated  over 40mil people  from  their own  lifes.takin  tke  numbers  he was  an ultimate liberation machine…

  7. Thousands of women raped in Poland , Germany and other "liberated" countries by fucking bolshevik shit-army of imbeciles in 1945 !!!

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