27 thoughts on “German Youths Turning to Nationalism (1998)

  1. Germans need to stop dwelling on yesterdays negativity-stop being duped by scummy leaders with an agenda,a new deutschland must emerge-a new germany 4 a new ppl=the german ppl,not syrians or welfare shopping leeches-dont let all these soldiers have died in vain only for emporer merkel to give the lands of your ancestors away -so they can make cash of cheap labour-islamofascism is far worse than any nazi doctrine-the Armenian genocide which the turk .Muslims still deny-democrats say u cant have democracy without democrats-the same anti democratic scum that undermine the will of the ppl germanys leaders should feel ashamed especially emporer merkel the virtue signalling fool

  2. What's sad is that East Germany had more German tradition than West Germany. East Germany had Prussian traditions that are not with Germany's military any more. They need to bring back their Prussian traditions to the military, including their uniforms.

  3. Germans are 2 to 3 pere cent Neanderthal. They are,. like the Irish, genetic throwbacks. Africans, however, are genetically pure !

  4. Don't believe the bullshit it is not racist to want to keep your ethnic heritage and culture period!

  5. Germany needs to be Nationalist again to the point of making your Government understand that's what it's gonna be like it or not! and then take back your country from the Muslims deport them to Saudi Arabia never to be able to have a citizenship any Muslims …ever

  6. now these infant movements back in the 1990s are coming into fruition, damn, NAZI America is just around the corner. Europe will fall too. Will Communist China save the world?

  7. divide and conquer bring in refugees = control of the masses by divide and conquer ,,,its how the state has always done it keep you at each others throat =easyer to control

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