45 thoughts on “German Chancellor Slams "Right Wing Populism"

  1. That's the most hated woman in Germany right there… destroyed her country for what? Her day will come soon enough.

  2. Wat every1 doesn't seem to understand is we're going to 7+billion ppl n there's room n resources for every1 BUT we have to move away from concentration in2 one spot one resource cloaked as nationalism = mine is mine n not urs bc u need cooperative globalism to mutually benefit all otherwise it'll go back to kill or be killed – I guys that's why they're promoting the purge movies UGH!

  3. If people love their cultur and their differences that doesn't mean that they "shut off" from others. And the globalists aren't open for everybody but only for what gives them even more power and control.

  4. Quite Right. There's a Big difference between being a World Citizen and being a Globalist.
    BTW, what do you think of this (may require a Google+ Follow 'cause in a private collection). 
    ➡️ https://plus.google.com/+officialtommyroberts/posts/i4KmWfviCUM

  5. Merkel destroyed Germany? How? Germany is the only country in the EU without a fiscal deficit and a government surplus. All institutions are functioning. Public transport runs on time. The economy continues to expand. Social security and its benefits are far more comprehensive than anything fools like you enjoy in that penal colony downunder with your Centrelink that is being legislated out of existence by the current Tory government (misnamed "Liberals") in Canberra as we speak. On top of that, the German government has passed a whole raft of anti-monopolization and anti-trust consumer protection laws that are beyond anything you enjoy in that Neoliberal "frontier" capitalist hellhole called 'Straya: legislation which have major North American corporations screaming. How is this "destroyed Germany"? What is your definition of "destroyed"? Because Merkel let in Syrian refugees fleeing a conflict in their homeland which was instigated by NATO and its partners, this constitutes the destruction of Germany? There are problems, sure, and big ones — but not for any reasons you are putting your finger on.

    Let me tell you something about "destruction," you silly, smug, know-nothing Bogan racist 'Strayan Nazi "guitarist" idiot. Your white Anglo-Saxon-Celt ancestors invaded Australia in 1789 and over a period of less than 200 years proceeded to literally wipe out the entire native population of the land and its way of life in one of histories most sweeping, undocumented genocides and ethnic cleansings EVER undertaken. Until the early 1990s in the Mabo decision of the Australian High Court that overturned it, as a legal fiction fabricated by the British colonists, Australia was considered "uninhabited land" (terra nullius). Aboriginal Australians were defined as "beasts of prey" until the 1920s of the last century in all editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica. That is literal "destruction" of a people and a nation, whose blood still remain on the hands of your Anglo-Saxon-Celt convict colonist ancestors, and not anything Merkel has done in Germany.

    That morons like you and your former serial fraudster Nazi chum Ken O'Keefe are talk celebrities and "experts" getting platforms on Press TV is sufficient testimony to what an utter joke Press TV has become!

  6. Don't know ….. not such a fan of PressTV either.

    "You see, you are going to enter a different world when you leave this marvellous valley, with all the rocks and the shadows and the trees and the flowers and the really peaceful campus; you are going to face a world that is terrible. There is violence, kidnapping, shooting, bribing. The world is becoming more and more dangerous. And there is corruption all over the world, not only in India where it is quite blatant. You know what the word ‘blatant’ means? Quite open. They say, ‘Give me something before I do something for you.’ Not only here in this country, but in America, in France, in England there is corruption – political corruption, social corruption, black market, and so on. We say that corruption is bribing, passing money under the table, paying cash without giving an account. All that is called corruption, right? But that is only a symptom." JK

  7. The sheep will go to market without complaint, of that I'm certain. The masses will not see what they have lost until it's gone and will still need a kick up the arse to do something about it if they ever wake up. Almost everyone I know is attached to their prefered distractions and don't care about politics, it's sad but there it is… Merkel is a communist like her father was, but she is in power because the people voted for her. Their choice.!

  8. The only poison in Germany is Merkel and its cohorts destroying a culture and people and DEMANDING you acquiesce to your own genocide, so if protectionism is not a good choice then why are you protecting immigrants over the indigenous population? with your neo-fascist/ Marxist PC Establishment policies???, why is there extra protection for women and gays?….everything that comes out of this beast called Merkel is SHIT, and the scum Satan sucking people that rule her have ruled all our lives and are to blame for your discontent.
    Answer one question Europeans: Are you happy?
    Ya see, if the state gives extra support and protection to the none white family makers ie…gays, women and immigrants, then the only people left out of support of the state are white hetero (baby making) males……lol, did ya see what they did there?….did ya see how they pulled the rug form under you?….do you see your exile?
    So "right wing populism" is actually a people reacting to being covertly attacked and genocided you THICK DEMON SUCKING SLAG, i don't swallow shit as truth….some of the people can only be fooled some of the time, time for the wakey wakey, time for justice, the state is NOT my God and never fucking will be

  9. Globalization is creating a filthy, wasteful world full of garbage. Not to mention the garbage they have filled our heads with.

  10. She is the utmost of repulsiveness. I wish my inner senses failed before viewing this creepy display. YUK!

  11. Is it a man, you could fit 3 heads on those shoulders, Merkel…. male to female transgender… i wonder.

  12. Well max i think im done wit ya..u havent said anything of substance because u choose still to mislead ppl from tha truth that all politics is utter and complete theater and exchanging dialogue wit tha puppet media is useless..i think u know this..they do this to keep tha masses minds busy on bs while they push their satanic zionist agenda..dude ur not a real truth ur a deceptive fuckin talkinhead…wakeup maxx

  13. If I'm blind and you say you see your sin remains. For you are not your own but their puppets. Love you shall not see cause reward is the goal no peace will ever be achieved due to governments that oppress the people mental slave yes?
    Hamburgers fry cost 25 cents in the 50s 80s became 2.50 its now 10.00 for that same size burger?

    This system of utterly spoiled people who maintain division and war caused these prices to go higher and higher .

    Ya know what something selfish eventually will bust.

    More blind toils don't think you can just create things nope mental slave don't have time to think they are striving for likes and wealth and cares not how much more their children children shall need when they even think of buying a burger be like 50 bucks at the rate of spoiling wicked in high places yo they wax fat from what your children should eat and you love to have it so?

  14. What is funny, is is so it goes on the macro is the same thing they are trying to do on the micro. They hate individuals, families, tribes, communities being independent as much as possible. They want us all on our knees begging them to not put a bullet in the back of our head. Not that begging will likely help.

  15. Your of this world or God sets you apart from it!
    Satan rules all nations with iniquitys which God hates! And all shall receive a just reward for how they treated others for their own iniquitys!

  16. I don´t think anything will happen, that truthers are talking about. No big war. No dollar crach. Nothing. I think we all know where we are going. To a world of robots, viritual reality and total control of our minds. And we will love it. And then we die. No need to kill us. We will have so much fun in viritual fantacy world where we are rich playboys on vacation with the brazilian womans vollyball team. So we don´t want to make familys and have children.

  17. Always speaking the truth! Thanks Max for explaining it so well. It always starts first with each of us taking responsibility for ourselves, breaking the need for some government entity's help which will ultimately be turned into control over you.

  18. I agree about her and glad Max got that on TV but I think we should be allowed to run the world economically. The problem is we are not allowed to. Eventually, we will find a better solution than capitalism but we have to work through that stage. Free markets more than capitalism.

  19. Hey, your connection held!
    From zerohedge 1/24/18, 8000 retail stores closed or plans made to close in 2017. More to come this year.
    It's going to take a long time to rebuild all those jobs. We can use cheap goods to rebuild, then stop dependence on foreign goods and send other countries into a spiral. Is there a way around that?

  20. Merkel's NOT in "power" here in DE. She's just the 'Über-Puppet'. Ditto Trump in the US. Or any other 'leading' Western politician for that matter. What does it take to make you 'see'&acknowledge that?!? Once you do, 'things' are going to make a lot more sense&purpose here&now; remaining very very depressing&disillusioning nevertheless.
    US & its vazals are iNaZIO's corrupted&coerced&(mis)lead puppets&henchmen&legionnairs&mercenaries; no(thing) more&less!

    As much as it having my sympathy & en-courag&dors-ement, I, by any&all stretch o/t imagination, find myself unable to share any&all positive&optimistic outlook & expecta&predic-tion of&on iNaZIO-fall&demise.
    In DE, iNaZIOfascism rules&reigns supreme, as it does all over&around the globe&world.
    The 'iNaZIOprotocols' & 'Georgia Guidestones' send their regards; so do Edward Bernays & Gustave Le Bon; the 'Fabian Society'; the 'Frankfurt School'; Benjamin Freedman; Yuri Bezmenov; etc etc.
    The systemic&hierarchical 'Axis of Evil' from my daily experience & vantage point == Jerusalem&Rome – Washington&London – Brussels – Berlin&Frankfurt – Dusseldorf&Cologne – Wuppertal&TheHague.

    Pax Romana ==>> Pax Britannica ==>> Pax Americana ==>> Pax iNaZIOnica

    iNaZIO-genics&premacy dictate&control & rule&reign un-challeng&disput&contest-ed painstaking&accurate&exact-ly according to iNaZIO-script&protocoll(s);
    through&with any&all-time&place tried&proven means&ways of organisa&manipula&isola-tion by 'divide&conquer' & 'bread&circus' & 'tempta&seduc&decep&obfusca-tion & terror';
    th-us&ereby currently drast&rad-ically ram&step-ping up mass&(w)holo culling of world&global ''useless eaters'' population.
    This's in&at no way&time (a) laughing matter; NO-t&ne at all!!!
    It's fatal&terminate 4 any&all humanity, that's total&utter-ly power&defense-less.
    Realiz&Embrace&Assimilat&Digest-ing this cold&hard&brutal&naked TRUTH is indeed sincere&tru-ly liberating & setting one free.

    Only global cata-strophe&clysm can&will cleanse&rid the world of pervasive&ubiquitous iNaZIOpremacy.
    Maybe the oncoming GSM Ice Age can&will oblige.
    I, 4 1, bordering 64, can hardly wait witnessing John Casey's ''Cold Sun''&''Dark Winter''&''Upheaval'' materialize ww; the latter preferably starting with&at the Jerusalem Fault.
    Wouldn't 'that' carve Graham Hancock's ''Fingerprints o/t Gods'' into stone in true biblical manner befitting his ''Magicians o/t Gods''!?! The 'Chosen People's' God will ultimately prove&pay homage&tribute&subservience t/t AstroGods.

    :_[[ hYlkeW (63y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit/Recluse in DE)

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