George Washington’s Vision For America | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History

George Washington’s Vision For America | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History

WASHINGTON: I think it is a duty incumbent on me
to make this my last official communication. The citizens of America are now
possessed of absolute freedom and independency. At this auspicious period,
the United States came into existence as a nation. And it appears to me there is an
option still left to the United States of America, that
it is in their choice and depends upon their
conduct whether they will be respectable and
prosperous or contemptible and miserable as a nation. This is the moment
to establish or ruin their national
character forever, for with out fate will the
destiny of unborn millions be involved. There are four
things which I humbly conceive are essential to the
existence of the United States as an independent power. First, an indissoluble
union of the states under one federal head. Secondly, a sacred
regard to public justice. Thirdly, the adoption of a
proper peace establishment. Fourthly, the prevalence of
that friendly disposition among the people of
the United States which will induce them to
forget their local prejudices and policies and,
in some instances, to sacrifice their individual
advantages to the interest of the community. These are the pillars on
which the glorious fabric of our independency and national
character must be supported. Liberty is the basis. Whoever would dare
to sap the foundation will merit the
severest punishments which can be inflicted
by his injured country. RICHARD NIXON: Effective
at noon tomorrow. ACTOR AS GEORGE WASHINGTON: It
is only in our united character as an empire that our
independence is acknowledged, that our power can be regarded,
or our credit supported among foreign nations. I have thus freely
disclosed what I wished to make known
before I surrendered up my public trust to those
who committed it to me. The task is now accomplished. It remains then to be my
final and only request that these sentiments be
considered as the legacy of one who has ardently
wished on all occasions to be useful to his
country and who, even in the shade of retirement,
will not fail to implore the divine benediction upon it. [SOLEMN MUSIC] With the greatest regard and
esteem, I have the honor to be, sir, your excellency’s most
obedient and most humble servant, George Washington. [SOLEMN MUSIC]

36 thoughts on “George Washington’s Vision For America | WASHINGTON 3-NIGHT EVENT PREMIERES 2/16 at 8P | History

  1. The man, the myth, the greatest president we've had and would look at us with sadness over how divided we are mentally because of the left and rhinos

  2. I hate to even watch this seeing as to how you know it had to be formatted to fit the modern narrative, I can imagine the hack job that's going to be done to make sure the black kids don't feel left out.

  3. His REAL vision for America surly had to do with his Freemasonry, something to do with a new world order and the Great Architect or something 🇺🇸

  4. Will be available on History Channel Romania ? I want to see this movie , i m excited cause i filmed for this documentary . 😍

  5. I seen the previews was happy planed on watching then 2 minutes in you have bill Clinton how dare you have that corrupt piece of garbage he and his wife hate this country and hate the constitution they have subverted the law and constitution at every turn

  6. Any biography of the framers done after 1970s especially by this subversive group of liberal America haters is garbage! These tory twirps are worse than the tyrants that the framers and patriots fought and WON OUR FREEDOM AND AMERICA FROM! Just watched the "show " (of ignorance & SJW made up facts) what garbage. Watch these if you want to be ignorant to true American history and of the patriots who fought died only for in 2020 to have their names and legacy smeared by ungrateful SJW indoctrinated losers on supposed national cable propaganda television. SAD DISGRACE HC is to..but they have been for a long while now.

  7. Watched the Program last Night and was Appaled to see Bill Clinton talking about a Great Leader Like George Washington who helped Build our Great Nation ! Washington fought and Governed for this Country ! While Bill Clinton Did Nothing ALL his Life But Steal Money here and Steal Money from Haiti, and MURERED anybody who got in HIS Way ! Young or Old ! Infact as he sat there talking about Washington on the Eve he Probably had Jeffrey Epstein Murdered ! Didn't realize how LEFTIST the Histoty Channel was till Now ! These people Narrating this are theVERY SAME people who a few years ago wanted all the Founding Fathers statues Ripped down for being Slave owners ! and they could not actually mention Washington unless they brought that subject up ! Even when he rode to Boston they had to mention a Slave who took care of his Horse ! They Also Mentioned a similarity of Washington and Obama being Raised by a Single Mother ? When actually their was NO similarity there ! Obamas Father Split the scene ! While a young Washington's Father Died ! So in Reality there is NO similarity at ALL ! Washington a great General and President ! Obama Was Not great at Neither ! Infact Obama was not in the Military at all ! This Program is just More Liberal Garbage !

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