40 thoughts on “George Soros Lecture Series: Financial Markets

  1. I hate it when this happens…

  2. Thank you for sharing this useful data! Greatly appreciated, thank you to Mr. Soros and other teachers.

  3. It’s mass psychology at work. That’s all it is. The money goes where you want it to go. Follow the watch as it swings back and forth…but ignore the controller. It’s all based on human behavior. That’s how it works.

  4. Infrastructure that believes itself to be in equilibrium is not to be trusted to actually perform in disinterest of itself and must be tested on a case-by-case basis. His theory is proven and to me is evident in seemingly every market, agency, industry, authoritative positioning, fundamentalists, regulators, political structures and framework, human nature in general. To be profane; given the opportunity to exploit a market despite the consequences and suffering imposed upon the participants in the market, Wall Street has proven it needs to be monitored. The hidden imbalances eviscerate any idea of equilibrium and thus his Theory of Reflexivity is proven once again. Replace the subject headline with various control structures like the FOMC, DOJ, DOD, DEA, NSA, IRS, etc and allusions are in abundance to provide evidence of Reflexivity rather than equilibrium or market perfection.

  5. I have an abundance respect for Mr. Soros. I could listen to him speaking all day. His life experiences, kind hearted nature, integrity and intelligence are above all. Mr. Soros is truly the most amazing man in the world.

  6. I'm sure that most of you have heard of Wisebanc.
    Let me try something else. OptionsXO? WMOption? PrimeCFDs? Do these ring any bells?
    Of course they do. You should at least know about the OptionsXO scam, that has been out in the public since last year ( moneyahoy.com/10m-lawsuit-filed-israeli-binary-options-com…/ , drive.google.com/file/d/0B2lxPNq2sETrOGhMUXlnVEdwSFE/view ).

    By the way, it is said all over the internet that Birman Law is also a scam, working together with those fraud israeli firms, so don't start dreaming that they would be any help if you've been scammed.

    But let's talk more about our friend, Wisebanc (aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs).

    It all started somewhere in 2014-2015 in Israel, Herzliya, to be more precise. The name of the company was Toro Media, having as their owner and CEO Tomer Levi, operated by Omni Capital.
    Once more and more israeli scams were discovered, authorities started to do their jobs, banning all binary options scammers from Israel, so they had to find somewhere else to operate from. Where did OptionsXO (at the time) move to? Romania, the land of opportunities when it comes to binary scams.

    Where are they located?
    They only have 2 offices left, after their attempt to work under a Cysec regulated platform as well (Wise Trader in 2017, located in Bucharest at first, and later on in Cyprus). Since 2016, they have the main offices in Bucharest, Romania (retention office: Calea Floreasca 169, 2nd floor, 'Toro Telemarketing', and conversion office also in Bucharest, under the same name), but they are also located in Kiev, with one office, operation both conversion and retention. Their bank accounts are obviously in the Marshall Islands, Belize, Bulgaria, Romania.

    How they operate:
    The employees use fake 'stage' names, Oscar White, Robb Daniels, Ethan Stark, Mark Spencer, Roger Banks, Liam Brown, Andrew Novak, Jay Smith, Adam Louis, Warren Roberts, Simon Green and so on…they use american names it sounds more credible…everyone of them has a criminal and fake background story, lie about the place they are located in (at first, they used to say the office was in the UK, in Liverpool, later on they started saying they were in Bulgaria, right next to Romania, when, in fact, they were in Romania).

    There are two main departments in the office:
    – conversion: account managers: their jobs is to call clients who just registered, lurking them into making a deposit; they are not allowed to talk to the employees from the other department about customers (they are working in separate offices as well), as they are not allowed to know much about the business, other than they have to convince clients to deposit and the so-called senior account manager is going to take it over from there;
    -retention: senior account managers: this is the real boiler room, where the real scammers do their jobs, calling clients who deposited and tricking them into depositing larger amounts of money, so they can profit faster, opening 'successful' trades for them, so it look real; the real magic is how they use Team Viewer so they can see how much money a client has in his bank account, or how they steal money from their account without approval, passing all bank security layers. If a customer dares to say he doesn't want to put more money into the account, they push and push and eventually, they tell him he's on his own then, starting trading the initial deposit without customers being aware of it (therefore, the customers lose even the initial deposit).

    How do they get customers?
    Through scam adds, such as The Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Revolution, The Crypto Code or by buying data from other companies.

    Why Wisebanc aka OptionsXO aka WMOptions aka PrimeCFDs?
    The reason they change the platform's name so often is because:
    1. too many bad reviews online, so it's hard to trick people;
    2. being blacklisted by the banks, so transactions won't work (unless they are using China made terminals);
    3. good way of erasing customers from their database and stealing their money.

    Once you're in, you will never get out. Biggest scam company operating on the market, stealing customers money (not only money they invest, but also make transactions without customers approval, never allowing withdraws , very aggressive, using a fake platform (claiming it's regulated by Cysec), getting warnings and fines from different authorities).

    If you happen to have invested with these scammers, go to a bank with all you have against them (screenshots of the conversations, recordings, bank statements, emails) and start a dispute against them (Chargeback).

  7. I wish somebody would listen to him, he is telling us what is going to happen. He's is straight up warning us and telling us what the government needs to do before we're all fkd.

  8. this piece of shit who wants to join the DR and haiti this asshole and the clinto that are thieves who only want the gold of DR and the oil in haiti not there education not there the clintos and soro want to unite the two countries but for that does not unite the united states with mexico damn assassin

  9. you can tell whatever you want about his currency speculations but the fact is, he is extremely intelligent

  10. Only buy financial instruments that will appreciate in value. If those financial instruments do not appreciate, do not buy them. You will always pay for what you get, but you will not always get what you pay for. So remember, no matter where you go, there you are. You will not get there if you did not go there. To become wealthy, buy when most are selling, and sell when most are buying, i.e., buy when prices are low, sell when prices are high. People will violate this rule by riding the market down when their financial advisors tell them that they need to hold on, the market will recover. The market will recover, but you will only reduce your original losses. Soros wins because he has access to information the suckers do not have. He hacks the markets with the help of fellow hackers who invests with him.

  11. THIS GUY SOROS: I would never listen to a Godless man who has committed crimes against humanity. WAKE THE HELL UP YOU SLEEPING SUPPORTERS OF THIS UNJUST AND EVIL MAN.

  12. Lol he is speaking gibberish. If you dont know what he is talking about. Dont worry it is nothing

  13. So basically he's saying "I'm going to keep intentionally crashing whole economies around the world until you guys put in some decent regulations." That's actually a valid argument.

  14. You should be held accountable for the financial crisis that you created, the deaths of illegal migrants and the misery you brought to millions.

  15. One has a valid right to criticize Soros on his political views as well as his actions regarding the Open Society involvement to shady actions. However, respecting Soros as an investor and trader should be warranted.

  16. "He" "His Theory"…. Most all Theory…be it social, scientific, or economic, is just that…Theory! One man is not capable of reaching a Theory relative to World Domination by one Group of Men or, One Devil like him. Even Hungarians detest him and his devices. America knows he has pumped millions discreetly into our societal problems, only to cause more division. Let not the world be fooled by him, The Club of Rome, The Bilderburg Group, International Bankers, former presidents who attain global recognition, Barons, Kings, Queens, billionaires, and the few dominating trillionaires! Who are they to claim We The People are to stupid to govern ourselves!?!!! Resist this "Theory" and all "Ideologies" presented or attempted forced upon Free Civilizations!

  17. Thank you George for the presentation on Markets and Liberty. Next on my list is an assembly where Bill Clinton will talk about the absurdity of sexual assault. The people are smarter than this.

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