17 thoughts on “George Soros Lecture Series: Financial Markets Q&A

  1. Old town roads is full of weird comments…

  2. The primary fallacy of George Soros' philosophy, mathematicians, socialists and the like is that it does not as the liberal artists like John Dewey say include an aesthetic component. I call it the spiritual component. Mental logic alone will never solve the problems of this world. Mental logic led Commandant Hoss (pronounced Herse) stating at Nuremburg, 'Hitler's system of extermination just seemed to make sense'.

  3. Even though he’s right that too big to fail banks have to be highly regulated and possibly split, it’s still a relevant question why a hedge fund guy like Soros makes the proposal. The reason may be that the behaviour of the banking sector would become a lot more predictable. That might create additional opportunities for hedge funds. And that could result in hedge funds that are not too big to fail, but simply way to big period. The possible dead end is world wide feudalism run by a handful of overlords a lot bigger than Soros.

  4. I’m shocked there aren’t any tinfoil hat nutjobs trying to say that he funds crap like riots.

  5. www.GlobalistAgenda.org
    If the open society is such a good idea why Soros all the initiatives houses are built far away from the cities and they are surrounded by walls and securities? or peohaps is they like to dictate the who world like the Betix said the UN leaders and their families are treated diferently from the ordinary people, Jus how N.Koraen leaders live on peoples swet.

  6. @56:30 He was right…sort of. The DJIA went up, but only because the value of the US dollar started to get massively inflated around 2009. But these kinds of predictions about the present are really hard to measure because of this restructuring of the world of finance, and in particular, the uncoupling of this world from the real world of goods and services that has occurred this decade.

  7. i find it perplexing that he needs a retelling of questions in a different way in order to understand the question. i mean he is a billionaire hedge fund manager who made money from interpreting complex data and information.

  8. Is this "reflexivity" thing in the same stratum with the "objectivism" thing, made up by another amateur philosopher?
    It's funny how winning in the market casino entitles you to one philosophy license! Any consolation prizes for the casino loosers? And the casino owners? Do they get an honorary degree in philosophy?

  9. Those who believe in the efficient market hypotheses are either bankrupt or teaching in universities while those who don't are making a living from the market. Those who haven't even heard of it are truly making a killing. 🙂

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