33 thoughts on “George Carlin – War is prick-waving (The bigger dick foreign policy theory)

  1. It's amazing how tge military went from something that humbled veterans who fought wars for mourning and losing their closest ones, to something that is practically marketed like Star Wars merchandise & tries to make veterans look like the Justice League.

  2. George Carlin cured my crippling depression. Wherever you are, George, I hope you are hysterically laughing at all of us.

  3. George Carlin is played by the same actor that plays GW Bush – have a look at a pic of them side by side, listen to one then the other – they same person – the crazy world get strange and bizarre!

  4. George Carlin was not white or black, man or woman, rich or poor. He was The George Carlin, of the George Carlin species. Like Data from Star Trek TNG. He was the culture of one.

  5. the fucking democrats still want war because of asad's gas attack…. again.
    trump had already stated of troops pulling out of syria and into the mexican border, but the dems are not having it.

  6. idiots its all about pwer the sex bit is the human equation to how the world universe works , the BIG BANG meaning a creation is the same big bang that is what you do to a broad BANG them in the occult which is what carlon is ref to its all sex talk because sex is what rep creation, this is what they truly mean pagan cunts , an orgasim is called a little death , this place works off the occult not what you think shit means , oh by the way , YOUR THE SHIT !

  7. Good grief, George is ALWAYS relevant, no matter what year is it, the humans just don't change. Miss him and his wisdom so much..

  8. Obelisks are gladio-like erected stone phalluses, planted in sites related to Death and War.
    The Eiffel Tower is a metal obeslisk.
    The Statue of Liberty is based on the Colossus of Rhodes, an ancient very important port of War…

  9. Trust a non-expert comedian to dumb down, and totally butcher established facts and history to entertain a delusional, brain-washed moronic sheep of an audience.
    Sadly he's one of a few more growing anti-establishment elite that people love to get their fact memes from.

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