47 thoughts on “George Carlin – Bigger Dick Foreign Policy

  1. Yes I agree that whoever is taking over should f-em in the ass until they're dead. The old world , second century thinking people fight wars this way. The," Line in the sand ," war proves the way they think. They thought as a stronger power that we were going to come over and claim their land and everything in it. By their standards, and they posted that we were at the gates and screaming and dieing in our debauchery. We were taking over. they told the people that at the gates there was great gnashing of teeth.They lit all the oil fields on fire and killed the whole ecosystem in that area. MORONS. They thought we would claim the land as our own and kill every man woman and child to make our rule complete. THAT"S what they do, as backwards thinking towelheads. We can't change this before Christ mentality, to equal our great scientology, or the Mormons or …., all nonsense. God exists, his form is unknown, his power is unknown. What we do know is the Creator exists, all else is conjecture. The bible wanted to answer the questions of the masses. They were also smarter than expected and began to read. What the bible said brought many questions. Rulers and scientologists got together and made a great book. They took all of history, and the accounts of people in those eras and combined it into a bible. They also included and omitted to their whims. SZoooo, you're telling me the rainbow is a sign? That the world will never be flooded again by this sign? That plagues of locusts, frogs falling from the sky and all that is a SIGN. Many of these things may have been witnessed by people that believed in that way. It's a sign, the cows are lowing, that is a sign from god it will rain!!! The world was flat for many years.
    Creator created the big bang, after that we know nothing. The same genetic material exist throughout the universe. where lif e can for it does, but may die sue to survival of the fittest. Natural selection is also key. But even in our Galaxy there may be akward life still in the cycle.
    Evolution and creationism for specific planets doesn't work. You will NEVER get a human from a fish, Or a crock from a salamander. Crocks have stayed the same forever with a change in size, sharks the same,The species adjusts to the environment until and can no longer cope and dies. Extinct. It could't change quickly enough to become another species, it doesn't work like that. Evolution works within the species, not bleeding over into others. We breed dogs to get desirable traits within the dog that looks this way. Crossbreeding between genus doesn't happen because the world is set to attract the most desirable mate. Do you actually think you're gonna do the dance of a jumping spider then whack off on it and get some crossbreeds out of the mix?! It, more possible for a mammal to crossbreed with a mammal and possibly produce an offspring.Gotta remember, mother nature only allows the fastest and best of the sperm to penetrate and produce.Even the egg has to agree. Read it slowly, you'll understand.I gave up corrections, I'm too tired.As in Danger Dan," Have a good one."

  2. I wish, with all my heart, that this man was alive in the Trump era. Can you just imagine what he'd have to say about the state of America today? I mean, holy shit, it would be beautiful.

  3. plz bring george carlin back to life in 2018. but that won't happend I don't believe in God the government is full of lies you have no rights its all brainwashed. if people stop believing in God today wh'lle be in a better place God's poison in pure brainwashed if god loved u he would treat as the same hell give us money hell stop child abuse rape poor kids that suffer from cancer that have depression bipolor if god was hear he would cure all. in an athiest there is no god he's fake he's not real god is a full of shit I I spoke my peace

  4. I really liked all of George's routines until this one. War is not about being macho at all. Maybe for the people in power. But the grunts, the ones really fighting, just want to be home again with their loved ones. They're just following orders. To hear people erupt with laughter as he caricaturizes the deaths of the heroes of our military makes me sick.

  5. What is really crazy, This rant could be directly tied to Juniors Iraq debacle word for word, with the exact same people running the show behind the scenes.

  6. Hahaha, trumps tweet makes me feel like im going to end 2018 as a little sprinkle of radioactive ashes👍

  7. "Imagine an American President using the sexual slang of a thirteen year-old to describe his foreign policy."

  8. Haha! So South Parks President Garrison is giving a nod to this Carlin skit when he constantly says he'll 'Fuck them all to death'.

  9. 26 years ago and it couldn't be more topical today. I don't miss many people, but I sure as fuck miss George, we need him today.

  10. This makes no sense. We all know Asians have smaller dicks than white guys, so why Vietnam War, Korean War and the Pacific War? Makes no sense. Stupid.

  11. This applies today at this very moment. Donald Trump says he has a "bigger button to press" than Kim Jung Un.

  12. this gave me a Righteous Belly Laugh,, in the middle of the afternoon no less! Oh my, heeeheeeheeee,, how wonderful was this man George Carlin – and when you watch it is so so much relevant today as is was then! Enjoy and thank you to whoever posted this for me to come across it today, as I cherish my belly laughs ya know,, take care, l.

  13. Had Bush been called Boner …well said! Case in point: Switzerland, where our best weather girl on state TV is called just that – Sandra Boner!!
    …and we're a neutral country (provided you don't dig too deep.) We even let every man keep his army weapon at home, and there's no killings in schools or gay clubs. Thanks for posting, and thank you George Carlin, R.I.P.

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