Geoeconomics of Egypt's new capital

Geoeconomics of Egypt's new capital

28 thoughts on “Geoeconomics of Egypt's new capital

  1. Moving capitals is normally to consolidate power.its strange that it's not on Nile. Not what you think of when you think egyot

  2. Welp first the Nile is damned and the annual flooding that that entire section of Africa relies on is wrecked, and now megamaniacal dictator style building projects. Well done

  3. Jobs is the key Cairo will be a giant slum without aggressive urban development.grant land to investors the industrial investors only.

  4. Man some of the people in this comment section.
    This is gonna be a guaranteed failure, and it will only cause more trouble to YOUR parents.
    Hope you get your shit cleaned up soon Egypt.

  5. El Sisi the most bloodthirsty unjust dictator after Bashar of Syria
    if you ever complained about your gas bill to his military government you will be thrown in jail & charged of treason or terrorism

    Very bad video from a fantastic channel
    how you dare prise a treasonist killer who took the power by tanks and want to build this failing project just for his elite friend and servant and the rest of the great 90 million Egyptians are dying from hunger & diseases with 0% freedom because of his very corrupt murderous regime

    please stop praising this MANSTER

  6. Huge imposing projects like the pyramids by corrupt Pharoahs under the burden of which common man of Egypt can not breathe! Egyptian tradition!

  7. Sisi wants to make money.
    He can copy blue print of islamabad free of cost.
    He should make it cheap green affordable civic amenities hospitals schools markets parks jogging tracks elaborate vast with 50 years plan like islamabad.
    Rome too like Islamabad itself was not built in day, after all, they say!

  8. The Presidents "palace" should be no larger than Umar bin Khattab's Palace, otherwise the whole plan is doomed … do not forget your

  9. when a president/government makes plans through the international banking loan. to finance these projects . you know well. that. this government system is doomed!!.. this is obvious lack of the ability. sustaining the country economic resource. if this president are honestly planning on making Egypt grate country for real. he will improve education refurbish the closed factories. and increase the farming production. to highest level possible. this road alone it will bring Egypt to high level of productivity and prosperity. when the country become more productive then just consumers. when the egyptian manufacture produce products. that becomes a competitions with others around the world. the result is surplus that can be used to build better future for everyone.i don't understand why that is impossible !!! i visited there and i hate that ugly looking build up bridges all over the place. it shows lack of creativity very sad !!!

  10. As an Egyptian with a political science degree, a lot of the information said here is either out dated, incorrect or misleading. However, the majority is sadly true.

  11. The population of mega-city is too large, so the establishment of new city can ease congestion.
    One hundred kilometers away from Beijing, China is also building a new city, Xiong’an,it can hold millions of people and cover thousand of square kilometers.
    Good luck ,Egypt.

  12. Another important point is that Cairo is expanding into valuable arable/farmland and the government needed to divert interest into the adjacent barren desert.

  13. As an Egyptian, I sadly that this new capital is exhausting our people, we are living in extreme poverty because of it.
    no good can come from this goofy tyrant dictator!

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