25 thoughts on “Gender Roles in Society | Ria Chinchankar | [email protected]

  1. That's not true. In the start both men and women did both hunting and gathering. It's a god damn rumour

  2. Scientifically speaking, there is only 2 genders.

    It’s Male and Female. You can’t make up your own gender just because you don’t want to dress or feel in a certain way lmao

  3. I thought gender roles were a good thing. Women are better in cooking, taking care of children, and cleaning than Men while Men are better lifting hard objects than Women. XD

  4. Yep we need men equality movement All i see men are dying in wars and women is living in home comfyly.

  5. Blah blah blah more leftist BS. I'm a woman and I love gender roles. Cooking, cleaning the house and ironing my husband's shirts is the best. Wouldn't trade this life for a million dollars.

  6. She said "women who didn't fit stereotypical gender roles were labeled as witches and burned."
    I thought women who did witchcraft were witches, and men who did witchcraft were warlocks, and they were both burned at the stake.
    It had nothing to do with gender roles, but more to do with religion.

  7. I respect anyone for getting the courage to go up there speaking in front a lot of people, however I disagree with a lot of her opinions or rather what she said.

    A lot of things are due to choice and not necessarily by gender norms (although some that she mentioned are quite true which I acknowledge such as men should be tough and show no emotions). What do you guys think? Feel free to disagree as we're all different.

  8. It's this kind of mindset that made women incapable of being ideal wives nowadays. Gender roles help men and women have complementary skills and personalities that make them reliable for one another. When a woman and man have too many overlapping traits, they don't bring as much value to each other.

  9. I was thinking of using her arguments for my thesis. Is she a reliable source?
    Pls somebody tell me 🙁

  10. Mothers! Please go to work! The TV will raise and discipline your children for you! It has done one hell of a job on the Gen Y kids!

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