41 thoughts on “Gender Identity Ideology and Women's Rights: A talk and Q&A

  1. Omg that women at the end on trans-racialism is so embarrassing. And you really would prefer black kids to have no parents than be raised by white people? wtf?

  2. This is hard to listen to b/c of the constant changes in volume between the speaking and the applauding. I'm thinking it might be better to just open the transcript and let my computer read it to me.

  3. Free speech is why Lee can give this talk, she better be careful arguing against free speech. Free speech allowed for women’s liberation. Don’t think that restrictions on speech won’t be placed on women and minorities first if the government is given a chance…

  4. Marcia!! if you think 14 is bad? what about 400 guards? for having an opinion. its not just womens rights thats under threat. btw.i agree. but the world is changing a little to fast for most peeple.men just arent women

  5. I wish I could share this, but the audio is so bad. It's hard to listen to. I wish it was better because Meghan Murphy's speech is stellar.

  6. Friendly reminder women in the US have MORE rights than anyone on earth. The ideals of feminism are inherently incorrect and anyone with an IQ over 90 can see this 🙂 little dumb dumb feminists feel free to get triggered by the truth

  7. I’ve just got to the Q & A section and I’m very interested in what the people asking the questions have to say – it’s very informative. I don’t agree with people only being allowed to ask questions. People need to come together and share ideas and information. I was wondering whether everyone could get 3 or 5mins to express themselves and ask a question and a quick shout out given by the person with the timer at one minute remaining. Whether people think that’s a good idea or not? The advantage is that everyone knows where they stand, nobody has to use all the time they’re given, but importantly time can be used more effectively without people being shouted at and other people struggling to hear past the jeering. Just putting it out there, as I’m reading 1984 at the minute and I wanted to hear what the woman? / man? had to say and I didn’t feel she’d? / he’d? been talking for too long at all.

  8. Don't underestimate the misogyny of many gay men. And the contemporary Trans activist agenda has made the support of actual Lesbians within the LGB….T community questionable. Question the identification of children as Trans and risk expulsion. Kids don't get labelled as homosexual for loving their same sex best friend. Tis a maybe they will be, maybe they won't. Why do kids that dress up outside of stereotypical gender norms get labelled Trans…. with body changing drugs and surgery able to commence around 16. Why can they just not be children.

  9. The Trans epidemic is a threat to our beautiful, intelligent daughters who do not feel like they fit female stereotypes and consequently think they must be men. Rapid onset gender dysphoria in teenage girls is my greatest horror. Having T on the LGB tag has made any questioning of gender identity, including rationale scientific studies, extremely difficult.

  10. Yeah! While we're at it, let's ban black people from white-only spaces like bathrooms and changing rooms. Some vulnerable white people have been raped by blacks. Why should they have to be put at risk of being upset like that. Blacks should just have their own, separate, spaces.

    Jesus fuck

  11. Why were the Indigenous Women not on the panel? The format was very white women running the show and *allowing Indigenous women a little space in the event. This is exactly why I reject feminism because it's really only for white women. The Indigenous women gave the best speeches yet were not on stage or apart of the Q&A. Was having them speaking just an after thought? DO BETTER WHITE WOMEN.

  12. God can they kick out the clappers for being disruptive? We all know you agree with those women, that's why you showed up! No need to clap clap clap and break my eardrums and interrupt the speakers.

  13. I am very grateful to have my views represented by these intelligent, articulate, thoughtful woman. Hearing this gives me hope that the whole world isn't going insane.

  14. Tell the HOME TRUTH sisters! The Afro-Portuguese, woman made a total fool of herself – too indoctrinated by the colonizer to hear the message

  15. Maybe transgender ideology such a hot topic and so much vitriole and violence associated with it because WHITE MALE COLONIZERS are in charge of it, ey?

    "… There are our own people that coming into academic arenas and are talking about indigenous nations have 5 genders, that's absolute BS!" …. I've been involved in the women's memorial march forever and there are white women on that committee that are barring me from ever publicly speaking on the Valentine's Day women's march.
    … one of the ironies in this situation is that fact that we, in such large numbers, as indigenous women are the ones, that are being murdered, that are going missing, the ones that are being dismissed
    and yet the white women on that committee say that I can't speak because I used hate speech. You never force yourself anywhere in indigenous society." – Faye Blaney (Coast Salish) founding member of the Aboriginal Women's Action Network, AWAN (1:13:45)

  16. Over 4000 missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada – rubbed out by sick colonial 'sexuality' and 12 white men get more media attention than all the women white men have beaten, killed and forced into prostitution. SHAMEFUL

  17. Meghan Murphy is a right on womon! "If you're going to do everything in your power to bully and silence those people who have those concerns, to tell them in that advocating for their own rights makes them hateful, that your beliefs are the only beliefs that matter, and that those who don't share your beliefs should be arrested or killed, then what's clear is that YOU are the fascist. YOU are the hateful, close-minded oppressive one." – Meghan Murphy (46:23)

  18. The constant clapping in the middle of speeches is distracting but otherwise great talk. Thanks to the women who made this happen ❤️

  19. If Christina de Castell states publicly the institution she heads is opposed to the views of Feminist Current, is it not fair to assume that Christina de Castell disagrees with everything Feminist Current stands for?

  20. Dear Megan, your talk was very elucidating. I wonder if I might ask a favour of you? Could you send me a transcript of your speech? I don’t wish to trespass on your time, so I understand if you cannot. Keep on fighting keep on writing. All the best Stephen.

  21. That awful trans bag lady is full of shit, wage gap!!! lmao. Colored women are especially in danger eh? what are you saying that black and aboriginal men are violent?
    You should thank us white men for being so lovely you hateful old cow.

  22. Meghan and all feminists should be forced to wax Jonathan Yoniv's cock, THAT IS CANADIAN LAW!!! Less hate speaky more waxy, Ms Murphy.

  23. Meghan is on point as usual 👌 Slight nitpick but the person yelling "question" every time a person got up to speak was pretty annoying but other than that.

  24. Anyone who is not for free speech has no ground to stand on when their own speech gets banned, and is certainly not for freedom. Access to all, but not free speech ? Not even for neutral speech, but speech that’s licensed by certain individuals – specifically her. Bloody hypocrite; shame.

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