Gen Z vs Millennials | ZULA ChickChats | EP 89

Gen Z vs Millennials | ZULA ChickChats | EP 89

– One, two, one, and this-
– Yes! – Stop. Renegade, renegade, renegade, renegade.
– Yes, yes, YES! Woo! Chiara is shocked. Hi I’m Zina, I’m Zac, I’m Chiara. Hi, I’m Leah, and this is ZULA ChickChats! Okay, so welcome to this episode of ChickChats, and today we’ll be talking about two different generations, which is Gen Z versus millennials. So we will be covering, kind of like, the differences between each generation, and also talk about why there are these differences. And we will cover it according to different categories. Actually, before we start this video right,
how old are you guys? Why you look at me like that? Okay, I’m born in 1992. I’m born in ‘99, I’m in ‘99 too, so we’re both 21. Yes, we’re both 21 this year. We’re all turning 21. You, Leah? How old are you? I guess I’m the oldest here, I’m born in 1994. But first of all, we want to define what are the age ranges for the different generations. Do y’all know at all? About, like, the years? I know that the age range for millennials is 1980s to 1995, and then Gen Z would be 1996 onwards. From source to source, it kind of differs also. So it’s like, sometimes I also, like,
don’t know what is what. Well, I will define it for y’all. Based on the universal sources la, I will just say that millennials are born
from 1981 to 1996, which means [they’re] from [23 to 38] years old. And for Gen Z, they are born from 1997 to 2012. With that context set in mind, we’ll talk a bit about the next category. It’s like, a lot [of] people talk about when they say millennials versus Gen Z, they talk about the different slangs they use and the different apps that we often frequent. Maybe like, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, I would say maybe. Twitter? Twitter is still a thing, ya. I think our generation, we mainly stick to Instagram, right? Ya! Do you have so much time to go so many apps? What are the apps? – Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter.
– Ya! Actually I feel. What is your opinion on Tik Tok? Oh my goodness, like, I do not know what that is. ‘Cause Instagram has been here for many years, but I feel like Gen Zs, just like their apps right, they’re moving so fast that I cannot catch up. I feel like Tik Tok is the new Instagram. ‘Cause kids nowadays, they don’t really use Instagram anymore. People make videos there and everything, scroll through and like it. – Dance, all the trends.
– Ya, ya, ya. – Like Renegade, I think that’s one that’s very very popular now.
– Oh my god, renegade, renegade. Girl, I’m telling y’all, I stayed up until 1am last night, just to learn this you know? I only know the this part, – And the punch part.
– Do together. Do, do! – One, two, and this-
– Yes! -Stop. Renegade, renegade, renegade, renegade.
-Yes, yes, YES! Woo! Chiara is shocked. The boomer has just left the chat. I didn’t understand the excitement over Tik Tok, until I just went on the app then I just got lost, endlessly flicking videos. – Ya, it’s damn addictive right?
– It’s so hilarious. It’s just, like, it’s pointless la. But it’s just, everyone loves it. I love it. Then, uh, how about slangs? Snacc, the cccccc at the back. Like, “Looking like a snacc!” And also, like, “And I oop!” I think that’s a very prevalent one now, and I oop. Sksksksk. Save the turtles! What is that? You don’t know? I don’t know what’s that… There’s a gap now. What is this sksksk thing? It’s like an expression, you know? It’s like when we say “lah” and “lor” as Singaporeans, VSCO girls say “sksksksksk.” Wait, how do you say it again? – Sksksksksksk,
– Sksksksksksk. You’ll see that a lot on Tik Tok comments, so you see videos right, then people go like, “sksksksk”, that kind of thing. You know, my first experience with this sksksk thing right, was our video in Korea. When? When? Who said that? I saw the comments, they were like, “Sksksk, Chiara’s a VSCO girl.” I was, like, “WHY?! What’s going on?” What’s a VSCO girl? Why they ‘sksk’ me? Then I realised it’s because I own a freakin’ hydroflask. – Ohhhhhh.
– And it came out in the video. None of my friends use that, like, sksksk thing. So we use- I think we use more millennial terms, ya. We’ll use like, ‘”shook”, “Gucci”, some of them use “yeet”, that kind of thing. To be honest, I feel like I don’t use slangs a lot, but thanks to my intern, Yong Zhi, he’s 20 years old this year. I started using things like, “Oof”. Okay, I think that’s common, ya. And like, “Boomer”. Oh, there’s this thing. Like, people always say, “Okay boomer,” right? Ya, so when I nag at him right, he will just reply me with a, “Okay boomer.” So the next category is actually interpersonal relationships. So for millennials right, the common things that have been mentioned are like, that millennials like to settle down later in life, and have high standards for their ideal partner, and family is very important. Then for Gen Z, y’all apparently fear commitment and will swipe left, they say a lot of surface-level relationships, very individualistic and like to avoid labels. So with this being said right, maybe y’all want to explain a little bit, about whether you agree or disagree with it? I feel like, personally, I subscribe to the thought about how millennials want to settle down later in life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a millennial, or it’s because of my age. This point of time, I just put more focus in my career. I feel like, ya if a guy comes along then ya sure, okay whatever. But if he doesn’t then, ya whatever. I don’t know if it’s a millennial versus Gen Z kinda thing. Gen Z right, the age group right now, I think because we are still considered pretty young, so it’s like, we also don’t have a reason to necessarily commit, so we just want the whole idea of like,
“Orh, I have an arm candy.” And I think you guys have also been, like, exposed to the whole culture of organic dating la, whereas for us, right from the start, we have always been attuned to online dating. Definitely, without a doubt, we are a generation of superficiality la. We literally judge [people] by their pictures la. Like let’s be honest, we look at Tinder right, we don’t even look at the write up. We don’t even look at the bio. We just look at the face and then we just swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe. Also to add on right, ‘cause there’s Instagram around, so people’s perception of love might change. They might think that love is when you see this- perfect couple bringing the girlfriend to Maldives for a holiday, or buying expensive gifts for each other. As in now, I think Millennials,
we use a lot of dating apps and everything also. I still feel like our dating habits were a bit different from yours now, because I feel even at that time, we didn’t have the options of using Tinder or all these different apps. A lot of people got together in JC,
they stay all the way together, because they don’t have options around them too, like, “Oh, maybe I can date someone else in the meantime.” I feel like when I was their age, I would still have the same love languages. And also, like, labelling of relationships. So I have this two interns and they are very wholesome people I would say, so I’m very surprised how they would, like, date for so long and not wanna label themselves. – Oh, really?
– As like ‘stead’. I’m, like, very confused, I said, “Eh, you wholesome couple, why are you not labelled yet? Huh? Don’t tell me y’all are non-monogamous ah.” – You know what I mean?
– Ya, ya, ya. Is that common for y’all also? Ya, I see that a lot actually. They just call each other dates, and, like, not want to pursue further than that. They’ll say like, “What is wrong with not having a label, when you’re doing the same thing [with the label]?” Last time like, even if mutually exclusive, I will still want to be like, – “Oh, I wanna call this person my boyfriend.”
– Ya! I wouldn’t be like, “Oh we’re just dating.” I will be so annoyed. – What do you mean we’re just dating? Huh?
– Correct, correct, correct. I’ll move on to the next category, which is the workplace. Millennials seem to be more motivated by passion and purpose, rather than a pay cheque. Work-life balance is very important for millennials. Millennials are very teamwork and collaborative. In terms of orientation at work, and tend to job-hop a lot. For Gen Z, I think a lot of y’all haven’t gone into the workforce yet la, but your preference for when you go into the workforce is along the lines of [being] motivated by stability and money. Y’all are very competitive and independent. Why is it all individualistic but like, that’s what it’s saying here okay, not me ah. Do y’all agree with this? I think I can start because I 100% agree with whatever was said. Like as a millennial, what I did was, I really went for my passion. ‘Cause I subscribe to the quote whereby, “Do what you love and you’ll never [have to] work a day in your life.” I was forced to study Econs (Economics), because my mum and my sister was like, “Econs will get you to places.” But I’m like, “Okay I studied Econs,
but no I don’t like Econs, I wanna be a writer.” That’s why I interned in Eatbook at not a very young age. For me, I was- I wanted to go poly. But my mum was like, “No, you go JC.” I just listened to her. After JC, then I did quite okay for my A Levels right, and then my mum was like,
“Just go into the best course you can get into,” which was, like, Business. I wasn’t like 100% I wanna study. I feel that because of that, we are very repressed in the sense that, we don’t pursue our passions earlier on, so after we graduate we’re like, “Fuck this shit, this doesn’t work for me.” And then we’re like, “Okay I just 100% passion.” Because we spent so much time investing in something already- that we are not passionate about. I feel that Gen Z people are still fuelled by passion, it’s just that there is still this very, very, strong element of the finance aspect. Ya, we think a lot about money. Oh, so it’s calculated passion and, like, fuelling passion. We choose jobs based on our passion first, and hopefully it pays off in the end. And if it doesn’t pay off right, we’ll change to another, like, sector that will give us a better pay. Career-hopping, right, I think that is very, very, relevant to us as well. Okay. What I study- has been changing with every institution
that I jump to and fro lah. But won’t it set you back again? Like, you have to start from scratch. From the bottom of the ladder again. That’s the thing, I feel like they just change, right? But then it’s like, you guys are okay with starting again from scratch. I’m totally not okay. I will be like, “No way in hell am I giving up on this degree that I worked 2 years for.” I just sua, finish, and then decide later. At least we are trying out, at least we [won’t] have regrets in the future. It’s like our parents telling us like, oh, because they didn’t do this when they were younger. – They hope they had done it before.
– Oh, okay. That’s why I think it steered us towards that angle. So I heard that Gen Zs, y’all are more individualistic, you all don’t like collaborative efforts. I love team spirit. But I know that some Gen Zs,
they subscribe to this idea- whereby if you want to get things done right, you do it yourself. What do you think? What do y’all think? I don’t like or hate it in any way. I’m just like, oh, if there’s a group work, there’s a group work la. When it comes to individual work, it’s true that I can steer my own direction. When teamwork doesn’t happen right, like there have been presentations right, after the presentation, they flunk the presentation, and then they just full out cry,
and scream across the class, like- *incoherent screeches* – It’s just like-
– Oh my god! – That is a bit individualistic in that sense right?
– Ya, there is a difference la. ‘Cause it’s, like, if someone fucks up on your end right, that kind of thing, you will call- Like you will tell the person, “Eh fuck y’all, – it’s your fault.” Right?
– I think call-out culture- Call-out culture in Gen Z is very, very, prominent. ‘Cause for me I’ll be like, “Oh, suck thumb lor.” Ya same! I will tell my other team members, “Okay, one for all, all for one. – Just do his work, just pull his weight.”
– Right, right, right, same, same, same. Ya, so for y’all, it’s y’all will call him out like, – “Hey! You better-”
– Ya, and okay, and- we’ll, of course, first stage is always sit down and talk, and then if like, cannot right, there’s no stage two. – It’s just fight with them.
– Oh my god. Wow. Wah, that’s scary. – I’ll be very scared to be in that environment.
– Ya, same. – I will not want to do anything wrong.
– It’s very competitive lah. It is, it is. Oh, that’s another thing. – Y’all are very competitive also.
– Ya, very. I’ll move on to the last category, which is more about social issues. So, society, as well as how you feel about yourself in comparison to the society. Like for millennials, we focus a lot more on ourselves, and we care about societal issues, but at the same time, I think Gen Z care about societal issues more. Gen Z fear climate change the most, they care about a lot of social issues, and believe in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts. So basically having conversations la. What do you guys think based on the stereotypes? I think right, we first need to understand- what are the motivations behind them being- or like, championing for certain causes. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of them are just hopping on the bandwagon. – Okay.
– For the sake of, like- – Trends.
– For the sake of trends, and- – Clout.
– To fit in. And ya, for clout. Especially during the metal straw movement period right, a lot of people bought metal straws for the sake of using them. In the end, you buy all these right, it’s gonna accumulate, and it’s going to leave more carbon footprint as compared to plastic. – Ya.
– That’s true. So basically the term- Like what I mentioned was that, you guys support all these issues and activism, but sometimes it’s supported blindly? Yes, it’s, like, empty support. Okay, understand, understand. I feel like Gen Zs are more global citizens, and then millennials are more of global spectators. Like, we don’t support all these society and environmental causes as much as they do, which I really respect la. I think one good thing about that right, is that- because you guys voice out a lot for these issues right, people who are older, they spectate but they become aware. So it brings awareness to a lot of different parties, so I think it’s a good movement. You shouldn’t just do it because it’s trendy. Ya, so that’s the biggest concern that I would say I have. Speaking of causes, please go donate to the Red Cross and Australian wildfire. It’s just a random thought. – I just thought about it ‘cause I just donated the other day.
– Salvation Army also can. Because of the social media platforms that we have also, we are able to- increase the awareness for such movements la. I think it rubs off, like their- Their enthusiasm has rubbed off on us to like also, “Yes, we need to focus on these things.” I think we all are conscious of what we’re doing, I just hope that, ya, we’re all more accepting lor. At the end of the day right, these are all just labels. Like, uh, we need to move beyond the labels la. You don’t define someone by like,
“Oh, you are Gen Z ah? Eee.” – You know, that kind of thing.
– Understand. Ya. Like, there’s no right or wrong, but it’s just like- – difference in how we’re brought up.
– Yeah. We’ll conclude the video here, so today we talked about Gen Zs versus millennials, and the conclusion is basically that everybody needs to understand each other, so they can work in harmony for a better society. – Wow, amazing!
– Namaste. Handshake, handshake. And with that said, leave in the comments down below if you liked the video and also, if you agree or disagree with us. If you have any traits you feel are more suitable for Gen Z, more millennial, we would like to know in the comments. And also, let us know what else to talk about next time, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Bye bye! Eatbook! Is it you purposely one? You just waiting to say that only right? – Eh you shout your one also la.
– Tik Tok! Tik Tok! Follow TSL on Tik Tok. K bye!

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  1. Tell us which year you were born in and if you're a millennial or zoomer!

    Here are the timestamps of the topics covered during the episode:

    01:42 Slangs used and preferred phone apps

    04:40 Interpersonal relationships
    07:13 Habits at work

    10:53 Views on societal issues

  2. I’ve been banned from saying ok boomer to Chiara, please seek justice for me. Tks and regards god blast skskskskskskskskskskskkss

  3. Lol I'm millenial still using FB. 😂 I wouldn't let anyone be credited for bad work or no work for projects though. I hate that so much.

  4. I'm a 1999 kid but I don't relate to these 2 at all…. and I do love collaborative effort too LOL and call-out culture isn't that strong in my social circle.

  5. ChickChats is my guilty pleasure – I need to stop procrastinating to these addictive videos!!!! (also mad love from India u guys are awesome)

  6. I’d like to think these traits are more due to the life experiences than it should be generalisations of groups of people. GenZs are still schooling but millennials are working. Hence the “individualistic” trait of GenZ vs the collaborative approach of Millennials. Give the GenZs a few more years of work experience. Their “traits” will change. In the comments section you already get some GenZs identifying with millennials.
    I’m a millennial myself who used to have a genZ attitude. I chose my work because it pays acceptably. I used to be individualistic. Or want a partner who has the looks and I didn’t care for the personality. But slowly by grace, learnt to work with people especially those who are different from me.
    All of us GenZ and millennials will one day come to the fullness of life and learn what it means to be a human

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