35 thoughts on “Game Theory: Why FALLOUT's Society is DOOMED!

  1. "So, you took all the time building this settlement from scratch?"
    "Yeah, I built a house, planted crops, and had a mutated 2 headed cow for pet."
    "But you didn't take a minute to move that skeleton from your doorstep?"
    "I think it looks cool."

  2. I love your channel, but I don't think this is your strongest theory. I think you are completely underestimating both the NCR and Caesar's Legion. The NCR, while arguably a bit corrupt, do run a functioning democracy with trade routes, communication, and a military. And while they are not perfect, they are still a young nation.
    As for the Legion, they are in no way just a bunch of guys with sticks! Some of the soldiers are trained from early childhood, dedicating their lives to an ideology favoring genocide, slavery, and crucifixion. And what they lack in viciousness and fear tactics, they make up for in numbers. You play them off as if they aren't a major threat.
    Next, you don't consider the fact that no matter how developed or undeveloped the world of Fallout is, it can never truly go back to the world it was before. A lot of people formed tribal identities not entirely focused on Pre-War values. Groups like the Brotherhood of Steel, Boomers, and New Vegas have isolationist ideologies, who are not interested in sharing their tech. Other undeveloped groups such as the Sorrows, Dead Horses, and Legion instead focus on living simpler rural life-styles, seeing technology as taboo. You're acting like the wasteland ought to just go back to how things were before, without considering whether the many tribes and wastelanders actually would want to go back in the first place. Most of them probably don't even have any idea of what the world was like back then.
    And lastly, you used specific points of information without the proper context. You acknowledged the quest with the psychology textbook, without acknowledging the context that it was to be used by an NCR doctor in order to treat NCR soldiers suffering from PTSD, (not some vague reason hinting that the wasteland is taking on its supposed radiation-induced schizophrenia problem). You also used the conspiracy theorists No-Bark Noonan as a point in favor of radiation-induced schizophrenia and ignored the actual reason he is crazy, which is that he was stung in the head by a rad-scorpion.
    I doubt anyone is actually reading this, but while I love your channel, I just think a lot of in-game context was completely ignored so you could make your point. And a good point it was, because all the research about radiation you did was pretty cool.

  3. Mattpat you said 200 years since the bombs dropped but you where wrong it was a bit over 210 years since the bombs dropped sorry also you do amazing videos keep it up

  4. This video is great and all but I can't really finish it because Preston marked another settlement on my map

  5. 7:16 but lots of people HAVE been replaced with synths, so it’s not really a delusion if it’s true. People like Danse, Magnolia, McDonough, Roger Warwick, Sturges, Gabriel, and Brooks. Also, wasn’t there that time where you, the character, replaced someone with a synth? (Tektus)

  6. After the events of Fallout 4, it seems that Sactuary will be the place where America's society is rebuilt.

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