35 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Ned v Jon v Sansa – Battle of Ideologies

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  2. Turns out we were all reading logic and intelligence into the story. In the end logic and intelligence played no part in the outcome

  3. Wait, I tought this video was about ned, john and sansa, why is arya even there?? We don't need that lame cringey fan service tool character. She has no honor, only plot armor

  4. So glad there are people finally giving Sansa credit. There was so much hate for her in the early seasons for not being as brave or as courageous as other characters, but come on, be real. She was barely a teenager from a very sheltered, privileged life who had been raised to be the perfect lady/damsel and had been taught that all she was meant to do was marry a prince or lord and be a great lady. She blindly followed Joffrey and the world of Kings Landing because it was all she had been raised to do. Even without this upbringing, how many thirteen year old girls would have it in them to be strong and defiant when surrounded by people who could have you killed in a moment? She's grown up into a strong character in spite of everything she had against her.

  5. Sansa has always been one of my favorite characters, since Season 1. I saw through her choices and I knew why she did what she did. Too bad many turned a blind eye and just judged her harshly.

  6. I just feel like the Night King is gonna win and I've made my peace, and he's not like the worst character tbh so I'm okay with that. Better than Ceresi anyway.

  7. I really don't understand why people like Sansa's character. She's so painfully ignorant for the whole series, until she meets with her magic omnipotent brother, and the bad writing of season 7 did nothing to help her character.

  8. Lol sansa how tf did she adapt? She didn't do anything to Chang her circumstances she just bent the knee to her captors to survive and then grows balls when someone aka theon helps her escape or something

  9. People who hate Sansa only prove that they hate a female character for sticking to her feminine qualities. They only like arya because she “doesn’t want to be a lady but wants to be a knight” with qualities that are considered masculine. Why all the hate on sansa? She never got the chance to become anything more she was oppressed her whole life and she endured and survived just like any other character, but nooo she’s not interesting enough because she is not the “unburnt” or “no one”.
    I love her, she is relatable and shows a realistic example to the viewers of how to behave in times of oppression, how to remain sane and keep our humanity intact and pure while also becoming smart and wise. She learns and endures and defends her family and tricks littlefinger of all people!! Yet she is still not interesting!!! I call bullshit

  10. There are less honorable men and women out there. Sure many men got killed because of honor. But having honor keeps everyone in line and disciplined. That's why we need more honorable men and women.

  11. Mance got smeared in the worst way!!! He couldn't surrender of they wouldn't follow him, it wasn't about pride it was a logical decision to save his people! He refused to lead them to fight southern wars he was a good man who yes died but not for nothing 💯💯💯

  12. Sansa is the worst, she has constantly betrayed her family members in the quest for personal gain often lying or feigning ignorance to achieve her goals. She has very little claim to honor but is at least clever enough to recognize a losing hand.

  13. In Game Of Thrones the smartest thing is to stick with your "pack" but how about in real life 200 – 300AC?

  14. This probably has nothing to do with the video but i need to get this off my chest. Lots of people misinterpret the saying

    "The lone wolf dies but the pack survives" as a foreshadow to aryas death.

    But it actually means that you need to stick together if you want to live. You cant try to do things on your own because that will get you killed. You need to work with others to acheive your goal

  15. Reminds me of the elucidation on both the merits and demerits of following 'dharma' or the 'righteous path' in the South Asian epic of Mahabharat.

  16. You take a word like “honor” and add a modifier to it and make it “smart honor,” and it’s not honor anymore. There is no “smart honor,” there is only honor and dishonor.

  17. Difference between Jon and Ned? Jon has plot armor and Ned hadn't.
    I mean honor is also connected with saving innocents, familys and these kind of things, Ned would have done exactly the same as Jon if he would have been in his position.

    And Sansa? The showrunners wanted us to think that she is smart, but after all she only defeated Littlefinger because Bran told her everything about him.
    She literally did nothing great until now by herself, even Littlefingers support in the battle of the bastards wasn't her idea in the first place and when Jon asked her what he should expect from Ramsay she only could tell hem that he will set a trap and nothing more. Only good thing is that she has grown up and isn't as childish as she was at the beginning. But she isn't as smart as many viewers want her to be.

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