36 thoughts on “Gabor Mate – Toxic Culture – How Materialistic Society Makes Us (FULL)

  1. I love this man's viewpoint. It's so refreshing to see this level of compassion for the impoverished people today. Thank you for posting.

  2. Billionaires inspiring to be trillionaires are the ones who are messing everything up. Pass it on with heart.

  3. Gabor’s words will still be valid even after he is gone and what an amazing thing that modern technology let’s anyone curious in the mind, body , and spirit learn what “they” have tried to keep us from understanding!

  4. "Have you ever met a 2 year old who didn't know how to express their gut feelings":-) So much truth in this.

  5. 99 dislikes?!Hey U 99 miscreants with extremely limited cognitive performance.U will never see anything but the content of your bowels,with all of your heads up your gluteus Maximus!!!😊

  6. The most disgusting word in the English language is…'consumer'. We are called consumers because that is what we have become.

  7. we all have mental and physical issues, some deal with those issues and some don't. Apart from my genes, family and the surrounding world, there is something else inside me totally protected from all other influences and that "else" is me. is my sense of uniqueness.

  8. I like this guy but his info is not New..Western Society needs major Repairs & TRUE Goals that put People First & Profit last.

  9. Can't believe this hasn't had millions of views ! here I am in 2019 and his message is still as relevant as it was in 2012 he said he wasn't optimistic about it not being. What a tragedy that it is still as relevant 7 years later. What are we learning as a society and how come we don't really see any change ?

  10. That's all that things I think about the whole time. I'm totally alienated from society. I know and feel that all this is not good for all of us. I have depression because I have to do things I don't want to do. It's not the true sense of life. I want to live a real life without those society things. But if you tell this to somebody, they laugh or don't want to hear that. And this makes me more and more only living in my mind and less to the environment specifically society because I have no connection to it.

  11. This guy talks junk I support big pharmaceutical and I work as a manager in corporations as a consultant

  12. This man's work is wonderful but we must fix ourselves and be careful of a planned society. Religion did give people comfort and the knowledge of right and wrong. Now religion is at its lowest point and look at society. No better for lack of a moral compass. Socialism will make everything equal which is what he sounds like he supports. Social justice is dividing, let's stop screaming g and let these poor people be informed, well then they would vote Republican for self responsibility. Government cannot fix everything and it track record is terrible.YOU ATE A GOOD MAN WHERE ATE YOUR SOLUTIONS!!!! It is easy to talk and state observations that are true, you get paid to help where are the solutions for the uninformed. Should we increase taxes for the climate and to right society.

  13. Being on the right I can only speak for myself, I do not want control by bureaucrats that give us no say to determine the future. I am talking about the Agenda, Agenda21, Agenda 2030 which global governance. Every aspect of our being will be directed and free will is gone. Where we live, work and even more promotion of distraction of TV movies drugs alcohol. READ THE BOOK BRAVE NEW WORLD. Yes this plan is not new. It is evil and demonic that we are to be controlled and dominated. I am not against all he says but why do women put themselves at these risks. Prevent pregnancies. About healing ourselves. About climate change, I will be here by 2030 and let's see how the world and climate do not decimate the planet. If the planet gets decimated then it is the will of governments. See the movie Wally. Fat distracted people living in space because the earth was ruined. First tell CHINA AND INDIA TO CONTROL CLIMATE POLLUTION. Charge everyone for plastic bags cups plates etc OR even do not create anymore. There is so much that can be done together.
    Either he is not aware of the cabal or is part of it. You will all see. If you read this and will live long enough to see it you will say she was right. I HOPE I AM JUST SOME CRAZY WOMAN WITH NO E OF THIS BEING TRUE. Let's see in 11 years.

  14. Depression needs to be UNDERSTOOD !
    A great friend of mine is suffering Greatly from Depression. He has NO financial worries, NO drink or drug problems whatsoever. To the
    "Outside world" he has everything, but, his depression is Crippling him. His family and others, tell him to "Give himself a shake and waken up."
    If only recovery was that easy ! Who would WILLINGLY want to suffer continually in silence.
    Depression IS an illness that kills ! Please try to encourage sufferers instead of harassing them and making them worse. It's easy to "Have an opinion" on Depression but, if you've NEVER suffered from it then you CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT !
    Develop your Compassion and empathy and help people to recover instead of driving them to Suicide.
    LOVE to ALL 🌻

  15. Materialism is toxic. The elevation of goods to a value higher than human life is a great sickness of capitalism. The President of the U.S., whose name I cannot mention, has said that we must aid Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, in order to protect our ability to sell military equipment to Saudi Arabia, and not lose those sales to China or Russia. This means that sales are more important to our country than the lives of children who are being killed in that war every day.

    Materialism renders our lives intrinsically meaningless and worthless. Your worth is determined by how much money you have. Willy Loman concluded “I’m worth more dead than alive.” He was right. Capitalism has given insane amounts of money to a few, and has thereby elevated many out of abject poverty. But the materialism has made us unstable and depressed, and delusionally dependent on products to give us a sense of worth. It has addicted us to substances.

    We will move beyond this terrible system in time, if we do not destroy the planet first.

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