Future – Politics

Future – Politics

[Applause] but bony collars any dollar silver polish it I didn't even have a fucking and I can spin speed when I take a piss coating in my nostrils when I take I'm a mute already bullshit it's government polluted in the North that's why I take a pound a person and I brought my Latisse polluting it man no no shake it on my dream that's why [Applause] Tony Colony dollar seven policy Till's from my brother make me record my first tape damn they're harmless I'm saying niggas my turn finally see those be no ignorance this best I'm off me I can't just no bitch I can't trust I made a number one our prosperity and my bust my god-given gift to the struggle I remain silence really it makes so hard not to kill niggas the treat me like your eyes open humming and knock around the bear I like it I can see the apology baby so many mistakes in America I can see the dress in the snakes a wizard promise for me you emotional toll in the ground and then when politics they kiddo keep my heart pumping baby you ain't perfect anime so many mistakes and America I can see the aggressive the snakes in a nicety I can see the hair on your face and it's hurting me I can't let it get to me no so working

32 thoughts on “Future – Politics

    "That ghetto keep my heart pumpin', baby you ain't perfect
    I done made some bitter mistakes, and I'm lurkin'
    I can see the grass and the snakes, and they thirsty
    I can see the hate on your face, and it hurt me
    I can't let it get to me, no, so I'm workin'
    This day wasn't promised for me, you emotional
    I put all my soul in the grind, and it's worth it

    Blood on these collars and these dollars shit, politics"

  2. Best rapper alive Idgaf what anybody say shout out to producers and engineers that help him bless y’all for touching my soul

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