Funda Curry | Why Trump hates TCS, Infosys and its 5 Consequences

Funda Curry | Why Trump hates TCS, Infosys and its 5 Consequences

Lets understand the story first H1B visa was made so that US companies can hire international talent Companies need to show that their hire has specialized knowledge of the field Should at least have a bachelors degree This was great news for undergrads in India Between 1990-2000 Indian population in the USA increased by 130% H1B visa played a big role TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro started outsourcing Indian techies on H1B visa This is known as BPO This was India’s IT boom and H1B had a major contribution Today, India’s biggest IT companies are also USA’s biggest H1B visa takers But not everybody is liking this In 2015, Disney replaced its 250 IT workers with Indian techies on H1B visa which were supplied by HCL and Cognizant. This sparked a huge debate in the US Some people said H1B visa program is being abused It’s being used to bring cheap labour rather than skilled labour and American jobs are being snatched away Today this debate has become so big, that Trump has issued an executive order that H1B visa be reviewed and changed Till now, a lottery is drawn out of all eligible applications Trump wants to make the new system merit-based rather than lottery based TCS, Infosys will suffer but not Google or Facebbok Trump wants that only highest paid applicants get selected This will hurt TCS. Infosys and Wipro who put in lot of applications of relatively low salary while Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft who put in less applications of higher salary will be benefited A lot of US based Indians are currently looking for jobs in India Between Dec ’16 and Mar ’17 this number has increased ten-fold Increasing automation is taking away IT service jobs globally and countries want to prioritize their citizens That’s why USA is reviewing H1B Australia scrapped the 457 visa Singapore has been blocking work permits for indian workers while UK has made visa expensive for Indian techies Indian techies are not being welcomed anywhere Our Indian Govt will try to help our Indian techies Our Finance minister and Commerce minister are up to it They are reminding these countries how India also nurtures their companies and that WTO visa commitments need to be upheld Whatever the final decision on H1B visa be Things don’t look pretty for Indian techies right now If your friend needs to understand this situation Then tag them, share on their wall Like and share this video πŸ™‚ And do subscribe to us πŸ™‚ Can’t take career lightly, eh?

88 thoughts on “Funda Curry | Why Trump hates TCS, Infosys and its 5 Consequences

  1. first one to dislike, actually it's really the misuse of visa and this So called Indian IT companies do nothing.

  2. not enough research done before making video.

    H1B visa revision facts are not as explained.

    Indian govt least bothered about indian techis working foreign.

  3. I get the intent, but the writer/presenter lacks the understanding of how the IT outsourcing industry functions… Research on this has been done superficially through popular news sources only, which don't really get into the real causes of concern for both US and India, because they're actually genuine concerns when looked at impartially… News media instead relies on sensationalism and crying doom for a nation/industry.

  4. after a long something sensible video was uploaded. My opinion –try not to be too funny in videos it make it childish and unbearable.

  5. just think about it guys if you were fired because someone from another country agree to work cheaper than you
    so in your own country you were jobless and someone from other country​ is hired instead of you
    would you like it no you won't and that's what happening in the US where Americans are jobless while Indians are living greatly
    so i totally support this step taken by President Trump and when these Indian will come back to India our development will skyrocket​

  6. Jada intazar mat karaya karo, I always wait for funda curry new videos… I am die heart fan of "Funda Curry"….'Technology You Know'

  7. Why can't Indian techies do something in India. Start making changes in business processes in India.. We definitely need to push for better infrastructure and IT law & regulations in India. Lot of the big companies have their R&D in India reporting and filing patents under US framework. Just my opinion and observations. Hope we make best of all the current situation rather than crying foul and pointing fingers

  8. please make more videos about CURRENT TOPICS and enlighten us. Your language is easier to understand. Thankyou.

  9. but its good actually, indians will get educated and actually return and do something here… bhaghode kam ho jayenge

  10. Hi team, your work is really appreciable.I keep waiting for your videos as these are educational plus logical as well. Itwould be great if you can make a video explaining the reasons for unrest in Kashmir as well.

  11. Reprioritization over lottery is a good idea. Best talent deserves best compensation. Out of 85k H1B visas, even if you give 30k visa (number referred from the video) to highest paying corporations, (to your surprise, which also includes tcs and Infosys) you still have 55k visas left. Remaining 55k will be offered to the second & third best salaried positions. These can be from any company. But these positions will mostly be in west coast or north eastern part of USA as the minimum wage is comparatively high there. The most prominent impact will be in Midwest where desi tech companies started operations in last few years due to lesser minimum wages and low operational cost. These jobs will either be gone or will transfer to coastal areas. Locals will still find difficult to move or will have to be content with whatever they are given.
    Funda curry team should have gone through the actual executive order and proposal. The target here is not tcs or Infosys, target is those consultancies that use one visa for multiple people, use layering of companies to get more commission on billing rate and malpractice the interviews. Companies like tcs infy etc. have strong legal teams and they always comply by the laws in order to serve their reputation. I am sure funda curry team did not know that tcs is one of biggest recruiter in the USA for the last 6 years. That is also done under the law and contract. What funda curry team should focus more on is discussing how our govt is responding to these threats from so many countries, Where our diplomacy is failing, why the govt is giving an eye for an eye, why are we not able to give cover to folks abroad, what is the policy to counter the jobs in india, when these millions of people come back to india, whose job are they going to take, what funda curry team thinks of brain gain. 1/3 of co founders in Silicon Valley are Indians, can funda curry team do a study on prospects of that kind of success in india?

    Fun fact1: every job in USA creates 3-4 jobs in India.
    Fun fact2 : BPO is not consultancy and services.

  12. u should have dig dipper to understand the problem here, amount of application made by fb, Microsoft is just peace of to techy's needed to do actual job..and again salary is concerned one should not forget that u r from cheap 3rd grade college passout and …what fb and Microsoft are offering is for few talented first grade IITans…and again business model of service company and product company is different ..they both need each other nobody is going to survive without each other..things will get evolve eventually..with or without h1b

  13. IT sector ke share ki to waat lagne wali hai .. TCS Infosys ke share ke rate ise liye decrease ho Rahe hai

  14. 2:39
    says.. "Poori duniya Indian Techies ko avoid karegi"

    and look at the happy background music… as if it's such a great news.

  15. i am on h1b and i agree with this video , some companies have misused the h1 visa. The visa should be merit based and not lottery. In my opinion following things could be preferred 1. Is applying company American, 2. Salary offered (Needs to be adjusted based on location mid west can not offer same salary as the west cost) 3. Does the applicant have a Master`s degree 3. Which university is the degree from. 4. Years of experience 5. Years of stay in America 6. How much settled the applicant already is in America like has friends and family investments etc.

  16. I want to know about technical jobs visas like motor mechanic ,auto technician, fitter any problems for this job also. because I am going to apply for this visas

  17. Many Indians do want to start business in India and as a result create jobs but setting up a business in India has lots of hassles than in US. I mean besides bribing people one needs to take care of numerous application forms in order to be eligible to start a business.

  18. science is tricky and sometimes people get is wrong….its good that they accept their mistake and learn something new. that very good of this channel that they took the video off..instead of spreading fake knowledge. ….you can take this comment down anytime you want. i understand. Peace!

  19. oh…and had to tell you one more thing! electricity travels at almost the speed of light. not current. infact speed of current (drift velocity) is about the same as a snail. the effect are so fast because each electron push other electron (electromagnetic force) make the end of electron flow very quickly. like a pipe already filled with water….sorry. i have a sheldon sindrome πŸ˜‚

  20. Its just like we are paying huge amount to #JustinBeiber cos he has unique skill/voice to sing english song which our top singers like #ArijitSingh can't sing. But if we pay same amount to #JustinBeiber like singer for singing Indian songs then even Himesh Reshamiya will protest or question.

  21. The US is right in trying to protect its jobs for Americans. India should not wail but hit back where it hurts the US interests. American companies are having a free run here. Just see how Pepsi and Coke are using our ground water for their coloured chemical concoctions at concessional price , while our people pay much higher for drinking water and our farmers struggle without water. For all this, we do not even know the chemical composition of these devil drinks. Our govt does not have the brain or the muscle to engage /outwit the Yankees. But we Indians should simply stop buying these, and our traders should not sell them. We should boycott American products/ brand names silently. They will learn the lesson.

  22. Instead of being dependent on other countries, why can't the government create jobs in India itself?
    China is a great example.

  23. superb video …i don't usually comment on a video….but u guys Completely made me do it….. awesome …..pure awesomeness

  24. Funda curry pls elaborate about spectrum ghotala and is there any connection in Jio free data and spectrum ghotala

  25. hi ! yrr can u tell me how much this videos took? i mean the whole process.. from scripting, VO, visuals & post-pro..
    plss dude i need to know..
    thnx 😊

  26. Hey guys the facts in this video are half facts. I am watching this video in USA and yeah I am student working now and will apply for h1b next year. I am not at all afraid. This video is not taking into consideration the globalization attempt by USA and whole h1b immigration vs legal immigration vs illegal immigration. So if you see everyone thought once Trump comes to the office he will sac h1b but now he is sacking other immigration visas before and did nothing against h1b. Why? You need more research…… This is misleading

  27. Why Indians flies to foreign?
    a)for money(currency value)
    b)for improvement in jobs
    c)for not to got the jobs in India due to bloody reservations
    d)ye gandhavala education system even after we through britishers out of this country

    There are many choices for this question
    No conclusion for any problem is simple and stratified
    It continues,
    Judge you not others

  28. I tried to understand what he was saying and I get that Indian govt will fight back ? Are you kidding me.
    How would you like it if I come to India and take your job ? I will vote Trump in for his second term.

  29. None of Indian companies are world class the IT employees most of the It companies use Fake certificates they do not fit into the US system . Most Indian companies work as body shopping agents .

  30. Untill uneducated people sit in the parliament and chaiwalas become PM, nothing can happen, indian students from IITs and other institutes need to come forward for their country.

  31. Infosys (Narayana Murthy), TCS (tata sons), Wipro (Azim Premji) and some other so called major Indian IT players are biggest criminals in my eyes. In early 90's these all were cash rich companies and in place of developing a product they all decided to make future Indian as world labor force. Today if India own's 2 or 3 major products then whole discussion would have been different. We are too late in the race and now we can only cry.

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