Funda Curry | The Genius of Reliance Jio’s Business Strategy | अंबानी की होशियारी

Funda Curry | The Genius of Reliance Jio’s Business Strategy | अंबानी की होशियारी

To my fellow 1.2 billion Indians and India With the launch of Jio, India’s rank will go up to among the top 10 in the world. Jio’s mission is to meet this exploding need for India, and to take our nation from a data shortage to data abundance. So, Mr. Mukesh Ambani said with an innocent face, “I offer you free internet data that is Digital Oxygen, go live!” But we’ve been calculating from a young age whether this is a better offer, or that? Now, if someone offers us something at a discount of 100% then we definitely have to be suspicious. So, let’s listen to a story.. This is the tale of an old king.. who came to The City of Dreams without much wealth He established a huge empire, but after he passed away, we saw the same old family drama. Both the sons fought over their share, and the family name was maligned The family businesses suffered, and hence their mother had to intervene. But the younger son got what the elder son wanted, in the split. The younger brother knew that the elder brother would someday come back for his favourite toy, so he asked for his brother to be kept away from his toy The elder brother waited outside the court for an opportunity. and as soon as it presented, he acquired his own toy and entered the fray Then the elder brother brought a deadly weapon into his team and waged a war of telecommunication in India. As of today, Jio has left behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype in terms of consumer growth. Within 83 days Jio had a consumer base of 5 Crores and after 170 days it grew to 10 Crores A Jio user consumes 6 times more data than any other user. Now, if they’ve created such a havoc in just 7 to 8 months, then it’s surely not a trial and error strategy. 65% population of the country had to think twice before downloading any song, saving data to have a video chat with their partner. Jio relieved them of this pain, and made internet free. Now, everyone got addicted to Internet Mukesh Bhai is no less than Pablo Escobar. By providing free data, they followed two major principles of marketing Loss Leader Strategy Razor/Blade Strategy Loss Leader is when a product is sold at a loss to attract customers, hopefully to build a huge user base and recover the cost. Companies like Amazon and Tesla Motors have implemented the Loss Leader strategy. Razor/Blade strategy goes like sell the commodity for free and recover the costs through accessories. It has been named after Gillette’s strategy to provide free razors for free and recover the costs over blades. Just like Gaming Stations, who earn on game CDs, and printers, who earn on ink cartridges, Jio has planned to earn via Jio Apps, LYF mobile phones and recharges. While other companies implemented a retailer’s mindset and sold data 4 times costlier; Jio implemented a wholeseller’s mindset to sell cheaper but more data. In India, telecom companies generate a revenue of about Rs. 130 to Rs.150, on an average. Now, if you choose Prime Membership worth Rs 99 and recharge with Rs 309 then you’re paying three month’s average revenue. Now, if you think about it, where is your major data consumption of the day? Videos. On an average 40-60% data is consumed watching videos. Who’s at profit? YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar and a little of ours too.. An active user base generates revenue for us so that we can make better videos. Netflix and Amazon Prime have also stepped in the Indian market; and hotstar was already there. When other companies will be shifting to a full time 4G network Jio will be adapting to a 5G network Jio’s next venture? Fiber to Home, wireline service that’ll provide data speeds upto 1 Gbps. It also has ties with Cisco for data speed improvements. My pal streams songs and chats on video call. Mummy makes new recipes watching videos on YouTube And this is just the beginning If you think ahead there’s nothing that readily available and affordable data can’t do. You’ll get a low fuel notification for refueling soon as you leave your house. When you reach your office’s gate your PC turns itself on and the coffee machine starts preparing you a cup of coffee There’ll be music apps that’ll suggest you music after sensing your emotions for best results and maybe sometime soon you might have your own Jarvis.

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  1. U madman internet is free all over the world. The service provider is basically charging for the cost involved in laying the cables from sea,land to your fool will run his business without profit as customers more the composition better the deal. The entry of reliance is a game changer. so Do not get excited dear enjoy reliance JIO.

  2. चूतीया हिन्दुस्तानी ये भोसडी का क्या अपने घर से भरेगा

  3. Nice video,Ty for telling marketing strategy and rest details or else i was confuse why they were selling datapacks in too low pricec.

  4. Hey dude you are fake did you even do google in your life? Konsi duniya me rhta hai tu mader chu india ka dusra number hai gand oops i mean data consumed ker ne mai chine ka first hai
    I'll report your video if you delete this comment

  5. bhai tum kisis company ka ceo..ho kya..kam se kuch kare he unko to reapect do….400 me 1gb data airtel ka tha idea k..bhi abhk itne raha he to…problem he

  6. Undoubtedly Jio has created Data Revolution. Hats off to Ambani. Still it is providing the cheapest in the market. Now almost every person has his or her own phone. History will always remember Ambani & Jio for good.

  7. क्यों भाई अम्बानी कमा रहा है। तो तुम्हारी क्यू जलती है।

  8. I am not Ambani supported or Modi Bhakt but I dont see anything wrong with this business model. After all its a free market economy and the companies have to recover their investments in a smart way. Comparenthe digital life of India 2 years back. Our only reliable highspeed data source used to be fibrenet. Now digital life in India has transformed completely.
    besides I dont see any hidden cost with Jio unlike Airtel!!

  9. JIOs strategy is like this.

    JIO increased usage habits of the internet data. People now cannot live without at least 10 GB per month.

    JIO also priced its data such that competitors would die and would go out of business. Because Reliance has lots of funds to power JIO and keep it firm in the market while competitors who have less funds cannot survive long enough.

    Once the competitors are out of business JIO would start increasing the data prices and rule over the wireless internet. JIO would also not allow new data providers to get into the market because of its strong funding.

  10. धीरू अंबानी का बड़ा बेटा है मुकेश अंबानी इसका सवाल है मुकेश अंबानी

  11. मुकेश अंबानी धीरु अंबानी का बेटा मुकेश अंबानी है इस सवाल का जवाब मुकेश अंबानी के ही नाम से जिओ कंपनी चलती है

  12. Reliance jio is better than Airtel,Vodafone,Idea and BSNL se, But data plans are very bad 😰daily usage is 7 to 10 GB per day 3GB is nothing ab bas Reliance jio par he bhrosa hai🙏Reliance jio net pack ke offer laye jo zyada zaroori hai minimum 5gb toh hona he chahiye kya bekaar its no use of mobile offers, it's waste, Aur jo log net use he nahi karte unke liye 500 mb ka pack he bahut hai. Calling toh free paiso ka kya kare🤔net data is very very very very important + must. 399/- mein 10gb per day 49 rs mein 2gb per day 60gb per month +10gb data daily for a month.Ya rest of data add Karo next day(Suppose on 26-november 1 GB next day on 27- November it's 1. 5 GB +1 GB- 2.5 GB) Sabko fayda. Isse toh BSNL he sahi hai roz kah 20gb Data de raha hai Reliance jio uska10% b, nahi de raha😰 149/- Rs mein 1.5 GB Roz 299/-mein 6GB Roz:(ya 149 mein 60 GB for a month together ad 299 mein 90 GB together,jab koi movie download karni ho tabh sochna na pade.Isliye data is must varna kahi kisi aur mein port na karale sare🤣🙏 Connection kahi nahi aate, 4G ka 1G ho jata hai pure India mein 😭5G kya karenge 4G toh aata nahii😃.please jaldi problem solve karo ab baar-baar port nahi hota.DATA kya kare.Dara bhadhao minimum 5GB toh karo please 🙏jab call center mein phone woh bolte 120 hours lagenge💔
    299/- mein 3 GB
    49/- mein 1 GB
    Har plan double kardo supose 2GB wala convert to 4GB,3GB wala convert to 6GB and so on at the same cost sabko fayda
    Ab slow hogaya hai Reliance jio😰kahi speed he nahi aati

  13. Hii Funda curry….i want a new vdo on 5G is harmful or not….. I tried to find out through Google but m unable to conclude about it should be used or not…..plz provide more details onto it by ur research….

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