Funda Curry | Space News | अंतरिक्ष (स्पेस) की सैर अब दूर नहीं

Funda Curry | Space News | अंतरिक्ष (स्पेस) की सैर अब दूर नहीं

Hello Everybody Firstly! i want to apologise to you guys because, lately there has been a little space that’s come up between us. on the same note, I want to discuss some space stuff As you can see, I preparing myself physically, mentaly and psychologically, to go into space why? because space technology is growing tremendously So, lets check out new inventions that happened in space technology, in the past month. Welcome to FundaCurry Let’s start with Trappist-1 Its a star system that has 7 earth sized planets in it Now, why is this awesome? Guys!! There are 7 EARTH sized planets here We’ve already screwed with our own earth We will have 7 new option now Interestingly, 3 of which could even have liquid water In this particular solar system, if you stand on the surface of any planet you will be able to see 6 other planets almost as big as our own moon Which clearly means you can’t sing khoya khoya chand here India’s space startup, TeamIndus is one of the top 5 finalists for google Xprize lunar competition Next step for TeamIndus is to send a rover to moon which should travel 500 meters and take HD pictures of the surface TeamIndus is also sending a bunch of science experiments one of which is to observe photosynthesis in Cyanobacteria Surely someone’s thinking of growing forests there Now you’re like what’s the big deal? just drive 500 meters, take pictures, and check photosynthesis I would like to remind you that it is moon, not maalegaon and if TeamIndus wins this competition they win 129crores prize money So, All the best TeamIndus seriously!! get on the moon grow some forests Imagine, you throw your phone after every call. made a call, threw it away, made a call, threw it away meaning, use and throw phone If this seriously doesn’t bother you, you’re a deadly combination of super rich and super stupid this is what’s been happening in the rocket industry just think, We’ve always know about the launch but what happens to the used rocket? no one knows and the used rocket are no more used for anything so the mighty Elon Musk had a huge problem with it so spacex used a used rocket to reuse it again put a satellite in orbit meaning, the rocket was used twice and the rocket accurately landed again the second time which means, it can be used thrice or any number of times you want the main idea behind this is to make space travel more affordable, effecient and frequent. exactly how I go to my grandma’s house, all the time now I’ll be going to the moon, to my uncle’s everyone knows rockets go up everyone also knows balloons go up think! If you attach a rocket to a balloon and send up and launch the rocket from space how much fuel can be saved did you think about it? right! you only think about yourself ROCKOONS!! Zero2infinity thought of this. Yes, Rockoons Rocket + Balloons=Rockoons By using rockoons, 20% of the jet fuel can be saved but this is just the beginning We’ve just started launching, Bruh! This year, a spaceship that runs on light is being launched. Light Sails. Not cell, Sail By taking advantage of the particle nature of light Light sails use the energy of light to move forward Didn’t get it? Like how ships in the sea use wind energy to move In the same way, in space, light energy is used to move The spaceship in space Unlimited free fuel Not diesel, not petrol, Light, Dude! In 3 years, light sails can reach the speeds up to 240000kms/h This is a million times faster than the fastest car. But you’re like, 240K kms/h in 3 years, not much It is said that these light sails can accelerate up to 20% of the speed of light So the solar system we talked about, earlier Which is 40 light years away, can be reached in just 200 years Shitt!! There’s only this much about the space for now We’ll talk more about space in the future Till then like, comment, share and subscribe. Cus the party just started, yo!

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  1. Bro, Please zabardasti funny mat bano!! The video content is great but please make our dear presenter the informative guru, the calm guy as before.

  2. awesome man…. light sails if successful would open so many options…. i use to think that we need to wait for the gravity equation to be solved and use to travel as fuel is a big issue up there.

  3. Conspiracy theory : I am very sure Funda curry has a secret lab …Where they have already started doing stuffs and are way ahead of Elon Musk!

  4. Brace yourself Trump supporters are coming,oh sorry it's a science video kryptonite for dumb people they will stay away

  5. sayaad reusable shell something​ like it is also used by isro!!

    presentation me overacting kuch jaada thi

  6. Bohot sahi bhai log… make this a series!
    Aur presenter ka character change mat karo… wo pehle waala, zyada sophisticated version better tha.

  7. I really loved this video. But, why there is no mention about the Indian space program? On 15th Feb 2017 we set a world record by launching 104 satellites from a single rocket. The world is looking up to our space program but we Indians are still busy making fun of Rahul Gandhi and Trump. And at least this type of content should not be bollywood-ized.

  8. sir aapke channel ki sabse achhi bat ye hai ki aap complicated issue aur experiment ko v hindi me bohot easily samjhate hai.
    keep it on

  9. Only electron can move with the speed of light after losing its mass. If a satellite will move with a speed of light it'll melt and molecularise.

  10. bro don't try to be funny, doesn't suit you, and its not ellen musk its Elon Musk, bhaai jitne achche facts hai utna hi ghatiya puns. no overacting please. I am not trying to offend you guys and love your stuff, just giving you constructive criticism hope it might help you to continue creating amazing content. peace out and best of luck.

  11. Information toh aapne bhut achchhi di, prantu jyada overacting krne ki jrurat nhi thi. That's not make sense. Ydi aapki information aapkey title oriented hogi toh log automatic like karenge. If you'll portray little bit of professionalism, you'll already developed a kind of respect. !!!!!!!!!

  12. Socha tha . Magar sirf ek building ko balloon ke sath utanekeliye 50,000 balloons istemal hua hai . Tho socho rocket ko kitne chahiye honge .

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