Funda Curry | Must watch if you are not a CROREPATI | Tax Haven

Funda Curry | Must watch if you are not a CROREPATI | Tax Haven

Hey, awesome people.
This is Funda Curry. You’ve been hearing a lot
about The Panama Papers Leak. But the core issue
behind any such Controversy is the
existence of tax havens. So let’s see what it is. We pay a tax on our income. We pay some part of what
we earn to the government And also we’ve to pay heavy
taxes on larger transactions. So if you’re extremely rich And the taxes amount to crores. So you’ll obviously want to evade it. There are some places in this world Where the governments
impose minimal or literally zero tax on
any financial activity. And there is no requirement for disclosure of the records. So if you’re rich, And your income directly goes
to a bank account over there And you make all your big
transactions over there Then you’ll save crores in taxes
and no one will know about it. So tax havens are places
where the taxes are minimal By the end of WWI, these places were
created for rich and influential people. And by 1980, many more came up. But Panama got our attention because
this is the biggest leak till now. And you know what, this system
is not exactly illegal. So can you also save your money in a tax haven? Obviously, it’s not that simple. If someone with an average
salary uses tax havens Then it gets very complicated for him. The hassle and the money required to start such activities make paying taxes the more interesting option. But if you’re playing in the crores, it amounts to pennies. Basically,only extremely rich
people can evade taxes like this. So how does it effect the rest? Get an idea about the scales and inequality. If we move from the poorest to the richest in the world, We see that the amount earned
by half of the world population equals the earnings of
the 85 richest people. Imagine how much tax
would they have to pay. So if these 85 start evading taxes, It starts burdening the other people. Like you and me. Using the resources within our country, we earn our money
and pay tax on it. Now these tax evaders use up a big
chunk of our country’s resources But their income goes to tax havens,
without any taxes. Which means that the income is generated from our resources but the tax isn’t Now, we have lesser resources
to use as they are limited, So it also affects the gross
income of the country Let’s say that our expenditure is this And gross income only this much Which cannot be increased
because resources are limited So this deficit is bridged by levying
more taxes on other citizens. Imagine if these tax evaders
had paid crores of taxes Then it would have helped
in minimizing the deficit. And maybe. the common man
would have to pay lesser tax. But now, because of the deficit, common man has the added
weight of their extra taxes. Let’s see a possibility Good Evening, everybody!
I’m a tax evader from India. And I am the dude who lives in a tax haven. Mauritius. I’m about to get Rs 100 crores But I want to evade taxes on this. So I won’t let this money go to India. Then where do I keep these 100 crores? Here. In a tax haven, it is very
cheap to start a company So starting a shell company and depositing
money under its name is no big deal. Open it! Now the 100 crores are here safely, No one will ask me where
the money came from. I’m also out of the equation safely. And at the same time, I saved
30 crores worth of tax. But is that all? No! So I’ve just evaded a large
amount of tax on a huge income. But I can keep making untaxed
profit from this money How? Nobody knows about our association So whenever he asks me I smartly channelize the
money back to his companies In India or anywhere in the world. Or in the companies on my relative’s name. But you’ll say that’s pointless, right? Because any company that will make profits
in India will have to pay the taxes, right? No! India’s tax treaties with some tax havens
gives an advantage to people like me To pay bare minimum
or literally zero tax on the money made by
this shell company From the actual company in India. So basically, my tax evaded money Is going to make more money,
which will again Evade tax. This vicious circle is a scam. But does anybody know who is behind it? No. The common man keeps working and
paying taxes while people like us

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