Funda Curry | 5 Indian Superhumans | पाँच रहस्यमय भारतीय

Funda Curry | 5 Indian Superhumans | पाँच रहस्यमय भारतीय

When the switch is turned on current travels at about .3 billion m/s to reach this bulb This speed depends on the conductivity of the wire By the way, our body also conducts electricity But if… of an ampere that is .1 ampere current, touches or body for just 2 seconds then death is inevitable During electrocution, 0.7 ampere current kills the convict in 3 three seconds after all , this is very dangerous But, there are some people who have astonished the world of science come, let’s meet a few such people A supply of .25 ampere current, if flows through someone’s body.. ..can severely burn the skin and within a few seconds, the heart will will stop beating, causing death Kollam’s (Kerela) Raj Mohan Nair is different This 220V socket which provides.. .. .25 ampere current to light the bulb will pass through Mohan’s body Now something will light up.. ..either bulb or Mohan Can Mohan take his talent to the next level? This 200V mixer needs 3 ampere current to run Now, 3 ampere current is passing through Mohan’s body 30 times more than what a human body can sustain and now ,what Mohan is about to do will not only shock us, but also science The magnitude of current passing through Mohan’s body is so enormous that anyone can make omlette from the hotplate’s heat and even chicken what is this mysterious phenomena about Mohan’s body that current doesn’t even reach his heart or is it that his skin conducts the current It’s quite surprising to see humans evolve like this If we talk about evolution we have evolved from monkeys whose long tails provide them with balance and their agility and flexibility makes them fast It’s impossible for a human to be so fast Don’t you agree? But Jyothi Raj, born and brought up in Karnataka’s Chitradurga Fort, doesn’t agree Jyothi Raj has always been a keen observer of monkeys and from them, learnt to climb rocks that too without any harness And then he kept climbing India’s second highest waterfall, Jog waterfall has been scaled only by Jyothi His superhuman abilities lie in his fingers and his body Physiologists test results suggest that Jyothi’s power to weight ratio is way too high compared to an average human Just like monkeys, Jyothi produces more power by spending less energy that is why he can climb hills and rocks so easily The powers hidden in his fingers make him a superhuman Glass ! Glass is awesome But very few of us know that glass is made from sand When you heat sand at 1700 degree celsius you get an amorphous solid whose crystals… OK, Let it be. But a tiny piece of glass can prove to be very dangerous Even after knowing this, what if someone eats glass to satisfy their hunger.. ..then? Alcoholic Dashrath once decided to committ suicide he tried ending his life by eating glass But what’s shocking is, he remained unaffected and today more than anything he needs glass to eat He’s been eating glass and blade for the past 15 years He never suffered any injury Did you ever take him to the doctor ? NEVER!! why see a doctor if he is absolutely fine Dashrath has been eating glass for the past 15 years Now the question is what are his vocal cords, stomach and intestine made of ? And what is this acid that dissolves all the glass ? How can someone survive by eating glass.. ..the specialists are still trying to find an answer to that question So, this was Glassman, who eats glass Now you tell me How long can you survive without food? OK, How many hours? What if someone claims that for the past 77 years he hasn’t had any food Then ? Gujarat’s Prahlad Jani is popularly known as “Mata Ji” People consider him a riddle because he claims he hadn’t had food or water in 77 years Medical science was stunned ! I mean I was was very sceptic to what all he said and I laughed it out After his claim the doctors kept him in a surveillance room for 10 days in 2003. The test results were so shocking that in 2010 he was again kept under surveillance, this time for 14 days Meanwhile, Prahlad Ji underwent a lot of tests What was baffling was he was living very comfortably without eating or drinking anything while under surveillance, it was observed that Urine did form in his body but gradually the volume decreased as if he is reabsorbing the urine And at last, the conclusion of this project was… At the end of the project our conclusion was Mr. Prahlad Jani did not take anything orally Neither fluid nor water nor food 14 days..that is 336 hours that too without food and water and if we assume their claims to be true then 77 years * 365 days * 24 hours And yeah.. we need to consider leap years too Even if you compute with a calculator it’ll take about 10 minutes But not this one. A 201 digit long number was written on the blackboard and Shakuntala devi was asked to find it’s 23rd root she took her time and gave the answer in just 50 seconds What’s funny is, the professor took 4 minutes to write the question Moreover, the UNIVAC computer took 62 seconds Interesting, right? Come , let’s see the superhuman abilities of a human computer I did a multiplication multiplication of a 13 digit number by another 13 digit number quickly in my head That’s how it happened How quick was that? I think i was quicker than the computer, if i’m not mistaken Right ? 6 places of decimal? I only have it to 2 I’ll give you 6 OK, i can verify 4. correct? 8, right? 4.8 5 places more? zero zero zero That will just be a funny zero A 118 machines 118 machines.. can produce 73 items in 7 and a half days How many items can 217 machines produce in 11 and a 3 quarter days 11 and 3 quarter days? 210 ! That’s right..right? Thank you That’s incredible Numbers are never messy, why do you say numbers are messy? Mathematics is not just being able to add, subtract, multiply It is a is the greatest logic It is as if it is the only truth in world from what i can see Nobody challenges me, I challenge myself

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  1. Funda curry now, Instead of giving Gyaan , have started Mano ya Na Mano season 5!!
    am I right, abt season .??

  2. good one…but funda ka unda toh gayab tha and curry ki tarry khiladi yaar….tumlogo ne ye channel ka maksad badal dia h toh announce toh krna chahiye tha….waise mathematics wala part mere page k liye perfect h…thanx

  3. Funda curry atleast put videos that are not fake. If you dont know the topic just dont upload a video. Mohan is clearly anyone can tell

  4. shakuntala devi ne yeh kamal vedic Maths ki madad se kiya yeh maths hamare vedic kaal se hai hame ise apne schools colleges aur baki institutins mein lane ki koshish karni chayie

  5. can you create a video explaining the difference between bucket bath and shower bath.
    which should we prefer?

  6. भारतीय YOUTUBE सिर्फ मज़ाक ओर प्रोन टाइप में फेमस हो रहा हैं परन्तु आप जैसे लोगो के कारण ही indian youtube बचा पड़ा हैं
    आप का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद भाई जी

  7. Yaar sab thik tha..lekin hum bandaro se evolve huye galat hai..that is a theory og Darwin not fact

  8. i know Shree Mataji (Vaibhav jani) he is lived in Ambaji in Gujarat. He is live like a comman man. any one can meet him easily. Jay Hind….

  9. unfortunately none of dese talents contribute towards welfare of mankind….we can term it as unnatural abilities instead of talent..!!

  10. Raj Mohan may be fake, because as resistance increase current pass through his body should be low, so it can't drive motor of mixture.. because not sufficient current


    Watch this, and you will have a different perception regarding Mr. Nair. Others I don't know how they do this.

  12. @ Funda curry
    Please remove Mohan as he doesn't deserve the credibility with other great personalities. He is fake , which is well shown in Electroboom YouTube channel

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