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  1. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump ARE themselves the Coronaviruses of American politics. They should be disinfected off of the America scenes for us to get healthy.


  3. Every NBC broadcast a platform to undermine President Trump how pathetically transparent and insulting to anyone with any intellect, perhaps they consider Americans are devoid of reasonings in regards to their repetitive narrative Trump bad, Trump bad etc.

  4. At the India, Dubi, Katar other countries there is not a VIRUS
    The Virus at the countres which the USA have a Conflict. Why is it so

    Italia-have a confict wiht UN
    China – Iran – have a conflict with US. only in this counties Big Pandemic
    In Russa big problem wiht OIL.
    Why is it so?

  5. My dad has told me before, he said that he guarantees me that no one will ever give me any money, to start a legal Federal Government Independent Army and three legal Federal Government Independent Army Banks, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint, my dad says that my idea to start a legal Federal Government Independent Army, three Federal Government Independent Army Banks, and one Federal Government Independent Army Mint, my dad says that sounds like a bizarre idea to him. I asked my dad a question, my question was, do you believe that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S. if the news says that he is, and he said yes he believes the news, that if they say that he is the president, then my dad believes that their telling the truth, that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S., and my dad says that there's no external evidence to prove otherwise, I believe that the news companies are lieing. My dad says that he's got 90 friends on Facebook and that they all believe exactly like he does, that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S., and that all of those people go out and vote. I asked my dad a question, do you believe that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S. under the law, my dad said that he believes that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S. under the law, because the external evidence proves that he is. My dad said that everyone believes the news over me, that the news says that Donald Trump is the president of the U.S., and I say that Donald Trump never was legally elected under U.S. Federal law, that there never was a legal presidential election in 2010, that Donald Trump never was the president of the U.S., that Mary Stanley's gang bribed Donald Trump to be a fraudulent U.S. president, and make fraudulent news on CNN news and Fox news, I believe that Mary Stanley's gang and Barack Obama's gang own CNN news and Fox news companies.
    My dad has been telling me for quite some time that Donald Trump is the President of the U.S. and that I'm the only person in the world that believes that Donald Trump isn't the President of the U.S. and that billions of other people in the world believe that Donald Trump is the President of the U.S.. And my dad also believes that in the state of Indiana, that all of the police officers are real ones, and that all of the FBI agents are real ones wherever, and that all of the U.S. military workers are real ones wherever, and that there's no such thing as Mary Stanley's gang or Barack Obama's gang or Mike Pence's gang, and he believes that those gangs aren't stealing money from the state and Federal government tax accounts, I know for sure that I have tried to logically reason with him, to see it my way, that Donald Trump isn't the president of the U.S., that he never was, that Mary Stanley's gang bribed Donald Trump to be a fake president with stolen money from the Federal government tax accounts, DOJs account, and Mary Stanley's gang bribed Donald Trump to make fake news on CNN and Fox news, and that there never was a real presidential election in 2010, my dad disagrees with me and he believes that there was a real presidential election in 2010, he also believes that all of the FBI agents are real ones, I tried to reason with him to understand it my way, but no way to reason with him, that I believe that Mary Stanley's gang bribed all of the FBI agents to quit their jobs in 2013 and 2014, and that Mary Stanley's gang bribed gang criminals that are part of their gang from Fayette county WV to be fake FBI agents and fake FBI operators, and that Mary Stanley's gang and Barack Obama's gang bribed all of the U.S. military workers to quit their jobs in about 2010, my dad believes that there's real U.S. military workers here, I told him that Mary Stanley's gang bribed gang criminals that are part of their gang to be fake U.S. military workers, he disagrees with me.
    The reason why my dad believes that, in the state of Indiana that there's real police officers here is because he said that "I can't see no logical reason why someone would spend all of that money to imposter a police officer". He said that "I can't see no logical reason why someone would do that, if there was a logical reason I would go do it". I believe that Mary Stanley's gang bribed all of the police officers in the state of Indiana to quit their jobs in about 2010-2015 with money stolen from the Federal Government accounts, the DOJs account, and other Federal accounts, Mary Stanley's gang and Mike Pence's gang in the state of Indiana, so that those gangs can commit more crimes, and to keep crimes covered up, and none of the gang criminals can be arrested, by the real police officers that were here, and Mary Stanley's gang can bribe gang criminals from Russia to come to the state of Indiana illegally, and bribe them to help Mike Pence's gang and Mary Stanley's gang from Arkansas and West Virginia to steal all of the Indiana state and county taxes, and city taxes, and to steal from the Federal Government accounts in Indiana, there was an FBI office in the Indianapolis area, and two Federal District Courts in the state of Indiana, that those gangs are stealing from those Federal Government accounts from a bank(s) in the state of Indiana.
    I believe that Mary Stanley's gang bribed gang criminals from Mike Pence's gang since about 2010, their devilworshipping bisexual gang criminals that are hispanics and latinos from Arkansas, to be fake Indiana State police officers, and fake city police officers, and fake county sheriff's, and sheriff deputies in the state of Indiana, and Mary Stanley's gang bribed gang criminals from West Virginia, devilworshipping bisexual gang criminals, that are hispanics and latinos, to be fake police officers in the state of Indiana.
    Where I live at in Mitchell Indiana, with my dad on one acre of land, there's about 30-40 homes on about one acre lots, and all of the people that live there and own those homes are part of Mike Pence's gang, their all hispanics and latinos from the state of Arkansas, I believe that Mary Stanley's gang bribed gang criminals that are part of Mike Pence's gang to buy all of those homes about 5 years ago, with money stolen from the Federal Government accounts.

  6. WAke up people. Only democratic states and cities are claiming deaths. Panic and fear is what dems like to spread. Wake up. Fema camps are open and waiting for next step to load you up and keep you safe. Lol. Look into this yourself if you have a brain. All democrats states and cities have deaths. Joke.

  7. Why do so many…want to give so much jurisdiction to their FEDERAL government?! Have they read the constitution they so proudly cite? Did they comprehend it? 2 United States were created in the constitution. They did not give that jurisdiction to the FEDERAL government, for a reason!!! C’mon guys. Start learning, and stop parroting. This is your life too! How can I, one without a high school diploma, know more about the workings of this machine than you??!!!

  8. yet. The world's issue with this is: people can be infectious carriers of this thing for 1-2 weeks & not even know it. And you'll never be able to test everyone. &, even if you could, a person negative for said test today might come up positive a few days later if tested again. So, surrender to the curve. Take the best measures you can take to flatten the curve. Recall also that the lethal epidemic during WW1 appeared in 3 separate waves due to a Mutating virus. People were not isolated then because the psycho government wanted to continue war production & this caused rapid spread to the degree of the Plague during the Dark Ages. So, if you see in a month or two Amazon delivery trucks being used for casualty transport; no shock.


  10. 1- We need to sue the communist party of China for this virus.

    2- We need to sue the democrats for their many attempts to paralyze Trump and his administration for the last four years.😏😏😏😏


  12. Did you know the Cuban Missile Crisis was more dangerous than we knew at the time? We were told the Soviet missiles were on the way to Cuba, but some nuclear missiles were already installed in Cuba, and Fidel Castro demanded that Nikita Khrushchev launch the missiles, and three Soviet submarines were on the way to meet the US Navy blockade armed with nuclear torpedoes and orders to fire at will. And that's why most people are not disturbed by the Chinese virus or global warming.

  13. Here is how I see this going in a nonpartisan analysis: about another 2 or 3 weeks of lockdown and hourly wage earners, bar/restaurant owners, retail, leaders of the big companies, and just generally anyone who cannot get paid working from home are going to start saying we have got to get things going again and get back in business, virus or no virus. If you are in the at risk demographic–age, health problems–then you stay home and take precautions but everybody else has got to start putting food on the table again. The masses will get restless more sooner than later.

    My own opinion: it is right to have a lockdown to contain the spread…….for a little while. But to tell millions upon millions of people that they have to shut down their livelihood indefinitely or for weeks and weeks on end could have catastrophic ramifications.

  14. More than 99% of the lies told on this program could be refuted by watching the daily briefings. Why watch liars on the weekend when you can get the facts through the week?

  15. Why trust a leader whose good at bankrupting anything hes handled? America is not united. Whatever money plan they have will do n
    No good. All I can say is our govt is going to go down hard

  16. why don't you people educate yourselves about FEMA instead relying on these idiots to tell you about FEMA.

  17. I've been reading about this new vaccine called Hydroxycholoroquine which looks very promising. It has been out now for atleast 30 days. How come this new vaccine is NOT top news and how come the governments are not pushing for the production of this vaccine for world wide distribution? If it has proven to work against Covid-19, why are we letting people still get affected and even die from this virus everyday when there is a vaccine???

  18. Individual proactive Governors are taking over from the federal Government to implement effective measures against the outbreak, which the incompetent federal Government is more or less sitting on its hands. One thing we can rely on is that, for any success achieved by indididual Governors, Trump will pad hs own back and tell us what a great job he has done.

  19. America needs to transform some of existing Hospitals to only Corona Virus Hospitals. Start using shower to save on toilet paper, then risk getting infected to buy the paper. Movement between states needs to be stopped ASAP only essential transport.

  20. Bad idea to close down business……economic impact worse than disease…..please stop parading your experts around….

  21. In the minds of many thoughtful Americans, the Chinese Coronavirus Bat Soup Syndrome has taken what’s left of the hateful media's reputation, poured gasoline on it, then lit it on fire before flattening it with a bulldozer and finally having a Scat Fransicko hobo download last night’s free bologna sandwich on their remains. Fact is, this will be over in a matter of weeks and at that time Trump will make the hateful media and Joe Biden his chew toys.

  22. oh the commies are begging for the martial law and fema camps …venezuella if these commies get their way…hope u live near a zoo or dog pound

  23. Prediction:

    It's mostly all shock and awe right now. One minute we're motoring down the highway of life in our sort of dependable working class life, paying bills, raising a family or headed that way or been there and we're young or old or middle aged and you know, feeling kinda of safe even in the age of Trump and then, whammo, the virus hits and the job is gone and everyone is told sit down and shut up and for who knows how long.

    That's the shock. The awe is how overnight it was. One minute ones world view has the normal everyday things all laid out in an order familiar to everyone. The next minute it's like a Hollywood movie come to life with all the prerequisite insane unbelievable impossibilities. It's jaw dropping awe inspiring. It leaves one feeling small in the the midst of it all. Shock and awe.

    But what's next? In a short while even this new surreal reality will become all too real due to the adaptable nature of human beings. Then what?

    And that depends on the length of the contagion. But if it continues on and on, well then those who are following their State governments and health professionals advice and locking themselves down now are going to become more and more angry at those who are not.

  24. Somthing is very wrong , this is a crisis and some are acting like its a day in the park. They say do not panic which is true, but be wise . The smart thing would be to lock down the whole nation. And start testing everyone . Use all that money to pay householes a salary. Just my opinion because people are not respecting the laws about distance ,covering mouths and many not all of the young people seems to me like they just do not care etc. Stay safe and blessing to everyone . Things are not always what they seem look deeper.this is also a time for reflection of what we believe . This i truly believe. Again be safe

  25. The people that worry about authority during a health emergency, are ones who don't want to be inconvenienced or worse. Still to many not taking this seriously. Need to think about our responsibility to stop the spread.

  26. The truth is what is going to lose for the people who have the coronavirus and about to die to use the Chloroquine .Democrat and the mainstream media were busy reporting Russian collusion, Robert Mueller and the impeachment. Adam Schiff used the intelligent agency and the deep state looking for Russian collusion and impeachment instead of focusing on the national security and attention on the Chinese doctor who warned the public about the coronavirus when the communist Chinese regime went and covered up and millions people traveling in and out China and spreading the coronavirus around the globe and then the communist Chinese regime propaganda said the US soldier brought the coronavirus to Wuhan China. The American mainstream media, Democrat and NBA are still protecting the communist Chinese regime who have no human being right and covered up the coronavirus. The truth is the Chinese in Wuhan ate the wild bats and developed the coronavirus which could be transmitted from person to person easily which could be prevented if the company Chinese government did not lie to the world , many lives could be safe and trillions to in damage. The communist Chinese regime must be accountable. Shame on the American mainstream media who hate Trump still protecting the Chinese communist regime.

  27. Only high risk people should be on lockdown, no need to destroy the economy IMO, when Cali has bad air quality they don't lockdown everyone, they just tell those at risk to remain at home

  28. I guess FDR must have been the worst president ever? …he did not take the Japanese or Hitler seriously for YEARS!…Don't get me started on Truman and the USSR!

  29. EVERYBODY WANTS to be President. Open those fat mouths, blabber your lips, but do nothing…you guys are professional talking puppets. You are the biggest jokes. Keep talking. Keep gloating your better ideas. Keep whining but don't you dare do a thing to help out.

  30. Unfortunately those areas hardest hit are the same ones that put Undocumented persons before their own citizens. Now as it turns out they have put their citizens very lives at risk. as a direct result of their Governing practices. Think about that.

  31. Heard that Japan got 1 million people got infected and Japan govt has been hiding due to the Olympics. We must ban the Japan Olympics immeidately. Japan will spread coronavirus to the world again.

  32. NBC employers are a bunch of traitors but worst the enemies propaganda channel !
    Nobody there had supported President Trump since the day he was elected.
    This is America you all should be deported to China and work there.

  33. I am just stunned that 55% of the country thinks dum dum is doing a good job. We have got one stupid country here.
    Edit: people should stop Lindsey Graham’s bill called EARN IT BILL. Gives government access to anything sent electronically.

  34. My niece who is a specialist in infectious diseases and advises Health Canada, her peers in the medical field and her friends who are on the frontlines say that America is in a real mess and we should pray for them. Think Italy. Italy's population is 60.5 million people. The US population is 329.5 million. That is 5.45 times more than Italy. Since Trump realized later than Italy that the Virus was a serious matter the infection rate and death toll will be higher. Things got more serious today in Italy – The government of Italy has made a direct appeal to Defense Secretary Mark Esper for US military aid in combating coronavirus, according to a US defense official.

    Specifically, Italy's defense minister has asked Esper for critical medical equipment like masks and ventilators as Italy has nearly 60,000 confirmed cases and has had more than 5,000 deaths. The Italian government has requested that US military personnel stationed in Italy assist Italian authorities by providing medical personnel and field hospitals in support of Italian troops already responding to the crisis there.

    Esper recently made the Defense Department’s stockpile of masks and ventilators available to civilian hospitals in the US to help respond to the pandemic. The military has activated units capable of constructing field hospitals to help relieve the burden on civilian hospitals.

    The Italian plea for assistance from its NATO ally comes as the Russian military has made a very public effort to provide the Italians with assistance, using military aircraft to fly in medical personnel and equipment.

  35. I am very curious about the decrease in street gang related crimes as a result of the stay-at-home orders in NYC / Cali / Chi-town

  36. It truly is so tragic that our medical workforce and hospitals are suffering shortages on critical respirators and gloves. It was nice of the military to donate their old N95 respirators to help with this unforeseen crisis. March 30, 2019 U.S. DoD ordered $245 million worth of M53A1 Chemical Biological Protective Mask Systems and delivered end of September 2019. DoD contract website. The Lantern, September 18, 2019 Headline: 'College of Medicine Researches Mutations for the Flu' October 18, 2019,
    Event 201 "A Global Pandemic Exercise". Military Times, February 15, 2020 Headline: 'U.S. Military Prepping for Coronavirus Pandemic'

  37. What your not a shipping clerk there goes all your senior citizens vote only a fool in his or her 50s and up will vote for the Orange orangutang obviously he's down with population control.

  38. I don't trust the word of the media for sure. The bias reporting on both sides really makes me sick as an independent. Everyone likes to praise the intelligence community but in reality, they were the first ones to drop the ball because they should have had better intelligence of what was going on the the land of 1.5 billion communist. And by better intelligence I am pointing to the fact that in every country we have under cover operatives that have not had their budgets cut and are still in place, they should have been on top of this much quicker and they should have given the USA a much faster heads up.

  39. I sure hope that the Corona virus doesn't get as bad as the flu.  In the US we lost over 4000 ppl in first week of 2020 from flu, and over 30,000 from Oct 2019 to Feb 2020.  I hope that it isn't as bad as the tens of thousands who die from the flu every year, even with flu vaccines

  40. The CDC website is not updating their U.S. virus cases. It's at 15K when it currently is 31K . We are being taken for a ride folks. Trump has his lackeys in line. Trump is a dimwit on every topic.

  41. Yeah he is selfish, lying king baby sociopath. That’s all he his. We all knew this. Ahead of time. Make a sociopath the leader of the free world. How did your really think that would go. If you think any different Than it’s you now that has your head in your own a**.

  42. Please Protect your EYES… Please Protect your MOUTH… Please Protect your NOSE… They are all Vulnerable Openings… Please, cover yourselves accordingly… Our Reality is. We are already 90 days late dealing with this pandemic… We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES… We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS… We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public… (No test,No containment possible) We need FULL FACE MASKS (Shield) for the Hospitals… We need a REAL WORKING VACCINE for the Virus… We need to Protect our Doctors Nurses and First Responders… Let's wake up already TRUMPORONA. !!!

  43. Demn If You Do – and demn if You Don't. This pandemic is a "perfect solution" to unburden pension plan's by killing of the people who are old or have other medical conditions. Democrats would love to be available making that accusations against the president. Think ! The Government needs Time to prevent overrunning hospitals ,to manufacture necessary equipment and supplies . To safe Your life's . This is a new kind of war- that No One was prepared for it .Obama and Biden new how bad is the system and Done NOTHING!. So count Your blessings for having Mr Trump as the president who gets things done !. Canadians have a leader who self isolate himself instead taking a simple test .

  44. It’ll be pointless. People are just going to ignore it. It’ll be nearly impossible to enforce and when you do try to enforce it you’ll start to alienate people and that’s the last thing you wanna do. You’ll have riots in the streets and lots of looting.

  45. The same media that claimed Trump wanted to be a dictator is now saying Trump isn’t being authoritarian enough 🙄

  46. He is fighting both the Democrats and the media to try and get anything done Democrats don't want anything done they can't take credit for

  47. Once the national guard is in place to PREVENT riots. The full national lockdown will begin and nobody will be allowed to leave their home. Not to even go to store. But they first must pretend that they national guard is coming to your state to help protect against the virus. How can they help accept to make sure nobody travels through the city

  48. Smoking and second hand smokes kills thousands and thousands every year. We need to lockdown America. Don't go out and keep away from smokers.
    Cancel all cigarette sales, Cancel all venues and areas that have more than 1 person smoking and if you cannot avoid the smoke. Recommend at least 6 meters away from smokers, but if you can still smell the smoke move away.
    Report all smokers that congregate so we can fine and arrest them.
    Smoking is pandemic and related illnesses pandemic. We need to lock down now!
    Umm why aren't you locking down?

  49. I have friends on Facebook who are so proud of Trump and say he is the best person to manage this crisis. One of them is even a county supervisor.

  50. After living with Trump and all his crap the past 4 years, if we are still looking to him for leadership, we are stupider than I thought.

  51. It's a World Wide Pandemic. The State Governors and the Federal Government are doing a great service to the American People. The American Media and National Democrats are actually doing a lot of Harm. The Mainstream Media constantly runs stories without Fact Checking. The National Democrats basically are doing Nothing Constructive at all.

  52. We need a Lincoln and we have Trump. Dig mass-graves. The only good that will come of this is the culling of America's morons.

  53. Will people NOT say President Obama he is former president trump is our president he's cleaning up another one of Obama's messes

  54. Early in this crisis all the media would talk about was impeachment. By the time the nation pivoted to the virus it was to late. Even now all we talk about is Trump.

  55. Trump is now saying the lockdowns got to last 10 to 12 weeks… Wait a minute! Wasn't it only supposed to be 14 days? And what's next 10 to 12 months? And then what after that? you news people for being traitors to the American people need to be taken out and dumped in a very deep dark hole for a very long time. There's your lockdown.

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