31 thoughts on “From Donald Trump to Pauline Hanson: populism, explained | RN

  1. The wicked witch of the West Pauline Hanson pretends to be on the right where the elite once sat however she is far from elite. she has hijacked the right hence I cal her a witch. She will only bring disaster.

  2. So migrant crime the invasion of the west by muslim welfare seekers is scare mongering. Try harder abc

  3. so you managed to find the gayest, most politically inept bearded woman you could find to talk about populism?… congratulations?…
    if you insist on wasting my money on propaganda, could you at least make it less obvious? or more entertaining?
    lol @ the irony of now calling hugo chavez a populist seeing as his socialist experiment ended up in disaster.
    JuSt NeEd To tRy SoCiAlIsM AgAiN CoMrAdEs

  4. Notice everybody criticizing this video is making large assumptions about it's implications. It doesn't actually make any judgement.

  5. populists usually tell the truth and the rest just sugar coat actual problems as if they don't even occur

  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-45918845
    Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse. This will be happening in Australia now.

  7. Yeah, no bias here, no, none at all, nothing to think about. Just believe, follow, like good sheep, believe the 'social scientist'; his smugness is simply a reflection of his belief that he is so much smarter than the deplorable great unwashed masses.

  8. How is this federally funded? Out of all the clips that could have been used you created a negative for the right and positive for Bernie! Stop using my tax money for this crap!

  9. populism is on rise… Common people are sick of political lies, bureaucrats ruling over them without caring for them .. People need leaders who care for them & populism fills this gap & wish of common people. Thank God for donald trump & other like minded leaders.

  10. Note that the video dosen't actually make any value judgements about populism (granted it's a very brief and opinionated explanation) but the commenters spring into Trump and Bernie defence mode.

    What mechanically about the explanation is untrue?

  11. How many refuge did Saudi Arabia and the other super wealth oil countries take in from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? Zero is how much. I’m a brown immigrant and i would like to tell westerners please for the love of god and the future of the human race please protect your cultures/countries.

  12. Complete bullsh!t. What then do you call an elitist scumbag with phoney good manners who lies about looming crises?

  13. Aren't you doing those things, but that's ok, l guess… I think the Misanthropic Party has it right.

  14. Rather simplistic. And incorrect. People who have legitimate concerns about how their society is being affected adversely by immigration or don't agree with an all encompassing European state are branded as racist or populist. By liberals who cannot accommodate a differing ideological viewpoint. And the far left groups such as Antifa are the new face of intolerant fascism.

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