One thought on “French NGO files lawsuit over lead contamination from Notre-Dame fire

  1. Immoral degenerates trying to make a quick buck using a national disaster.
    Some people. I have not the words.

    On another note, eurolies is doing a poor job as usual and today it's two-fold.
    1. The implementation of scare tactics, making this sound much worse than it is.
    2. Failing to present relevant data. Reading the article on eurolies' website quotes a statement from ARS (local health authorities) that "no risk associated with the absorption of lead when inhaling the outside air", but in the next and last paragraph eurolies drops the ball and gets lazy when quoting the ARS statement "…values for lead recorded on the Ile le Cité were below the regulatory threshold of 0,25 micrograms per cubic metre of air but flagged much higher readings near the cathedral…"
    Here's where you failed to do your job as a journalist – You didn't ask HOW MUCH higher. It's a relative term and means nothing without proper reference.
    A "much higher" reading could still be below the threshold.
    eurolies – you do realize that the function of the news is to inform the populous right? Unless the populous is properly and correctly informed they cannot make wise decisions.

    YOU have a duty as a journalist! To safeguard and not take lightly this important responsibility.

    As they say in the military,Redo. Do Right.

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