46 thoughts on “Francis Fukuyama on the rise of identity politics – BBC Newsnight

  1. In his defense, it's difficult to predict the insane level to which humans can be led back into tribalism under completely different (alongside the same) conditions than what was seen historically.

    Who knows, 100 years from now there will probably be activism for cyborgs. Think the transhumanist dystopia of the Deus Ex games, lmao


  3. “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English- Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian- Americans, or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality than with the other citizens of the American Republic.” T Roosevelt

  4. Love how the interviewer tries to make it all about the right, when it's perfectly clear the problem is the left.

  5. People just want justice, dignity and equality. Yes that means not being shot dead by a white policeman, being treated with dignity by a criminal justice in the UK that arrests you more, prosecutes you more, jails you more and once you in prison kills you more just cause you are a different skin colour. 650 minorities mysteriously killed in police custody in the UK. If that is not a calamity what is.

  6. I hate this interviewer. She cuts people off and doesn’t allow the conversation to go into depth on any point at all. She has her own agenda and pushes it ridiculously far. I remember her interview with John Cleese. Enormously disrespectful then, still shows the same colours.

  7. Identity politics is part of a wider movement away from the individual towards the group. The individual may instigate it (I am a woman, therefore I hate Trump) or society may impose it on the individual (you are a woman, therefore you hate Trump). People who practise identity politics are always complaining that other people are practising identity politics (Milo complaining about Black Lives Matter). Identity politics is a way of individuals either giving up or being deprived of their own freedom of thought, and is a precursor to fascism.

  8. Fukuyamas infantile End of History thesis has been totally discredited..,he has no credibility on any topic,Who cares what he thinks,He is part of the Celebrity Pundit Syndrome in the West,,,where universities decline into managerialism and academics are entertainers A public intellectual is an oxymoron,Harari Zizek Peterson,,,charlatans snake oil salesmen pimps to the half educated,,not fit to lick the boots of Popper or Pasternak

  9. Francis fukuyama is another charlatan/huckster/fraudster/bankster/hustler/snake oil sales-people/sales-person's alongside slavoj zizek and jordan peterson besides the rise of mass-marketed both mass-produced and mass-distributed popular corporate capitalist-choked-up-and-churned-out drivel by hollywood's movie industry and by the broader music industry and the rise of pseudo-academia/pseudo-intellectualism from the humanities and social sciences department's of college's as they're widely-known and commonly-referred to by anglo-saxon-celtic-american's/universities that emerged in the mid-1980s and expanded by the mid-1990s and every mid-decade it deteriorate's further

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  11. Sounds like a concession to the Huntington criticisms of his book claiming that we've reached the 'end of history'.

  12. Why not acknowledge that right-wing identity politics is significantly worse? If getting disadvantaged minorities to participate in divisive grievance culture is bad then getting the powerful white majority to do the same is surely worse.

  13. Diversity & multiculturalism is Not a strength
    Why would any sane country wait until there over run with Muslim and African migrants and refugees until you do something about it?
    Islam doesn't belong in the west.
    Just answer me this,
    How many innocent Hungarians have been killed by Muslims or Africans in Hungary? Or how many innocent Polish people have been killed by Muslims or Africans in Poland?

  14. 5:10 – this should be the moment when Francis realises that stable politics is benefited by a culturally, ethnically and religiously cohesive national population.

  15. Since when has Fukuyama gotten anything right? He's just been spouting politically correct nonsense for decades

  16. The end of the Cold War didn't mark the end of history, but just a return to the history that went before the Cold War.

    Without communism, the opposition to Liberal democracy is reactionary
    nationalism and conservatism.

    The Cold war cleaved the reactionaries and liberals together in common cause – with the West forming alliances with Jesuits, Islamic Fundamentalists, and general fascistic elements. With the end of the Cold War those alliances were always going to fall apart.

    Much of the West's authority over countries like S Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, the Philippines etc – didn't stem from any great affection for Liberalism, but rather was down to a fear of communism.

    Now communism is no longer a threat, the old reactionary contempt for Liberalism is re-emerging.

    And many reactionaries now see Putin as a man they can do business with. The old fears of the Soviet Union are now immaterial.

  17. the bbc live in its own bubble and the narrative for example of suppressing the injustice of homelesness in the uk which with immigration into inner cities of the uk was left unchecked as to its impact on housing ….where the bbc would not accept its reality of cultural tensions as it is wrongly considered racist..so not discussing the issue ….middle class chit chat likes the sound of its own voice…..what about the multi billions being payed in the eu and from the uk to manage all immigration when our own people are ignored…bbc?

  18. The BBC is also a Facilitator of these divisions with continual lying & leftist Marxist Bias! The POSTMODERNISTS ( old & re treaded Communists ) have infiltrated the entire system.
    The SOROS FOUNDATIONS & Other Leftist Groups have continually pushed to destroy the Western Society & they are successful & can only be stopped by electing a party that is willing to tackle this organization .

  19. The bbc has been funnelling identity politics of the left for a decade. Channel 4 is even more extreme

  20. If you take the widest view of human evolution you will see that the intellect is the result of a mutation that has placed the human race at somewhere around 1 second before midnight on the instinction clock. The "thinking" people, with their movements, manifestos, politcal agendas, etc., were dangerous and deadly enough in the last two centuries, and they have now been replaced by a generation of "identity" facists who are ushering in social meltdown, anarchy and tribal warfare in a world-wide "Blitzkrieg" of chaos and destruction until the right misanthopes with their fingers on the buttons release all the nukes and anthrax, finally stopping the clock for the Human Race and their brain-sick melodrama of hatred, egotism and death. Was still a pretty good run, I guess. Not like there will be anyone to care one way or another afterwards!

  21. Your organisation has been at the forefront of promoting divisive identity politics under the guise of political correctness. Its a disaster and will lead to war in Europe.

  22. Multiculturalism has failed the social engineering experiment mostly in white European Country’s to destroy nations is now being fought against by the people it has ignored and called names to silence them. Diversity just means less white people and now whites are waking up to this fact.

  23. 3:36 – 3:39 Wrong again. The Klan were never from the right, they were the military wing of the democrat party. 96% of Klansman were democrats and died democrats.

  24. We all know who are responsible for the rise of identity politics. So does the Jewess on here, that's why she quickly interrupts at 2:51 – 2:55

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