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  1. He is wrong! Brexit was voted by intelligent people not people who are less educated. He is ridiculous and wrong. Roger Scruton and Dyson voted for Brexit, not because of their educational background. It is embarrassing when Fukuyama always gets it wrong! Honestly…less educated? He is guessing and not a scholar. Nothing to do with America or Trump or Putin, etc!!! You may know Americans but do not understand the different systems, he assumes, it is not the same! He is really annoying!

  2. I think the guy is wrong with regards to how we established an impersonal government. It could be simply ideological, it could be the existence of other tribes and communities which were integrated and needed to be ruled along with the conquering tribe on the same terms. But the driving force isnt war. Its power in the inevitable relative coextience of tribes.

    Or another thing it could be, just the vast amount of people within a group cannot be governed personally(obviously), thus the logical arrival of more impersonal government with the impersonality increasing with the increase of people and diversification in qualities of the group as a whole. Statesmen ofcourse would be not the basis of merit

  3. 🙁 "I discovered tonight Francus Fukuyama was actually a person." ……..

    But it is true: the world has become flesh and will move to America.
    He should have read it more CAREFULLY!!!

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    And citing Gibbon and Burckhart – the classics of history according to the dead 'universities' in NOWHERE! – is INSULTING!!!

    There is something going on here, but you don't know what it is… do you… MR JONES!?

  4. 0:06:24 – Thank you for a kind introduction
    0:07:09 – Origins of why this volume written
    0:07:36 – Bad governance – getting to Denmark
    0:0828 – Why can't we get there?
    0:08:52 – Essential Political Institutions 101
    0:09:14 – ONE : State
    0:10:21 – First modern state was Chung Kuo (3rd Cen. B.C.)
    0:12:35 – Why was the model of the modern state in Chung Kuo not replicated?
    0:12:39 – TWO : Rule of Law
    0:13:00 – THREE : Accountable form of Government.
    0:15:35 – All combined in a single polity
    0:16:15 – Some historical stories
    0:16:35 – State is a long term struggle against the family.
    0:17:22 – Social human skill of Kin Selection (or Inclusive Fitness)
    0:17:52 – Social human skill of Reciprocal Altruism (scratch my back and I scratch your back)
    0:18:36 – How did we extend to an entire state?
    0:18:42 – Tribal Kinship organization periods
    0:19:17 – The answer is : War.
    0:19:36 – 1100 B.C.
    0:19:57 – From 8th Century B.C to the 5th Century B.C. these people fought some 1,200 wars.
    0:20:05 – From the 5th Century B.C. to the 3rd Century B.C. they fought some 450 wars.
    0:20:24 – Seven States become One
    _______ Qin's wars of unification were a series of military campaigns launched in the late
    _______ 3rd century BC by the Qin state against the other six major states —
    _______ Han, Zhao, Yan, Wei, Chu and Qi — within the territories that formed modern China.
    _______ By the end of the wars in 221 BC, Qin had unified most of the states and occupied
    _______ some lands south of the Yangtze River. The territories conquered by Qin served as
    _______ the foundation of the Qin dynasty.
    0:20:48 – Military competition
    0:21:48 – The needs of defense gave need for the organizations in the modern state to begin.
    0:22:00 – Civil Service Examination : What they knew and not who was their ancestor.
    0:22:20 – Environmental changes in the 3rd Century A.D.
    0:23:23 – Another path : Military Slavery trained to be skilled Civil Servants of Merit.
    0:25:25 – 116th Century : 1527 the 1st Turkish attack of Vienna
    0:25:42 – Ottoman Empire declined – Elite Soldiers demanded to be family dynasties.
    0:26:21 – Two solutions to creat a modern state
    0:26:35 – Next : Rule of Law (Rules of justice higher than officials) D Y I
    0:26:50 – Source? Religion.
    0:27:14 – That law is held to be superior
    0:27:17 –
    0:27:20 –
    0:27:22 –
    0:27:24 –
    0:27:35 – India
    0:28:17 – Islam
    0:28:45 – Limit
    0:28:57 – Not Chung Kuo
    0:29:12 – Ancestor Worship
    0:29:20 – Europe : Agent was the Catholic Guys
    0:29:48 – At the End of the Carolingian Empire
    0:30:31 – A Titanic Figure : Hildebrand of Sovana = Pope Gregory VII
    0:30:50 – NO PAPAL BAMBINOs
    0:35:57 – Moving to Institutions of Accountability
    0:34:17 – Parliament
    0:36:09 – John Locke : The legitimacy of Govt. is based on consent of the Governed.
    0:36:36 – From 1688 to 1776
    0:37:35 – It doesn't happen anywhere else.France. Spain. Russia
    0:37:45 – The Authoritarian Side of the Equation prevails
    0:37:49 – In France : Auction Offices to highest Bidders
    0:39:08 – Sub Saharan African Corruption today : PIKERS.
    0:39:12 – French Elite confuse Liberty with Privilege
    _______ Book : The Old Régime and the French Revolution
    _______ The most important contribution to our understanding of the French Revolution
    _______ was written almost one hundred years ago by Alexis de Tocqueville.
    _________The French Revolution is undoubtedly one of the most significant events in world
    _______ history, one whose repercussions still affect Western society today, two
    _______ hundred years later.
    0:40:00 – Some modern-day implications.
    0:41:20 –
    0:42:12 – The USA
    0:43:48 – Short run
    0:44:34 – Philosopher King yield's Good Results.
    0:46:20 – Discussion

  5. Authoritarianism has a sort of "softer" characteristic in Confucian-style east Asian countries in part because the ideology they learned stresses a leader's responsibility to the people. Okay, yes, but the ideology wasn't just dropped from heaven onto China. An ideology invented by an East Asian mind is likely to take on a different characteristic than that invented by an African or European mind. You need to ask yourself why there's no Zulu Confucius or Baka Isaac Newton.

  6. Good talk. But it's not the welfare systems that are unsustainable, it is Wall Street. There you have a strategic interest for Europe. How to get Goldman out of Europe. Brexit is a good start.

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