38 thoughts on “Francis Fukuyama on Identity Politics

  1. Six minutes in and BOY this talk is NOT aging well what with the FBI having literally spied on Trump…Gonna have to give this one a hard pass I'm afraid since the foundation of his understanding is deeply, deeply flawed from the get go.

  2. This guy is great. Not all cultures are equal. Sending girls back to "shitholes" to get married is not acceptable. You come to the West, you accept our basic values. This is not white supremacy. It is common sense.

  3. Listened to the first 6 minutes and I already like this guy. He has a capability of organizing complex ideas and make it easy for us to understand.

  4. 3:30. You're own country? You mean Japan, buddy, not America.

    Also, the MC of this is total slob. Can he not be bothered to shave and put on a collar shirt? A man without dignity.

  5. The 2016 election of Donald Trump was not a legitimate election. Voter suppression and election fraud in a few well placed states put Trump in office. When 70,000 voters in Detroit and Flint Michigan were put on provisional ballots that were never counted and Trump wins by 10,000 votes that is nothing less than fraud. Both of those cities were mostly minority and Democratic voters. Do the math. If you want to clean anything up clean up our crooked electoral system. As we speak the GOP is planning more suppression especially in red states where it is easy to get away with it. Our system is the real threat. We have a tyranny of the minority in the US and that minority is conservatism.

    http://www.takeoverworld.info/overclass.html and


  6. I give up. 20 minutes into the talk and Fukuyama STILL has NOT defined his stance on Identity Politics nor said anything of relevance on the topic. If only others could enjoy listening to him speak as much as he seems to enjoy listening to himself. Fukuyama's inability to be on point & concise is EXACTLY why JORDAN PETERSON has become a household name and "Francis Fukuyama" HASN'T.

  7. leftest don't get any thing there heads as so far up there asses they could never see any light. this guy is far off the mark that he is in space and not even on earth.

  8. fukuyama ugly liar, and prevaricator, shit without future ugly sick idiot, all lazy muslims welcome to fukuyama

  9. White western societies HAVE to absorb outsiders and subordinate our culture to do so. What bullshit. With the exception of American Indians who were already here and blacks who were brought against their will, I accommodate no one. None of these diverse peoples who force themselves upon us were even concerned if they were wanted here but this guy presumes we shouldn't prefer our own against them. And they don't come here because of any constitutional values. They just piggyback to exploit our comfort and wealth. As they do so, the country declines and degrades.

  10. Preach to Asia. There are more o them than anyone. They should stay in Asia and not dilute our culture.

  11. White identity politics is both inevitable and morally justified. Fukuyama's new book was an attempt to debunk the need for it, he failed spectacularly. He basically conceded every point of moral & political significance to White Nationalists. Multiculturalism will collapse in the same spectacular fashion as the Soviet Union did, it's only a matter of time.

  12. Francesko Fukulyama disgusting liar and cheap political manipulator, ready to lie about anything, including the Polish Patriots and the Polish Independence March on November 11, 2018, in Warsaw, in order to achieve his political goal – a pitiful creature!

  13. The far-right will win. This tired neoliberal centrist regime is imploding further with each passing year. One more financial crisis like 2008, which will happen soon, and the entire edifice will come crashing down. When that happens there will be a power vacuum. It will be the far-right that will benefit from this. The more the far-left pushes its open borders and anti-white garbage, the more whites will flock to the far-right. Already far-right parties score much better electorally than far-left parties in the overwhelming majority of European countries. This will only accelerate exponentially once the establishment crumbles. Neo-fascism is Europe's future, and I can't wait for it.

  14. China is actually a perfect example of an alternative to liberal democracy. Even though China still calls itself communist, it really has more in common with fascism at this point. China is an unapologetic techno-feudal ethnostate. There are 56 ethnicities in China but 92% of them are Han Chinese. Everything in that country is built to preserve and enrich the dominant ethnic group. They have no patience for multiculturalism. Massive amounts of Uyghurs are simply thrown into reeducation camps. The Chinese are even starting their own eugenics project. They know East Asians are superior to all other races when it comes to IQ. They also reject the cancer of feminism. Political correctness doesn't exist in China. The Chinese openly mock Western leftists. They call them "baizuo" or "white left". It's priceless how based and red pilled the Chinese are. If the West collapses China is our only hope. I call them the great yellow hope.

  15. 1:06:52 "old white rich men"

    Typical feminist SJW. I can't wait for Bolsonaro to win in Brazil just to piss these obnoxious harpies off. GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

  16. The left is not nervous of causing offense at all. They constantly and deliberately offend whites, especially straight white men. The amount of vicious anti-white venom that the left has been spewing for years now is astonishing. It's only natural that whites are finally fighting back.

  17. We have to peel away our traditions and customs to appease newcomers? NO! We should simply reject newcomers instead. That's perfectly possible. Just look at Japan. They almost have no immigration whatsoever. And automation will eventually solve the aging problem as well. We don't need immigration. End of story.

  18. Liberalism really is a British disease. It's not a coincidence that Britain is the most degenerate country in the West. And Turks aren't German by the way, they will never be German. Period.

  19. Why do we HAVE to base our societies on the ideas of the Enlightenment?! That's some real liberal totalitarianism right there. What about alternatives? Why can't I reject the ideas of the Enlightenment? Eastern Europe is showing us the way forward with illiberal democracies. It's a perfectly valid alternative. Or what about an ethnocracy like Israel? Why do we have to keep bowing before the leftist dogma of egalitarianism? Science is proving more and more that we're not equal at all. So why keep pretending? Equality is a false God.

  20. European nation states were never based on a commonly shared set of ideas. We're not the US. European nation states were always based on ethnicity. No amount of globalist propaganda will ever change that. Blood and soil, that's the European way. Our blood and soil are much thicker than the paper or the ink of a constitution. That's why the EU will fail. The nativist pushback has already begun and the globalists will lose. We will take our countries back. We will NOT be replaced!

  21. Opening remarks… I'm thoroughly left wing, but I would entrust Trump with democratic institutions before Clinton – by a long shot. I recognise his point, but the advent of this effect did not arrive with Trump – if anything, he is something of an interception of that effect. Anyway, now I'll listen to the rest…

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