42 thoughts on “France’s presidential election: A populist front

  1. So you give 2 min. to a small town cook, less than 30 sec to the mayor and say Le Pen 'exploits her base. She should win just for this garbage heap of propaganda alone🐸

  2. Hilarious how natalie says Francd is multicultural and then in the next sentence says that her father teached her that everyone is the same. So which is it, are we multicultural(differences) or the same? I hate to break it to you sweetheart but we'll never be the same and we'll never live in harmony, that's not how nature works. Multiculturalism is putting a herd of Zebras in with a pride of lions.

  3. MARINE le PEN
    Speaks the truth
    understands what is
    being done by the EU

  4. If Macron becomes President I don't want to hear any more reports of terrorism coming from France. Even if they blow up the bloody Louvre. You had your chance to do something about with Le Pen but instead you chose to be politically correct. Now accept the reality of living in a self-inflicted Muslimized nation and shut up.

  5. what is "far right"? my gf study political science and as far as i got that term is used mostly for neonazi and rest of that kind of agenda, so i wanna know why media is calling her nazi? is it wrong to love your own people and country first? i mean muslims in france didnt integrated for 2 or 3 generations and how can most of people be so blind to not see problem in all of that?

  6. North Korea might have been right all along. Then again, cutting one's self from the herd usually ends very badly.

  7. france needs to wake up  THEY ARE AT WAR and the enemy is winning, raiding and the takeover so far is smoothly progressing.     WAKE up france and realize your only hope to win this takeover is by voting LE PENN    she MUST win if you are to save your country from the take over and sharia law.   this is your ONLY chance or the voters of muslim will outnumber you the original French.       vote for this woman and retrieve your culture, save your kids future !!!!!

  8. "a le pan victory would be devastating for france and for europe."

    fuck you someone, someone is clearly a leftist.

  9. Macron supporter from Canada here.

    Macron has practical solutions and can quantify policies because he was a financial advisor to the current PM,
    whereas Le Penn just plays on anti-immigrant and pro-Christian sentiments.

  10. you must support lipen because 666 coded on 1 $ and 1 euro and call you to hell. macron is system satanic candidateis homosexual, homosexual direct to 7 hell. macron is friend of satan and liar. we must, with help lipen, destroy eu – and say it to all-this is jihad on the way of Allah -destroy satanic dictatorship,and sharia laws-elect less evil, and we must less sin.

  11. Lol, what a bias video. Le Pen is the answer for France. People who truly love France will unquestionably vote for her. Traitors and globalists will vote against her. France is in the people's hands right now. Go Le Pen, and long live 🇫🇷

  12. I hope she gets the vote France has a right to be its own country I pray the french people take their country back god bless the french people and the proud patriots of France.they are fighting to take their country back from the elite globalist aristocrats the french have fought the elite aristocrats, before and the french people won god bless the patriots of France the people stand together if you agree please share my prays are with the french people please pray with me god bless France.

  13. Just what is needed in France. someone who is not soft. and will stand up to the EU. the EU are fully to blame. for all the terrorist attacks. open borders don't work. poor people are Cummins to France .not genuine refugees. look at all the EU country's. all in the same mess. and when the leaders off the EU. are told. they say you need more. mental. your country's unemployment is 10 percent. what do you think it will be. if the tourist. are too scared to visit. your economy. plummet.. and if you think it's hard now. you haven't see nothing.

  14. EU you must kick Islam out before it destroys your countries like it destroyed ours

    You must wake those fucking ignorant asses, I mean masses who can't distinguish between an actual refugee and economic migrants or stealth Jihadists

  15. Follow Le Pen, follow U.K and U.S… only Le Pen can save France now. Best of luck…cheers

    I Love Paris…❤

  16. Go France! GO!!! You can do this! Elect her and stop your corrupt politicians playing with your lives!!! Like the United States, elect the right person to stop this suicidal acceptance of those migrants who are only there to destroy your way of Life! Stay United and inform all your people. Do not pic another dumb ass democrat!!! We, the Americans are all with you people in France!!! Le pen 2017!!!

  17. The commentator said "Most people who are for Le Pen are middle aged white men.' Well of course they are bitch! France/Europe is the home of white men!

  18. I hope France will make the right choice and take back control of their country. Don't fuck up your chance

  19. LE Pen is not 'far right'…actually she is more liberal on the real issues than most Democrats in the United States.

  20. For a 100 years there has been a procession of countries that have been completely fucked up by implementing the regressive ideology, and now they are blaming nationalist for the latest catastrophic failure of their latest social engineering experiment.

  21. Due to an error! Half a million people living outside France have received two postal votes, meaning 500,000 people will have two votes. The very group that is most likely to vote for the establishment pro EU parties.

  22. So the mines and the factories have closed . Why ? Have the factories moved LCC (Low Cost Countries) countries ?Then the voters should feel aggrieved .
    Then they feel it is unfair when they have paid a life time of contributions only to see people who have contributed nothing in this case cited Rom get welfare.That is a good reason to be upset.
    The Cafe owner is not someone who has lost her job and sees no hope.She cites her father being a socialists and that her business is 30% down and implies it is the fault of the National Front not the fact that mines and factories have closed.
    Does she have any specific empirical data that the 30%less business is due to The National Front or is it the usual throw away statement ?
    A more protectionists France is a France looking after ones own first and since politicians are paid to look after the country,then that is what they should do.
    Multiculturalism has failed due to the Regressive Left and those who game it.
    Globalisation can be positive if it is a win win and not the zero sum it has become.
    The labeled Elites please take note not to look with distain but work to try and gain a win win.

  23. The pizza owner lost business is probably not cos of Le Pen. Just because Kebabs becomes more popular than pizzas LoL.. Change her shop to multicultural pizza shop for Kebabs and pizzas. I am sure she will get the business back. Don't forget to get Halal certified. 🙂 Forget about the old customers. New customers will be attracted by the 'Halal' certified stick.

  24. Why do leftist women all have the same lesbian look? You can point them out anywhere in the western world. It's like they are inhuman.

  25. Did it ever occur to the Pizzeria owner that either…
    A) Her product sucks or B) Her socialist ideology is publicly known in a right-wing town which equates less business for her?
    Socialists never were a bright bunch. Via Le Pen!!!!!!!!!!!!

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