Fracking Ban?!

Fracking Ban?!

What… the… frack! Have you heard
what U.S. Democrat presidential candidates have been saying
about hydraulic fracturing? Most of the front runners are
calling for an outright ban. Inconceivably, they want to
stop the practice that has made America the world leader in oil
and natural gas production and has subsequently supercharged our
economy, reduced global influence from Russia and the Middle East,
reduced CO2 emissions and made our air cleaner. This is a stunning
declaration by these candidates. Yes, I understand their need to
stoke the passions of their base by showing their great concern
about climate change. But proposing that we ban fracturing, something
the industry has been doing for 80 years, shows a fundamental
ignorance of how we power our lives. They may think they’re being
inspirational. But, in truth, they are being radical and
irrationally harmful. These people have short
memories. It wasn’t that long ago that the U.S. was
importing about 65 percent of its oil. And we were
building LNG terminals so we could import natural gas
from the rest of the world. Energy costs were high and
Russia and Middle Eastern nations were getting wealthier
and amassing more power. Our economic and national security
were entering a danger zone. Then the shale revolution took off,
powered by horizontal drilling and, yes, hydraulic fracturing. What
happened next was a modern miracle. America’s imports of crude oil
and petroleum products plunged. The same with natural gas.
Import terminals were turned into export terminals. Instead
of sending our dollars to mostly hostile nations, we kept our
money and grew our manufacturing base. Anyone who proposes America ban
hydraulic fracturing can’t possibly understand what the severe
and immediate consequences would be. Since nearly 90% of all new
oil and natural gas wells are horizontally fractured, a ban
would drive our oil and gas production down severely within
several years. A 2016 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
estimated that if a ban was adopted, the price of oil and
gasoline would skyrocket, quickly doubling in price. Just about
everything would get more expensive including food, medicines,
cars, medicines, paint, clothing, anything made with plastic, and the
list goes on and on. Electricity prices would double. The Chamber estimates
living expenses would jump by $4,000 per family. Nearly 15 million
jobs would be lost, roughly 10% of the nation’s workforce, and most
of those jobs are high paying. The total impact of a ban would
be so wide ranging and severe it couldn’t last long. Americans
wouldn’t stand for it. But we don’t need to guess how
banning hydraulic fracturing would destroy America’s new-found
energy independence. California has given us a preview.
Check out the massive growth of the Golden State’s foreign oil
consumption. The state has some of the most restrictive and
punitive drilling regulations. At the same time, California has
highly aggressive policies to reduce oil demand. But oil is essential
to everything we do, so the result has been to make itself dangerously
dependent on foreign sources. The state is actually becoming
a national security risk. If the global oil market is
shaken for any reason, California is in big trouble. Politicians
on both sides tend to say dumb and dangerous things when they
are trying to rally their base in a quest for power. But it’s
time for the Democrat presidential hopefuls to tap the brakes
on their rhetoric. Banning fracturing is hyperbole
that goes way too far. For the Clear Energy Alliance,
I’m Mark Mathis. Power On.

15 thoughts on “Fracking Ban?!

  1. Welcome to Canada…..we re elected a govt bent on banning all fossil fuels…..let us all go back to living like it’s 1890

  2. Check out Tony Heller’s channel for videos debunking ‘climate change’ alarmism.

  3. I do agree that banning immedietally would cause major issue. Though the US does need to take steps away from fossil fuels.

  4. Fracking: poisoning millions of gallons of fresh water, turning habitats into toxic waste sites, making land more unstable and prone to earthquakes, accelerating the warming of the planet with more pollution. There is no future in fracking if there is to be a future. Fracking is short term greed with no foresight.

  5. You forgot…poisoned the water…increased co2 emissions….made children sick…destroyed top soil..deforested vast corridores of natural eco systems….damaged ley lines….and to extract the gas they use coal fired power..there is no saving but an abundance of coal…And heres a solution for the plastic situation….its called…HEMP!

  6. The most nations you imported oil and gas from are your allies or client states. They are not hostile. And the "hostile" nations were not until you implemented Fracking, because they were making good money with you. Sounds familiar? You did something similar with Japan 1860.

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