Fortnite Skit | Diego Nation, 100_Lil_boy_100

Fortnite Skit | Diego Nation, 100_Lil_boy_100

About to Play Some Fortnite Alright Just Playing some Freaking fortnite ya dig. Uhh yea let’s get it. The Fuck? Cmon you fucking- what dude? I’m playing fortnite leave me the fuck alone dude. XD Come on kill one come on whatever the fuck the shit is my fucking first time playing fuck. It’s one night Billy come on build does your chest right fucking there, and there’s a fucking gun whatever that bullshit All right, let’s get it Who’s that? Who’s that? Ha ha and who’s that do our fucking thing for night. Do you forego the fucking? Alright, get your dad does the fuck my shit There’s a mic you later, dude, bro. What a fucking it to people on your right you here. Who is this? They do Tommy get this medicate come on what kit mom Mom Mom get the Mickey your plane Or not it will in my house. Yes. I’m playing fucking 490. Who are you? Fuck bro chills my playstation getting off nigga what the fuck? I’m taking all this Good hey are you good?

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  1. Let’s take a moment to just think what did this kid asked for to his barber. “I want the bowl but shorter”

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