FORTNITE FINANCIAL ADVISOR! – Cosmic Prisons with SideArms! #7

FORTNITE FINANCIAL ADVISOR! – Cosmic Prisons with SideArms! #7

the side arms you ready to start this thing dude I'm down dude I'm ready all right we're yeah yeah you already have the armor off did you you looked at dirt patch right look at his infinite ball dirt but wait you realize you had an affinity got no don't put him in charge of the universe oh it's your it's your skin oh no they bought with the Bowser g18 with underwear what's teach you with underwears in here dude everybody bought arms here welcome to cosmic prisons with Smitty inside arms while the timeless server if you want to come play it's cosmic presence calm as I pee make sure you on the timeless server so you can play with us because I certainly will see you thank you for stopping by on the Passover sidearms some people might not realize this and I hate to ruin the the guise of what you're doing there so that's actually just sidearms on a voice changer yeah uh-huh so it might come off like it's some dude named by darkness but it's actually just sidearms yeah it's actually just me everybody watch like big fat cool I know do people actually thought you had a buddy in your house or roles here oh my god that trick me today should we go check out our cell side and then maybe do some other stuff dude because our cell has been altered since the last time guys sorry I ruined your immersion I'm sorry my immersion amazing so block 33 be white picks the two months bvj or BJP thanks for the prime sub and Jodi remember that you so much JD yeah so we oh it's already busted open for student King og Kobe's here yeah outside hold on give me the cribs entrance okay you gotta give me that like you got to give me that I live here this is my MTV Cribs thing and then show me all your cars likes nothing franchise did okay okay I'm here yeah I'm okay um you know what's up MTV and you know what it do that voice baby we got we got the crib over here if you want to stop by it's as big as a car literally house parkour course you know what to do me and the boys over here chillin doing the damn parkour oh yeah okay here's the sink where we pee and wash their hands at the same time go to trough okay albatross I have a truck we got my boy missing nobody episodes over Reginald Butler be my bodyguard outside we kiss you this is this is me this is me God and then this is our elaborate trap to kill anyone who's coming back okay then spoderman five right here yeah the best episode of Motorhead did the Kim Kardashian episode I'm just saying do we did we get to the top mate and figure out what the surprise yeah and then we'll check out what's inside the the thing I did this earlier but lagged at the top so I never got the to top actually I was just seeing it was possible for me the top of this the top it is w C to D mate as far as by the way he is didn't he's the one who was doing stuff last time if you guys recall I'll wait for you to come up here so know what oh there's no fit inside I'm gonna do this what up and it's the only time in a TV I promise I'm not abusing my power i I want to start the stream on a good feeling in that bouncy house oh this is incredible did now we just need a giant like inflatable giraffe yeah so I think maybe should do is take out the take out the slime on all the other floors down there and just have this be our slime area you know what I mean yeah I'm down for that I think I might need to happen there might be some stuff up here – come come up top so people are asking why my back my background minecraft music's on 1.5 speed it's so it's it's bopping dude it's called the BOP it's called the tunes this is an upbeat positivity stream what also it's a little high to the ceiling out here you're gonna hit your head there side dude oh my god this is fantastic yo Thomas thanks to the two months Smith I mean yes this is noise dude this is noise um let's head down and go into that other room so I'd figure out what that is okay there go down yes like you went down that one open yet aware of those doors right side what is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 I think it's a mobile game car here it's force which exclusively side I think you're missing for joking clefto over there d that is there is better let me show you club side clearly up to date here heavy calf thanks to the four months myth so it looks like basic redstone Jen mind block when it changes color so I would have seen two of these have changed color right do we go ahead and eat this cuz it's it's changed yeah okay well or this hour so say oh I got 26 oh I got 20 yes so okay I thought I only got one but now it makes sense yeah we got him yeah we got a bunch of this okay so this will just slowly turn over time yeah I wonder if they alternate just one okay no see how much I got from that yes afk then does it take a while to change okay so easy though probably like yeah like this probably like while we wait for next time we can just like sit in this part this like fully broken or can I get more fruit oh there's more yeah I got like another ten redstone from it because it would it changed color back to its pre like another state but then it uh still had a hit marker on it so I just kind of went all right side just kind of wait for it I'm just talking yet yeah I'm just I'm just trying to figure that out my fail this place is awesome dude this went from like a big empty cage to I'm gonna say it's a the best prison cell ever made all right we still have four activities over here like look this is a blank area bleh blank slate dude and look look straight up sweetie look at all that room clear – I can only imagine sighs we're gonna put our own custom dropper map on this I ain't doing it but we'll have a custom drop or eventually said I'll tell you that much cuz you're gonna build in speed oh they're 1.4 times speed right click with a pickaxe er no we're face so tell you it's progress has generated 0.81 so far though it's almost any word for it well kind of like a factions base all right um so let's go to the nightclub side because I think we have something to open yes let's do it oh man by the way if you have any suggestions of what you think our cell needs guys let us know in the in the YouTube comments and also in twitch chat and we'll make some stuff happen Jacob I'm definitely not doing that one chase Rob all right I wrap it up no no okay TV pity we got out we got some prisons dude I gotta get to a nightclub first bottom oh geez you're right I'm coming you know no I'm doggin that's just nothing's coming up there turn it off it might not read long or something that I'm not sure what's wrong my name's app something's born with it you know traceless thanks for the ten months of it lat screen appreciate that that's rebound list thank you so much did the name change do you love to see it alright bottoms loot boxed interstellar you only need PV I'm gonna eat that are we eating at the same time we should do it one after another yeah yeah let's let's I'll go first if that works for you I'll go first because you slam it bars there bot orbs oh it's a it opens it in your own inventory oh you what I get I got three mystery contraband Oh title top tier one enchanted book bundle Bundoora like gee heroic warlock gee gee kid flare and then one showcase rope no ice alright I'm slamming mine sidearms Goodman Yii Yii Danny kangaroo and the one – you got war okay 3.5 million Alien Hunter pen did you get some good stuff energy booster whoa title tops here in mystery contraband I think I got some goodies here so I'm hoping these contrivance I'll tell you that much yeah Oh speedy their favorite websites you waited we're exactly son by you I think okay all right I have two legendary in one ultimate contraband emits Nagar in need most believe that in chant he got his amazing quench and you get a warped minor or minor okay yeah yeah so it's a hundred percent success rate of gains boosted XP while mining in the overworld energy for max energy for max players no meteorites it's a godly enchant uh-huh bad don't know keep it keep it for a diamond pickers what I've been told okay so just hang on for it through a little while I already have a really nice diamond pick moist it that's exciting I didn't look over a chapter like three seconds I look over it was like it's godly sweetie it's godly apparently you got like super lucky with that 16 K and Chantry rules I always like I always like those and channel your roles alright turned into two simple contrabands you like maintaining yelling dare III got some redstone or generators as well so maybe W seek in this way to cook it up good yeah I'm gonna put on my armoire you Oh cosmic energies Oh a piece of candy oh by the way I will organize my chest one of these days have you never done this I I was dude okay actually this is kind of a change the topic deeding you know organize my chest and pixel yeah I was I was actually wanting to just come over redo your entire storage room because the night there you have that sick house and you said this giant room has no organization at all dude okay geez I'm doing a chant though sweetie I'll trade my Wharf minor one plus ten Miller for his award minor – I don't know he seems like seems like ask amaz this dude is a top three or number three on Bell top so I think it affords them more work minor – the one I have on the aah like I see how much it sells for right now oh yeah I don't know Oh date without the slash godly pickaxe enchants depends we have our worth a lot dude low price thirty-five million for the a 100-page wart miner – right now is set for 42 million what do you see that at so it's the red um it's like the red dye you see that oddly thing X enchant all what miner oh my gosh yeah yeah and wart miner one is going for 12.5 million holy I'm gonna hang onto it for now cuz shut it more miners good using selling it yeah but guys think of this he can sell it and then coin flip win and by three straight coin flips and by all the wharf miner on the server then I determine the price of wart binder forever you guys aren't yeah the problem is I got away in three straight coin flips it like that that should be an issue you were you ever yeah just chillin dude I keep hitting PC because I feel like I'm playing pixel man no I'm out that the enchant area cuz I now – uh-oh yeah then is any then I want to do as well I need to extract some energy here side how much how much you extract enough um like 2 million which will give me like three or four more in chance just because I'm a silly Sally it's already have a really good diamond pickaxe so then it will throw that on there and we'll be in great shape dude it's fit equals tall people you know it really yeah yosef thank you for the prime sub rush kills thank you for this up as well dude thanks easier pride well me actually no sorry Seth was the problem stop rush thanks for the thanks to sub sorry silver scarlet rose thank you for the five months in traceless thanks for the ten months appreciate that guys my cursors bugging you I don't how to fix it did so that's just what's gonna happen okay that's a title so we need to go into this one get rid of these I'll show some money notes in there we can always redeem about another time and then if we go in here we can get rid of this little feller and then we can start extracting I hold it in my hand yeah whoops tattoo em I'm a filly thali sweet give me a good enchant mr. bad arms oh meteor one hunter three Josi wave thanks for the 20 months my day oh it failed that's not good that's not good at all dude that's a lot of cosmic energy wasted XG C wave thank you so much to the 20 months you want me to coin flip I was gonna try not to coin flip today so that we don't have an experience in which we lose all our stuff momentum 379 percent chance like that there's no way this fails score momentum three and then we'll do the pet thing don't worry how many more do we have here probably two more oh man three you link you linked shard discover these are all buttcheeks yeah yeah Irene Eagle thank you so much for the five months early free ship or Mac welcome back hello mentum for so I do I bapu momentum for real quick good um yes got it it's pics kit and uh pics getting pretty good dude I could probably sell this for a lot if I ever wanted to which has me rather rather sneezed as the kids are saying redeem your beacon I have a beacon magnetism Magnuson it's on yo Inc I'll do my pick just keeps getting better and better so oh all you do is these big it just keeps getting better to Miller's if that's I mean those to you don't think it's a good idea side if you're doing two million I'll do two million we should probably save some for our next pickaxe but okay this is the last one we might do now okay yeah I can't help it it's it's really addicting dude the cosmic energy is like LaVista I missed a shiny at 1738 and what the kappa what an awesome pickaxe been maybe we'll come across a more cosmic energy at some point you know really well energy collector you got anything super sick so far I think I'm not pretty good dude I have uh sometimes it's like off my screen so I can't read it why does it do that sometimes well I can't tell you what I have said cuz it's all off my screen don't die you guys yeah that's how we'll stack your pick is yeah yeah I have lucky one momentum for four to five three fracture five magnetism three and meteor hunter to or my when my fun and chance at level 60 someone's that we get new pickaxes no we good okay next next big I forget his iron pickaxe at level 70 so we're good we got an armor level so we'll be using this one for a little while you link lutheran thank you so much for this of a manual thank you for the two months and lose HD thank you for the prime sub and a moveable own ones thank you first e sub as well momentum 5 so I'm gonna momentum 5 here haha dude I'm gonna be Bob and Susan I'm pretty Joe I'm sorry I messed your name up it's a movable one thank you're the prime super breaker ever write her first the showers of this prison oh oh lucky to you ink crew is love crew is life thank you for the eight months I really appreciate that let's do another 170,000 guys just so I can have full recharge on that no problem I'm gonna grandma last night this real quick can't wait for the weekend my day I'm not ready to go mining I feel like 90% plus and chance like three times this the you poor guy mr. Seidel this is lucky three magnet dad I felt one so far but other than that I've been popping them on like 80s and I bailed three I felt three this in this holds like in Chang says you poor guy and the thing is like I haven't really gone for the risky ones like they've all been like 18 692 that's what I don't go for they all been working for me bout ours yeah you don't got the unlucky again you want to do our pets real quick so yeah that's a good idea kai /pv 50 Yi I was reading this earlier bro I think the best one is probably creeper Pet explodes nearby ores up to your tier super generator might be good stick because you can keep mining but I think the creeper might just be like the best so how do we activate it now right click to activate you cannot use your creeper pet in the safe zone okay let's go to the mines and mr. BOTS arms yeah what is it like attack someone then the dude comes and kills us no no this is a creeper city they would never do that okay that'd be really unfortunate oh don't forget to put your armor on after the cells yeah sweet yeah okay I say you start to the fight with your videos my man free shit you shout out the kanui gotta love kanui man thank you so much for you would rather have three legs or three arms i I said arms because yeah I think it'd be more useful than three legs three legs or three arms yeah I take three hours because walking with three legs would just be tough you know yeah I mean I already do it if you know I'm saying but like just be a little harder than uh than three arms think of all this do you think about stuff you could carry with three arms like you'd probably get really good like sports ball player in I'm sure there's some sport the benefit from having an extra arm – oh okay so creeper creeper buddy you have to hold them in your hand and they're right click on a patch of ores and then we'll get it for you yeah yeah I just saw that Oh what's the cooldown on oh okay that's actually pretty cool to have creeper buddy look I already have three legs um if you come to the irons anyway smoke three jewels side way the iron side okay kind of that iron zone it has less tax okay if you I'll do that thing y'all tripping would they save right so they're shaking the stuff you can do a three hand with you guys and still beat it because you guys want to know that I'm we have the tax it's nice over here what is it were you I I got like a seven I know six over again oh my god yeah it's noise side it's no ice believe it or no you Inc you you eat him yeah kill him the forum to retail we probably want all the pets by the way actually we can't access the PB right now redeem your beacon which you can get a heroic GK I don't understand the G kits are there I'll have to figure that out I still I've been trying to understand the G kits for episodes now so off the I'll to figure that out you like Oh creeper buddies sick dude my career IDs incredible pop and everything did we probably want all the pets inventory nice time ago to spawn let's uh also get all the pets because and if they ever rebounds and there's no point in that's not you know you link this shit again Manderson thanks for the prime sub me most thanks for the primer appreciate that oh thank I just unlocked it there what the use me cheese me sir yo was that you sweetie what did I do this time satyrs did you use the queue everybody I heard a lot of bang dude bangarang don't ring a tropical wax can you stop taking every single thing I try to mind it I'd be great thank you I said your name so hopefully you got the attention you want it Congrats dude anyway so I'd say that again sorry I was a little struck it now you can dude we should get all of our pets sorry you're having a pool I just want to use my momentum side but this guy's being a cock whistle I think it's the term I don't think I think that is oh yeah we'll get our patent should we just slash finally go grab now or I'm I'm 92% on cosmic energy and then I will go back anyway okay if you want to do it that yeah I'm at a 5% since I put enough 1 so I'd be 0 coming into mind second a responsible adult I then are gonna make the beds oh it's gonna be way worse yeah yeah 50% tax on what we're doing over here hey pay attention I wanna you need him you don't get a Powerball on your pick speed you know if you have any of those since yes uh Powerball I think you dude yeah so right right hold the right click with your with your uh pick holding it and doesn't this make you like food a fireball no I don't think I have oh yeah oh yeah I should I just checked I don't know Australian pearl Powerball I didn't even done diddly hi of man the G hits our kits that give high to your armor but if you have a flair on then you can get one kit for each Flair okay we should probably do the G good stuff probably just in case anyone in front of us now we can have some do you think you cuz we do have a bunch of G kit stuff we just have to I used to be it that's sweet sweet momentum not only good job microts today I'll be honest I'm good our side and I join this fine moment Fanta delete a stick I'll tell you that much couldn't be better I mean I guess I could but no absolutely pretty good this is really good this is no ice / – well you I'm a 99% of my things because I'll be going back shortly alright like what I hear cuz there's some stuff I want to do when I get back there everybody creeper bought a yo Joey yep in the rock star links to the 12 months on it appreciated homie thanks to the whole year I mean that was bad did you go back yes I'm gonna go + Fontana come with you wait wait me just might respond somewhere oh I heard it yeah oh but I can't mine it oh yeah I have to go back anywhere is that so I don't know no one stop on we listed be 15% every time we sell but I don't think that's that bad like he obviously could be worse or it could be better but I just you know I worry about wherever that 15% to go on I'm sure it's gonna make sure the roads are better for us I you know what I mean exactly that is a good point I just want to make sure the roads are good legendary shots please just give me just past mention best be up pay up mess me up turn up score okay les SIL this videos fracture and shatter is that good I would assume so hello and chance are they making fun right sure I don't know yeah that's the that's the hard part dude making fun of oh I'm ready to go back bot arms yes sir Finiti plus right kit oh well I can't do my Cadiz in my another episode oh oh it's sad but you also do without me so what the hell yo yo I mean she did the other episode without me yeah because you did it without me you know we're homes dude that has to be worth of time I got some excellent boosters might fold from what my infinity plus rank a godly contraband hoops you can't do slash cuts already did I on cooldown for one day see a casa I'm kind of I'm kind of jelly bro I'm not gonna let you be so good Oh five hundred and twelve thousand dollars maybe we maybe we hit up a point less pity if you once you decide I'll join you I was gonna try not under the coin flip today but if you think today's the day a point way I'm gonna do two hundred case then I can have like a nice nicely nice numbers I have three point two else obviously I can respond that side just gonna do a small one just now do a small one I can stop at any time I can stop at any time the shade why is Michael Myers of the shape and so one thing I'll never be able to tell you son someone stepped in booth was I'm making I'm making these dumbass names and just to go to my kicked i need stopping the stupid pic this thing's gonna this thing's gonna be way yeah you're gonna do two more oh yeah I just got a bunch of stuff so I just threw it on their bed how much okay I'll wait whoa so what's your level on it if you don't mind um I'll check here give me a second okay put my plus four homes away apparently I can sell that for a decent amount of monies goes to fought a um put this little feller away some cosmic energies away dude I have so much organizing any did you what's a showcase row side I need to learn what all these things do step bro you link okay we'll find these later I needs to organize forget guys I'm posting pixelmon the second the stream ends I'm making pixelmon lives so all right PB fifty let's grab our pets real quick so this is an Alien Hunter pet increased damage and resistance to aliens I feel like I don't need that right now if I'm gonna be completely honest I haven't seen any aliens yet not area 51 what levels your big axe again uh hold it at its cosmic energy level 50 49 49 yes it mines at 48 I will put just heaven so anyone that's not we've did I don't think we need the alien hunter Pat side yeah I've seen aliens yet but I would imagine the super generator pets probably pretty good so I'm gonna bring in with us that will be fun I like path oh yeah Eddie spaghetti thanks to the three did taste be dunking video Joel again action but it all wants to do it I'm down then hmm I feel like we're sure we roll this one should I wait for you to go the mindset are you doing more enchants I just need one more and I think I'm ready okay so what do you have now no 51 with after this I am at low 50 so 51 after this one okay choice no J I can't say even with you incidentally no I appreciate that side it's very important that we uh we go at the same time ooh magnetism for don't mind if I do yeah yeah yeah which only thing is better fresher – or magnetism one dude I have no clue we need we need to read our enchants more side there's there's so many enchants we haven't even really looked at any of the enchants Pat's pickaxes – an armor so we got some stuff to do I want something magnetism isn't very good but fracture is so anxious yeah I can system drawers richer or towards you extra yeah I'll do that Thank You link heading back to the mines about arms I think I'm gonna fill this in Shan I got it thank French landed it miRNA legend says that Chad's already at area 51 ha my job I think I wanted to go this way oh no you know Matt sleeps thanks to the France up monkey D context to the two months my man Paul the creeper buddy hooks it up man oh you must be standing okay beside that other sides muted fuck me mate oh meteor meteor spinning like right below this one uh that's how I get there I feel like I'm not gonna have anything left oh well I'm just uh I'm like two or three chasms away from that you know I heard a meteor that sounded they sound closer than I think they are sometimes dude there I'm I don't even know how to describe this spot oh there's one down there but I get this one I suppose deluding myself I'm our other pet that we brought with us only works in ourselves oh we should probably record that yeah that's all good did readings not fun so that's why we don't read those little tips at the bottom that are incredibly helpful you know what I mean like that's no one likes reading except for the books your king Davis thanks to the two miles man appreciate you homie I guess this meteor Alba to myself oh oh I shoulda came over okay narcos coming but if anyone's gonna have it rather him have it might have made a new star coming over it out my dam would know right now laughter big Thor just spinning around over the hairs tonnage that that's how they'd you dumb dude meters are like so so sick oh so sick tell us I know who this there's so much there's so much tape in that man's heart so I cried watching the river again last night you guys yeah I did I didn't cry I teared up but I'm crying did multiple times I have heard of minions I didn't cry water like let's leave my eyes on a rapid pace I was like making these sobbing noises but like it wasn't crying we didn't we didn't kiss we just we just made out no you don't sound like that it was just a it was a voice city redeem your beacon by right-clicking it what like the beacon I have some yeah yeah I can do that I can do that mate 15 seconds you got an aura generator Pat is that good bull lock we have to take it to sell and seaside yeah yeah we have to we have to super generator pets oh this 20 of them Jays done and yeah done and yeah I need to remember to creeper about 27 seconds okay it looks like I have a memory oh do you know what the intent is that makes stuff explode around you is that fracture um I think factors on that gradually mine yeah I think it's the one that's gradually mining stuff for me which is actually really nice dude I shattered shatters to powder is okay yeah shatter is the one shatter explodes yeah I want more shatter dude yeah I feel like I'm kind of I'm kind of going in speedy yeah I'm at a thirteen percent you know tax book but what's like it's maybe I shouldn't it's a high time just sit and go back to my little six area over here dude yeah I'm gonna go over here what time you wake up today set arms right when I texted you guys gonna go pee so not too long before we started talking it's pretty bad side with handed you a go uh 11:30 it's pretty bad dude oh that's pretty good it's a bit of me like that record in my pen I feel like there's a direct correlation it's my happiness in my my sleep schedule you know what I mean like when you wake up super late do you just feel like the day's ruined for some reason sometimes I do event I I really didn't hear meteor somewhere sentence man Jesus Christ yeah she was right literally putting sentences in my chat one word at a time son Jesus maybe I should hide about I just fucking bought them yeah like if I wake up early like my days like way better cuz then I'm like oh cool you have time to do this time to do that I cook myself a meal do all this stuff but if I wake up late I'm like oh dude I feel like days ruined I guess there's order food it's bad yeah I need to do better but I also like staying up late at night so what am I supposed to do man there's there's an allure dude of staying up late you know I mean I love it in the old worlds asleep at you man you like ha ha your deluxe thanks so much for the five months local aspect chef thanks for the fries huh and scrubs thanks for the primer dude makes easy traps up on me I also get I also get like more work stuff done if I'm up late there's nothing else you to do stuff when people are sleeping even though cuz during the day if you if you're like working you're kind of thinking about like I could be doing this instead but at night it's 3:00 a.m. there's literally nothing to do you know what I mean yeah yeah oh Jesus some people are proceeding the next level did they did they'll organize that they'll organize it that's so cool did they long yeah okay that's pretty cool that is that's a lot of coordination if that happened to either that or it's just on a delaying it shows everyone's at once or something but yeah I have not been hitting my crits tonight me needs to do better yeah one sides thank you so much for the two months fellow welcome back creeper buddy oh I need a Saladin forget a little hell over Krita sores rags full of will you suck the ninja I'm 55 but my cosmic energy is at 71 72 percent 251 okay wouldn't you I'm rocking a 56 level 55 yeah 21% okay I'm a little bit ahead of you in level for some reason we're not leveling up as fast as we once were sigh I'm well I'm almost level 56 okay I'm getting it kind of quick like this this is a plant we're getting a lot of money from mining we're getting right we're getting paid off this like any not a mandatory for for $200,000 and I've done anything besides mine like too many years why just one meter and like my shirt didn't come from like a contraband or anything yeah positive wait dude oh you guys I'm meteor probably got you paid so yeah all you do is creeper buddy spin not true now I'm woody thanks for the five months man welcome back woody ultimate survey teams enjoy your crossings for the eat this mate welcome back to editing ding ding ding and hardly takes the prime sub thanks failure you Inc I should use an XP mister like one of 30 minute ones I think those are more worth it the celery no dude I can I think so too because we already have the times 5 speed yeah we're gonna win Toronto are watching in the days over what leagues be uh you know John wall's injured set so I'm probably gonna go with Pascal ball siakam because they're both big overwatch players I guess Toronto okay yeah I'm gonna go for that – he knows what he's talking about I missed your body whoo I am ready spaghetti is chilly goose PB what was that sir if we have any red suns patches that would be really useful oh yeah I only have a lupus satchel man I need one of those rays I don't think I wanted to need to make that happen Eddie I uh ah- to 2276 yeah no I'm not gonna be able to figure out where that is dab on them ah ha ha all your sorrows get that get that get that but Eddie I'm down to do another double Joel he once been mr. speedy ah creep everybody I love creeper buddy he always hooks it up and always hooks it up all Reaper but any one to Lee through shardy what if we mined all the blocks speedy did because mother didn't love me enough oh I'm full of cosmic energy french toast french toast i'll be back d i'ma go come on tell me you mean I had pick my hands ahead by the way if you guys ever want to play with us we're on the timeless server on cosmic prisons calm so feel free to hop in here yeah so we'll have fun we do crypto toes at the beginning and the end it's a fantastic time you can put it above your mantle a giant family that's just one big family photo none of us are related but it's fine I made it so okay I was mining the meteor and Danny kangaroo was mining it with it with an iron pick sweetie so obviously that's fair so I told them to feel that this isn't the fortnight World Cup relax we have a strict no F word in the chat policy and get adhere to that that'd be fantastic we do not say the F word anymore very disgusting that people say the f-word no I accidentally said it but I was saying it as an example you know what I mean yeah you you said it like you know unlike in court or something sometimes the judge has to read off something that was texted or said verbatim side it was one of those situations those can be really funny by the way so you sent this text to your wife that said and I follow and I quote and then he says something really bad you like an awesome everything that clip yeah girl you are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal [Laughter] you are thicker in I repeat and a bowl of oatmeal cheese hope it does get pretty thick Oh Eddie thanks to the deniz men mr. Raptor Jesus thanks for the whole year southern man I really appreciate that homie thank you so much man when you roll this yard you can press this able to speed up bro no I like an image link a lot of people max prestige when are we gonna use a bug buddy yo man claw uh nothing one I have cuz it doesn't have the compound eyes good oh it doesn't have compound eyes that SARS needed so I get a new one yeah I want my thunders to hit it work it won't be it won't be that uh that hard to get so you again oh no not at all yeah I just need to do it if you have to choose a team right now like the battle like what did before second shit told you I mean like really I would only need like two Pokemon to be t4i why isn't this hitting to go spoke you as a diva that's a normal movie for I'm using tackle gang gar what's wrong with this thing I don't get it Spidey I'm excited too dude me too it's gonna be fun it's gonna be fun if you have a third leg I don't get it like people sometimes used to call me tripod is that good so what's probably happening there side is you're at the fair right yes and most likely there was like a sack bunch of sacks with the finish line in a start line and you and another partner both put your foot in one single sack right taking any three-legged race its most likely what that person's recovery that's just my guess I would I would assume right yeah I've never done one of those before by the way but I feel pretty dependent on how long each person's legs are you know what I mean like 9 or 6 fo when you're dealing with 5 – it's not gonna be pretty my my elementary school had like a field day thing like where does it stuff like you know different activities with all day one of them was sack racing but you would be by yourself in this act and like the other just like bunnyhop those were the glory years of school just sack in it yeah just over here whacking it back in it whacking it whacking it whacking it whacking it go speedy bean six to eight months rack starter thanks for the price of appreciate that homies thanks for hooking it up missed a speedy yeah I never did a three-legged race or or a sack race set so I'm kind of jealous man never got to have those type of experiences I did did you nap did you have nap time in kindergarten Yeah right no no no there was definitely none nap time was yours like a full-day kindergarten or yeah okay so we didn't have fooled in kindergarten I don't think I think there was I know I did yeah I never had a nap time did Chad did you get nap-nap time in school cuz now I'm kind of jealous aside arms here yeah kindergarten you got a naptime but I only ever did it like one time I just sit there I wasn't sleepy than up dude yeah that'd be pretty tough to coordinate like 26 kids to sleep at the same time a lot of other people slept in but I guess like a lot of y'all slept a lot of people had that time we didn't get nappy daddies my ski I was just too alpha dude I guess so yeah that must be a nightmare being like a garden teacher or something like trying to get like I couldn't imagine getting one kid do what it's supposed to do you know I don't know how I'm supposed to be in charge of like 30s I'm good oh my god that sounds like the worst thing ever did there was there is like a there's like a house like a special house whatever like a little dog house that you could go sleep and it was actually like it was nice to have like nice like some sort of blankets in there that made really soft instead of sleeping on the floor yeah like but you wouldn't sleep anyway on the floor but they would yeah anyways that's pretty nice but anyways like the whoever did good for that day or whatever who got got the at the house so I got it like twice and I see yeah I only slept in there once and like I would be so jealous to the kids that could sleep because I'm like man I really want to sleep but I can because I just can't I don't know I'm kind of weird about sleeping in to other people then they like stick your finger in their mouth and stuff like wait other way around but they do stuff to you aside especially if you if you fall asleep first with your brows dude it's never good yeah it's a good point you always gather the last one falls asleep first for the wakeup good sometimes an all-seeing eye now I'm kind of worried about uh sleeping next to like young people on planes or planes at all but I feel like if anyone's gonna fuck you up is gonna be the young people like our generation people or our generation people will be the ones to fuck with you and take your own vows well the person's just gonna read a book and let you sleep in peace you a wrong Oh was it a finger you know who cherries six to the three months appreciate that thank you thank you yelling I don't remember anything from kindergarten side except we did we did a we did a lesson where you had to learn how to tie a shoe right and i had velcro shoes I didn't know how to tie a shoe so I finally learned and then there was a stupid shoe in class that you had to like walk up to and tie it in front of the whole class to prove that you know to tie the shoes to pass right but they she made us tie the shoe looking at the shoe instead of being behind the shoe like you would normally tie a shoe and your first person perspective side so I didn't know I know tie shoe from that angle man and then I started crying and I ran I ran away feels bad man felt awful oh my god you worded sorry you were like I'll just never share again side no no no okay here's the thing if the we had some like that to where I think it was first grade you have to get a tie your shoe yeah but what it was is you had to teach your your kindergarten buddy so you got paired up with someone in kindergarten that was like your buddy what they called and you you had to like they were just kind of like your partner for different assignments and stuff like you know for just like small stuff like teach him how to color or something that one of them was teach him how to shoot how to tie shoes and I because I was the same thing I had no car I had no fucking clue how to tie shoes so I the when the day came like I tried like for like four hours that night before like kind of figure yeah and I was like super frustrated and I think I don't know what the hell's wrong with me I guess if only I'd seen that spongebob episode a few years earlier said and you know the Lucy I watched that thing but I couldn't get it I was like hey you had the luxury of having a looky-loo people I if I'm gonna be perfectly honest I don't think loop-d-loop and poor without it my kindergarten age I'm positive and actually so I didn't have the luxury of loop-d-loop and pulling I just had big foot in front of me I had to put a shoe on what happened was I just like begged my parents to stay home because like I was like I can't do this mom like I'm ready to sidewalk her shoes I remember the kids the day before like in in class being like my butter or no side tired shoe so it'll be easy I'm like a bum so fucking jealous cuz cuz you know I'd have a tie shoe book to show that they could you know so now I did a Batista's I had to are did acted learned that I had to teach some other kids isn't it crazy how stuff like that feels like the end of the world at that time yeah did you miss school for like project like due dates and stuff no I just never like didn't do anything I was the procrastinator dude oh you're that guy say yeah I progressed abated too but I've never I was never the type to be like oh I don't my homework done I'm just gonna not go to school today because that puts you farther and farther behind like that's just not smart if you do that then you're like on the 2iq train I think in the closet with them and do things as a kindergarten teacher I have to tie 30 shoes a day I'm sorry to hear that oh really what's their name who's the CNT demure okay thank you thanks for your service yeah yeah that sounds like you're gonna get carpal tunnels children shithead kids did I was a shithead I was none of those what do you mean never answered spaghetti answer you don't know twice but three times actually guys are you talking about how do you get creeper pet oh let's just put my PV today I'm sure you can probably get it on the cosmic store I would imagine or it might be in like some of the crates or something ought to ask I can let you know next time mr. Spade a good sign my momentum since aim right now I got a plus five point seven six percent momentum oh that is kind of insane yeah what's yours if I don't have a minute oh I'm a sane person it really be your own sometimes which is it really it really do be your own no like it really does sometimes and the weekend speaker we can't say the example but I really do birra yeah I would love to say that example side but are you I'm hard in that subject earlier so maybe I don't really maybe nice and sometimes your friends just you know pad your back you know but sometimes be your own oh it really do coin flip time do we do a the coin flip to end the end the show off inside he's muted all right that's ignore me twice tonight yeah you got Mario maker today did brought Mario makers like the greatest game I truly think that's like the most bang for your buck content you'll ever get it's just endless content I don't know how you could ever get bored of Mario maker it's so much fun yonk mute arms for reason someone done fall inside arms you have to thank him for 30 minutes again you know Jay will thanks to the prime sup man thanks Ali 50k on blacks 50k I don't get excited over 50k will definitely throw more than 50k on black that's for darn sure get old hootenanny happening over there got a momentum up to 7 almost I feel bad like one of these episodes man need to go all in mine was that so I have to put on another enchant I'm full I was making energy you okay I mean 96 I'll just go till then and then a throne and gentlemen yeah almost 7% my fails one of these times you just need to do strictly mining and see how high we can get our momentum yeah we'll be the best accountable buddies ever cuz I do want you to notice ID that in the mines we are each other's accountabilibuddy so I'm down for that do I need to stop right anywhere I have such a high tax or casino mr. sweetie I had so much fun streaming the casino last night thank you I'm done do that again oh yeah I've been logging on every few hours to redeem my twenty thousand really also I've ended all that if if we didn't do the twitch prime thing before January I mean July 19th then we don't get anything I heard that too but I know how damn that kind of sucks yes well I don't have that much EK money left you should uh first I have one point six mils I can buy it and have a 100k leftover buzz if you like good idea I guess I could sell some of my cards enemy yeah more than I do sadder probably got more cars than I do – someone told me once you get the high roller tables and stuff that's where the real stuff starts happening because he can put like the DK bets on blackjack oh yeah and stuff like that if you just wanted to farm like a bunch of you know money like that yeah we might we might need to make that happen do I want Powerball is that the one wait hold on I think it is fake news goober said I got my one I got my 250k today you get it okay so I don't know I don't know yeah oh I didn't get it as of last night so should I do in a Chantry role in this I think I will do that yo Inc body will coin flip chat don't worry matey or hunter I don't think that's that great but we'll take I don't get the yellow it makes my dick look better side what matters in life is the color of your pick it's true sir very true Eden all right I got a slam some of these shots and then it's it's time so it is tie coin flip coin flip will flip a coin guys don't worry we will flip the coins yeah bear thank you so much for the three what was everyone's first crew video mine was a gta4 Rockfest type minigame yeah I remember thinking I was the funniest thing on YouTube yeah thanks man I appreciate that my first career video was the one I filmed with all the crew I can't remember which video but I'm sure the question was more so for chat you Inc you want to make Jonker sins no but I feel like I just did two of those only one of them zoinks Scoob don't like scoob's now for instance whoo that's a lot of cosmic energy thank you appreciate know just combining I got buggers yeah there are a lot of old cottage hardly you okay my just thrown some people's in books I think I got them back okay we're good are you okay my thing I'm okay my friend young deflect in daredevil I think something messed up but I think this is still my cosmic crate he's mine yeah these are mine I'm so confused about 16 and Chantry rolls what the heck what are the chances all three of the same man we're just playing a slot machine have you a nicer for them all to be the same oh yeah sad should we slam a point yeah I'm down I have a million no no these what do you have me let me snow spun really quick I have three point yeah dude I was so unfamiliar should I should I slam a cf5 em son oh you didn't five mil oh jeez I don't see why not sign I'm in Bravo I'm in okay I'll do one end because I'm poor people I got my wrong alright yeah I just woke up not fair alright black black black black black easy son easy I'm just gonna stop right now hog he's gonna chat not for side but for me let's go you know what's good I want really fell off the downy kangaroo it's not Carl Weiser did you lost some weight man he looks good Carl we serve you lookin good son or is it it's chilling over here right outside the nightclub son you would recognize them if you saw the boy the Weiser baby I think man oh yeah we got her man over here this is John wig this is a guy from fort night because he didn't have his own movie before that Carl we're looking good man fitting into a size one now do I do another coin flip side where I stop while I'm uh I think I think I think he's that bro I think look up how about thank you I could have thirty million if I just flip it all right now side yeah so make sure you join timeless you can't play with us unless done timeless also there was a spill in Aisle three someone's donkey punch to a Campbell's soup into the ground again so hard to clean probably to clean up so many balls because the poop would just like someone has to be eating during this I'm sorry Tom you eating screw what's the plan for today sigh do you wanna go break some blocks Brian I really only one of mine I have a lot of fun mining and I want to talk to you about some stuff oh let's do it mini podcast let's go oh I need slamming in champ first yeah oh yeah okay that's probably only like three and chance this point so let's do it okay let me open up some more cosmic magnets on magnetism five badou Sh there I leave 60 million cosmic energy left like I feel like we should start saving that for some future pxi oh hey I asked them I can give you so eventually I have a thirty million okay I guess we'll start getting more as we go so it's probably fine man I took out two point five million sighs I'm a little filly good oh I got 5,000 more yeah there you go I'm meeting in my name's Tom noe Wang thanks to the tenmonths godly Richard Davies what is it bond arms I found the man who only who who gets married that the French his wife dude wait ah come on yes yes come come back to this nest I'm assuming my chance to stay there forever okay I'm coming I hope so I'm coming you decent find you and your bunny bunny bunny I don't see anyone anymore oh really it's been chance okay I'll go do my enchants then butter yeah you're gonna watch sides freaking out actually isn't shatter good chatter is I like that of the most important I don't even have shatter so we'll grab some shatter deed did I'm freaking out you and my pick oh now everyone's back I'm assuming this big uh-oh word over here as you guys hanging out yes which one is it so this man Artie our auntie can see hold on which one's auntie what colors of skin side what is this is this dr. strange did did he only he only friends is a different ladies it mister adultery over there dude holy crap I haven't seen the movie yet but I just I I'm not a big fan of a parasite I don't know if I can support that that's that's the whole doctor fan movies really I'm going on a pharisee entire time that's exactly what it is it's a very different take on movies that's so crazy [Laughter] it's pretty lucky even though it's probably best I'm gonna bank them in chances well does like is there any chat is there any like superhero stuff going on a doctor strangers it just him cheating on his wife the entire time cuz I can't imagine that making like back into the movie especially in the Marvel like theme of things but I mean I guess that's what the movies called so they probably have to stay true to it or surge in meteor hood is meteor to even that worth it let me look at the enchants what is was meteor hunter do for me my doctor strange isn't even married then how do they call it doctor strange so fucking if he is meteor hunter chance of receiving double contrabands and faster mining speed for meteors I mean that seems pretty good if we get meteors but I don't really run into too many meteors so he's a doctor I'm so confused what dr. strange is faced with tears of joy right salad thank you so much man thank you thank you silly screw your mom's a doctor geez I guess it can be strange without being married that's definitely true um or surge energy collectors energy collector any good or should we do a reroll I'm not opposed for a reroll I just lost a pretty much guaranteed ones that whatever option me I'm gonna slam a reroll I don't really want any of these and I think it's my final one side and then it's time it's time yeah um I was told dr. strange isn't even married said the whole movie is him pinching everyone oh these all suck – hmm screw it or set it is there a pic heckles um I have an ultimate contraband man if you want to sit next to me will open it what do you think side I would love nothing more than to watch you do that like that I wouldn't honestly mean so much to me all right 1% cosmic that's perfect yeah um yeah just slam it side yeah something something with the boys I don't want that what is bottoms gonna get in his ultra matte Costra band rap God rests on or satchel of an energy and a black school a black school ha ha ha ha ready ba I am I'm ready spaghetti for anybody ready spaghetti sarbs eat spaghetti I'm gonna I'm gonna clear my inventory Brad a lot of clues Folsom's oh yeah I have some clues girls I need to do today ok I need to take her abuse of level 10 plus gold gear do I have that I don't know if I do bro okay so if I do maybe you didn't think her something yeah one of my things is enchanted gold pickaxe I'm gonna go and do that one more time that's cool um do it then bot arms just do it oh my god he does he does yeah rats isla thanks to the 300 videos yeah I don't think I do lady mang and this thing this is it does that mean these are level 9 here's to you all I was a little bit over I guess these are level 9 okay no rat salad thanks for the 300 biddies let me turn my air conditioning on guys cuz I'm fucking sweating I'm not gonna lie it is I forgot to do that before the stream oh jeez white hotter than I wanted in this room not gonna give you a blowy just cuz you watch the stream that just seems crazy yeah I don't know a bong is rat salad so I'm probably not gonna be able to hit one dog wait can we not drop this I don't want this no I don't think some space real quick where's my armor at oh yeah we tinker at all doing oh geez yeah bad Tony next to the 500 biddies you ready to go mining breath I sure am mad Tony loves you I just want to relay that nah you know what thank you Matt Tony I love you too dude I was really waiting for that you know what I mean girl calls him I'll tell you that much he's a tad no tea in the bedroom did do you think the comment add because tadpole oh that's exactly why I call them the tadpoles are incredible creatures by the way he's to go to the lake catch some of those little shooters put him in a little aquarium and watch him slowly turning the frogs over the course of a week and it was so magnificent to watch it happen side all of a sudden one day the tadpole would have arms side the next day it have legs and then all of a sudden the tails gone is somehow a little frog came out of that little thing what's the nuclear I seasoned know I've never seen queer I said Wow oh I'm not Joel Joel the one that was alright yeah did you get me confused not every tall persons the same person you know what I mean good luck mining it creeper buddy every times I just code I mean I I complain about people do it to me but I'm gonna do it to other people you know to me that's funny and I'm a hypocrite I ain't scared to admit it it's the bad side I have meteor hunter five jets penny we have to find a slash shirt it's up here somewhere just engage I don't know where it is bro I gave up I went down give up already son oh so I read over yonder waited boom I first came in at did I saw it come in hey hey friendship I'll do my meteors I've meteor like hunter five and outside I am eating through this guy holy first jump in this is nucking futs did you know what it was an honor serving with you all autobots roll out you oink oink oink oink are you honest with me stutters it just me that's just you bro I don't know no rap I'm probably like not even picking some of stuff up at this point okay I'm being told I'm cancelled what do I do in this canceled culture is not okay just because someone makes a mistake that everyone else probably makes and there's your normal everyday lives right just because they're on the internet doesn't mean you should be allowed to cancel them do I have to sell mid meteorite that's how much stuff I got side Wow this man is insane well gosh golly Miss Molly are you guys mining here oh I'm sorry creeper buddy you know everyone makes mistakes I just because someone's in the internet doesn't mean that mistake should be heightened more than someone else's you know what I mean thank you like it's okay to cancel people but it's not okay to go on a full-on witch hunt because they're canceled just saying I just I feel like I'm being you know just doing it against really you should say you should feel that way absolutely just just because you know so what I've a huge remember what am i young suppose we look that differently I did not see this turning that direction but I'm gonna be close didn't see oh oh it's fucking wrong dude it's meteor day man we should be uh I need to look out for these markets I think I love the meteors in decide I'm getting some vibes in the meteor was back but they like you they really i'm not cancel chat neck okay take subprime sub-officer thanks to the seven months anti hundred eighties that guy thank you for the prime sub oh it's gone forever buddy got him got him dizzy cooper buddy yes okay hello sir dude I like watching the Powerball to go to different places power balls oh I see I thought you're talking about the power ball's a real life from like they they travel yeah level 57 I missed that all that means I got some shots oh really yeah but I do I just suck at prisons or like in my stoop I think my pickaxe is just more lifted cuz I think I started off with a big X sorry bro I I have energy hunter or whatever the hell the energy collector 5 will die knowing that matters for XP 3 yeah I think I'm just uh not hit my Kritzer something side but it's okay you know what my new play you know so long like I know exactly what rates you talking about dude some of those were hilarious [Laughter] do you know what my new plan in life is sight speaking of ninja I'm gonna become one of those fortnight pros right so I can win like millions of dollars this weekend at that's that silly little fortnight thing it's okay I'm Nathalie I'm gonna see on saying the F word today Chad it's okay no one no one don't get mad about the F word for those who don't know it these like 17 year olds at these for tonight tournaments are making like millions of dollars this weekend and you know what that I think I want to be their financial adviser side did you know what I tell them can I give you mind if I have a hot take as well yeah yeah let me go first that's cool all right so like let's say you split 2.5 million dollars with your teammate right okay yeah so you're looking at let's do an easier number let's say you split three million dollars with your teammate because you want to do is do as tournament you get first place all right 3 million dollars all right that gives you 1.5 million dollar side and of course the government's gonna take half of that so you have $750,000 left right spend it all in Gucci side spend it all on Gucci you're meted by the way you spend it all in Gucci and flex on the gram what it that's exactly what I tell these kids to do I think that's the absolute strategy you need to go for oh yay decide me he doesn't he doesn't talk to me oh my god I was talking to you I'm so sorry ok what I would do is bTW before they spend a bunch of money into Jim Steinman I exercise I think personally the smartest thing to do is right away off the bat yeah Oh Chris screwed buddy I think I just used to Creeper buddy think he's gonna cool down does that work here son I don't think I don't know mind the hired here before I'm trying but they're all disappear and uh whoever did that is the MATLAB dude oh god dude how are we so oblivious to that man I wish creeper buddy wasn't that cool down I used to write before that J's you know desolate thanks to the three months neck O'Shea thanks to the prime sup again man I appreciate that dude I caught me off guard alright bottoms give me your financial advice for these fortnight kiddos what I would do before they personally what I think they should do before they buy a bunch of Gucci stuff is at least half the money that they get they should donate this video inside oh yeah their favorite streamer speeding sidearms I think that's a good idea absolutely no one else just saying no I really think that's a good idea like maybe maybe not half like 25% to us then the rest of it the rest of it on some like Gucci and then flex on the gram and caption on that emails you know what I mean yeah honestly it did if I there they're like under 18 right the guys are like the people winning some of them are under 18 which kind of scares me because I feel like their parents are gonna take all their money unless they emancipate so that's gonna be interesting I do think that's a pretty big concern so we'll see how that plays out cuz all it takes is some deadbeat dad to be like oh my son 11.5 million dollars I made that you know you don't wonder what one set of parents is gonna take some of that money Oh another ones come inside where oh right now meteors been summoned by the rocky 11 so I'm saving creeper buddy for that this time I'm debunking other debunking that theory saving it works I made this oh I got two minutes on that we're good yeah yeah rat salad thanks for the three hundred biddies and godly Richard thanks to the two hundred videos in my defense I don't everybody we're done minecraft monday minigames and what isn't recommended was that say everybody is no more how many of them no it doesn't okay for pets okay that kind of makes sense would be kind of unfair if I just claimed the whole meteor at creeper bunny Cooper wanted a robot [Laughter] okay but like actual actual advice what do you think they should do I think it's pretty unreasonable too so I did say some tweets in today's video the tweets on Twitter so are some pot take side is if you're not allowed to even spend 1% of your winnings did you assume that someone you know even like if if one of us won that money I feel like what the first thing we would do would be like thinking about cars like but obviously you gotta you gotta have a budget you don't mean but I think it's unreasonable to think that you're not gonna spend any of it on yourself you know we're showing that like a hundred percent of that needs to be put into a 401k and save for the future and safe and that is all the stuff little Timmy can spend 5% of his earnings guys it's I think that's okay for a little Jimmy Letta Letta flex on the gram dog by the way don't buy that stupid stuff don't be consumers young guys don't buy your stupid Gucci gears that no one's impressed no one thinks it's cool you're right new cheek most people look at you anything you look like an idiot you look like an idiot where an air stuff yeah but also just cuz you got designer doesn't mean you know how to dress all right I'm just saying put yourself in Nate in this in this like in the rap God sorry sorry absolutely doing you just one whatever 1.5 million dollars I think if you like I mean first thing I would do is think about buying a car not obviously not spend like two hundred thousand dollars on it but probably like I'll give myself like a budget of like kind of gay and just be like you know what I die I earn this so I need to I'm even so you get my sick car for like fifty thousand dollars day yeah you don't have to get a Lamborghini just because you won 1.7 million dollars that's stupid yeah but the you know the saving 100% well although that would be best but it's I think it's unreasonable to even ask anyone to do that couldn't agree more sir but yeah that first thing I would buy is sometimes yes how does a speedy merch once it happens it's gonna be a sick by the meter anything flying bus bomber thanks for using your private stuff on me let's go oh this one I was ready for it did oh my god I've discovered a godly shard oops I shard it's uh oh so many diamonds Oh what am i doing mine in the club stuff don't get that pleb stuff there's so much fun whoever's called my man I wouldn't be mad if you slammed another one that's all I'm saying I got a godly shard from on them can you access your PB here cuz I might even slam on myself mm-hmm I need to go buy more food from this one oh geez yeah I got an ultimate shard which sounds ultimate nature let's do this get shark collector speedy I could look in there JD piano thanks to the prices up man first thing I'd buy some good old Levi's yeah exactly why even buy a car when you can buy a nice horse way with words city slickers don't even understand yelling oh no way I just thought in general the people like pretending to be everyone's dads yesterday on Twitter with like a financial advice had me laughing dude Twitter was funny yesterday when these kids were running this many did it was funny to see this another one oh no meteor oh I'm going oh all I need to get faced a stupid jumpers to slow me down man that's what he is do you mom immense sums up to 12% dude we just need to commit to mining everyone so I level up what's your level wait which one like your level level bar over 59 I'm almost at 60 but cheese all right I'm getting all the XP bottles from now on another major way Hagen hell if I know how but I'm gonna it's gotta find it babies are costly flying around for meteors maybe that's my problem creeper buddy I don't get XP from slamming creeper buddy right just yours I think you do you get a fee well yeah I think it XP maybe not like the cosmic energizer oh we missed it the shit I definitely dr. Benton I can open later once we go back to spawn rabbit side line right here okay Oh always so you can TV right no no okay maybe we bring a meteor flare later and we join your squad do we just make a meteor day someday yo Inc I'm gonna eat a carrot I like carrots yeah doctor your Onix thanks to the 16 months man I'm not gonna help you out with your little issue them in and put it in bird buddy oh yeah now the bird buddy's not even behind you're coming I think yeah put away your pickaxe come over here bro behind you like Jason when did you see me eat what what direction are you so so sorry everyone's gold armor on I'm like trying to read the names dude he doesn't know he's lost oh that's that's that's unjust you see this oh it is wow that's actually really sick I used to actually in a compliment again side why am i doing that it's disrespectful yeah yeah everybody in a bigger space maybe one day the beatable no I'm not gonna do that rat salad ya silly screw is there a timer on this one I don't see a time on that meteor so I guess it's coming soon guess we'll just have to be ready for it yeah i pwned up the but thank you so much for the two months I'm on the message drop drop the tease score I'm at 80 side snooze you lose there bucko buckle up buckaroo bring it in pay tonight anthing watched everyone okay it's already over do we have so many people's here everyone's just hanging out with speedy and solder so the timeless server causing Christmas calm I have to attend Shandy Nathan's Jim come hang out with us with you boy oh by the way I do what a little ground rule don't just come play with us unless you're gonna wear deodorant because I've noticed that some of the people that come to I play with us have not been wearing deodorant I can smell the monitor it's it's almost worse than showing up to like PAX East or like III without deodorant um I just don't understand it you know what I mean like it's just such a it's just such a thing that I feel like people should know what it just slam some DoD on that armpits eyes they're not even that hard me I can understand maybe forgetting one day but like all four days of PAX East no deodorant bro come on man almost to smell your pits go just chatting streamer and say hey could I get a hug of the picture and then put that stinky pit around her shoulder don't do that to her if you are make sure you have her hand hard okay oh yeah I love pax east hug her hand photo compilation see they're so funny so funny side I'm going after all the jokes that people make like on Twitter and stuff like all the different you know stream reasons that people would be like wait a second now one of those do I love the ones where it's like some famous celebrity is like married or whatever and then like has a bunch of like pictures with fans that are like hot chicks and it's like dude so-and-so did not risk it all and every single pictures like him hover hitting our Keanu know he was Keanu right I didn't want to say James I didn't know if it was him or not but I saw that I mean laughing and he was not risking anything the camera is like one of the guys things I've learned nice yeah I've never seen I don't think I've ever seen a Keanu Reeves movie I didn't see the matrix yeah I don't know anything about it didn't see any of the Jawa excited what else has he been in that I might have seen anything what those are the biggest ones I think that yeah I don't know is there anything else chat that he might have been in I'm sure there is I just am think we're about to get cancelled side even though I'm kind of against this so this is honestly a proprietary cancel cause he and Elsa Jean fights back cell speedy stock cell speedy stock okay I almost missed out on the contraband because that's for DJs it's a simple oh yes oh geez dude okay on the bridge that we're at there's like five or six meteors there what like above us I need a song you have to get time yes you have eyes you have to get turbo there's a bridge Oh like to the left over this way like yeah look look in the mini-map it's and those are the white bridge oh I see one up there yeah all these it he's like an oil derrick or something good um right I don't think I'm at the same spot you are but I found one so that's pretty good cuz I think it's gonna be all mine oh no dude I got a meteor all of my fail hit shift speedy this shift bring me down off your jet what's the cooldown in jet is it in the iron Zone side push I'm at negative 241 at 75 16 on that bridge it's like a white thing in the mess yeah okay still bunch up there yeah yeah there's a three more after this one what's your event I'm at 16 on the bench oh oh I meant good night good night okay I have one right here oh there's three years there's one below aside oh my god what a fine did oh there's two to our left side just sitting down on the ground one two blinking Grund oh I'm at 95% cosmic though and I'll be here oh oh my God we're gonna be rich people side we're gonna be rich people spending it there's three to my left really oh I'm fooling cosmic please I'll be here wait for me meteors you can go this I'm just telling meteors to wait for me don't let don't let side my new meteors I'm staying no vector prime mixing the prime sub matte Cobra thanks for the three months I got a slam in the chant real quick Hugh TV let's come away some of the stuff we don't need real quick just like these books you like you like we'll come back for you all right slam in a chant real quick arm shatters probably worth driving that's 16 percent well these all suck well grab energy collector that's probably stupid okay / mine I'm come about our another one just one at home I got another one side another one was about landing there's a bunch more below with you I know sign I'm freaking out oh there's two dude I see like five of them right now just on the glaciers on the bridge this is like one half the money to your hunter five for me aside I was told not to get it thought they knew better then all of a sudden they just then blew into a bad person uh the killer thanks to the four months Helen thanks for the five months sir Milo Diaz thanks for the six months in edible fetus thanks for the crime cell mr. speedy my fall again wot oh that's right I never sold heavy disinvite people from your birthday for this video I'm looking are you just you just say you disinvited Philadelphia Koshi disinvited I know you want to come but you disinvited Chris doesn't do anything on meteorites oh well did they're still stupid yeah screw been going you know what I can't get the crits on this dude is just so fast killing it seriously side of you're having a birthday party it's an anime viewing watch party I'm not coming we're down there ray by me is it maybe your days there though are they always as plentiful I don't know seven down here oh my god okay accountable I don't have enough fingers I don't think another one just wants that oh my god dude I think what's going about the risk at all cuz I think I'm gonna be here for a while read the chat so buckle up buckaroo pile of buckaroos you have to sell like every three second signers yeah oh geez Doctor Strange oh god I appreciate these sell minders cuz I'll tell you one thing I can't remember even though giant tex comes off on the screen and says your inventory is full I sometimes just do it so I might bats on a payment that's my are you going way faster than this Chris really for me at least yeah damn Thanks what a Palacios fellow Pennsylvania I'd love to see it need the super breaker Proctor awesome is he just like their core it thanks to the three months Oh Willa lorina yes there's someone bobbing poles of iron oh geez are we not safe here side oh my god side no those those he'll help me d4 is down are you dead oh my god your precious pickaxe you lose your pickaxe no that's I lost my creeper boy oh my god dude I didn't realize we were in an unsafe zone that's hilarious dude we didn't realize you were insane also funny cuz it wasn't me you know what I mean you can die if there I was like you know what I wish somewhat I'm in a spot that I've got three percent guard tax so maybe we just use these areas so what I have some ultimate stars what does that guy have a cooper pet so it's all good no bro shadows moving vice gonna realize them fast it's I just got fucking you winked I think I dropped quite a bit actually how you hold on I gotta go get my bag sweetie it's some surprise they chose you there's item I'm very happy with that maybe their maybe their massive KYR speedy fans but absolute they hate Sutter that's probably what happened I think that is a reasonable if that's true that I love them so faster than anything wrong cell speedy okay I think they're lurking on me did my guinea American third there there's some people praying up here too just waiting for some some hot meat to show itself in an unguarded area does bring you down my jet fuel sweetie I think I died from the fall Damon but also you think so well do you not have enlighted fifty side oh you can slash a kid again son I think yeah I got I got the infinity kid adding in the arm of my creeper my creepers ganas pity yes thank you I appreciate that failure thanks for support in the stream this is a sad day for all who you don't need in the minds like what most of all these Scrolls should I just get rid of them I mean the arrows are probably pointless I could drop those but I don't see anything I mean I could get rid of this in this money note but it's only like three things Daffy know can we not spam emotes in the chat that'd be fantastic yo J Castro thanks to the prime sub JP and Ricardo thanks for the prime sub in corrent thanks to the three months crazy I think already thank to you but thanks again how much everybody John Ford's video Oh like on the market yeah you gonna buy a new one did I might I might have to be I mind like seven meters video but I would I'm gonna die no no no no you can't where am I stuck at all right I got a guard try me dog that's right forward you'll never be on the Forbes list I mean neither will I because I'm not a LeeAnn but screw you okay oh yeah hey what's the joint again son but you lost your pickaxe yes are you hanging out there hanging out the wrong crowd so they're probably trying to hand you a dart and make you smoke it dude Jack we got some plugs and shackles I'm gonna catch up this arms let's go he's good at the barn with a crap act play a sad song the world's smallest flute side that's knocks ma'am I'm sorry to hear that oh my Steve Speedy's my Frankenstein all right chat I just want you guys to know it's funny now cuz it's not me but when it's me it's not gonna be funny anymore okay I'm a hypocrite I feel that's such a good thing yeah that's actually really sad side for just 20 bits you can make side happy again yeah the only thing I could possibly make it now is just a bunch of bit 14 I'm like afraid to go do meteorites cuz sec ha so how much money you got in your oven Tori flip that it's gonna make it happy when you win said okay you've had so much bad luck today decide that's it that's an easy flipper I'm just saying you got the balls to do it side I'm just listening to sad music okay what's the sad music song each s NARTH eccentric a sudden anti triptych thanks to the eight months once he said no burrito I had to mute him there Galaxy sandwich thanks to the six months in flakes thanks for the prime sub that's been amazing so I had to meet you there I didn't want to hear that all new route or things so sorry if I cut out there and yes meeting more questions [Laughter] well you get in the way well you can just showcase items that are what is this is this the 15 percent cakes there's a diamond pickaxe that's being flaunted I'm just I'm watching people have fun video I'm in the closet while my wife is being diddled so I said that so I just went for it he just said how do you guys have this extra people giving you extra stuffs I cannot search my god I'm not gonna you know I'm not gonna give it unless they wanted my fall again I don't need the armor I need creeper buddies level 59 pogs in the chart a terminator teh terminator oh no we die being potatoes sweet like at which rate side yeah you know whatever raids us besides maybe pain yeah thank you tater hooking up the crew so I love me some Pete administered admins those are we killing oh I'm falling cosmic time to slam an enchant add to my golden axe with over 45 enchants on its side must be nice I wonder what it's like having a good pickaxe oh geez are you no I'm not okay I lost my damn [Laughter] I have a gold pickaxe against video hey we're taking the admins on the server to some degree right like not full and admins but don't we have like access to stuff yes yeah the next time you're getting box odd I want you to identify the issue in / kill kill whoever's bopping you do going you haven't left your apartment all weekend feels good that's the life man you realize how many dangerous things are outside you're so safe in the confines of your apartment unless you're caught unless your apartment has asbestos that is not the asbestos place to hang how that ultimate Oh what the kappa dude wait I had you know I think Donnie kangaroo killed the guy who killed me good give you our little tour commandos okay so this is lower than when my pickaxe was but it's still it's a tick that's my pick he gave me his own personal pick for to give me a money note that's signed by me sweetie well Jesus ah he sounds like a lad bro how was she give you what he's uh Donnie Donnie kangaroo is no longer on this laptop man Oh spare people no sir yes you know what you might need this more than I do done a few Oh Oh for shame don't love to see that DNA that me thank you Ben I'm putting my Scrolls away because I never do them anyway so it's just taking up space but I'm sure that's gonna be a very unpopular decision but I'll bring him out next time because your boys hitting meteorites left or right side that's all I'm saying dog I don't know what half this stuff does I'll to read this I don't understand the light Scrolls okay ultimate enjoin do them I don't know how to do them they're confusing reading no I don't think we need this one buddy with us I'm gonna put him away as well we don't need the super generator pet I don't know why I have him all right way more clean inventory lot arms let's head back in there – oh my god knows where's my mouse the r-word I don't know it doesn't track where it's supposed to be uh unite killer die thank you for sobbing I don't know if I did thank you so much creeper about AAA all right almost levels what did we get for level 60 60 60 it's out of you level 60 yet yeah Jase was it like I'm low yeah I'm level 60 80 percent of the way through are you so far ahead when all you did today was just die I don't get it and oh whoa what are you level 59 6% I would like to get to 60 day if that works for you man yeah that's fine also if you have an XP bottle I'm not gonna be shown the I'm thinking handout for us you know sometimes you get to a point your life we're handouts are your only option and I think you're the air dude it's also media right there but someone's on it great oh my god I understand why there were so many meteors in that one spot side because it was one big Gipp hate it was it was just one big debate in your canceled what that said I'm dumb enough to mind them what was that noise yeah a super snake thanks to the prime sub red and then ends thanks for the forager biddies and letting me know there's a big happy enough not on my face what's inside your uh your evil step twin is up i mated i'm mining in the scary area cuz I'm not afraid son oh I just won okay oh I just want to know like the worst part about it is not knowing if my pickaxe is with a with a good owner or not you know I mean like what if what if they're just yelling at it all the time and not like treating it with respect like that it's out of your control maybe you know what I mean like I know it's gonna keep you up at night but if you can just like maybe use equal yourself out so you don't have to worry about it would be probably the best idea because that's that's horror we think about so it's reality I don't want to live in also why'd you lose your pickaxe the second time and not the first time is there something to that that's a good point I don't know I'm being told down I think I spent quite a little ninety yes I have a really good pickaxe I just can't wait till I get some ninety to use it going CJ I got a creeper buddy from Danny kangaroo Denny excuse me Oh white Scrolls say pickaxe on death apparently Oh always white spell your pickaxe if you die what all you get it oh they're trying to kill me now son did you run away don't be like me oh they're pushing me away from the run away spot but I think I'm okay I'm not sidearms enforcer buddy I need an adult and worse thank you here's your payment do they actually kind of going to be pretty good they were trying to push me away from the safe area that's me too if you think all them do not be a fool like Thanos done to be a maybe we don't grab me that's what was that what happened this time that just someone just blurs all over my face the spiderwebs eaters so so what do you do with the white scroll usually put it on your enchant I don't know I might have diamond pickaxe requires mining level 90 so I'm having a great time he's ever they died and you could still hear the joy in his voice guys what a lad what a guy dude died twice today guys he's still happy that's hard that's not easy you know speedy sterile II thanks for the husband all you do is not sell all you do is not sell speedy at level 70 we get diamond pickaxe requires little ninety bro either break wait now you get the diamond pickaxe yeah you finally unlock the ability ring was all over my face I don't know what to do yo someone just asked me if I saw the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette yes yes yes you did I think that's all yeah I'm very impressed it's a cheap Ferrari starting at under 60 K you basically get a Ferrari knockoff like it just looks insane dude I I already thought the the Corvette's looks sick like this nice Evans I'm at the wrong direction that's what it is oink yeah I think that I think the new court that was pretty setting I know there's a lot of people that don't like it because they're like side was that way you were talking about with spooge yes we do John you man I think I just experienced this pooja ting ah big hefty nut cousin's remaining cuz paper buddy just another one bad means there'll admins and don't you say sorry for killing oh no that's the actual culprit side I don't want this sorry I want my damn thing I'm just messing around by the way it does go after folks I already have another one thank you two up here thank you so 50 shades of Randy thank you That's not me so confused 50 shades of Randy thanks for subbing man appreciate that homie Adrian thanks to the 400 biddies read thank you for the 500 videos I'm not gonna let you do that appreciate to them in that's not creepy buddy I just used creeper buddy 43% to the level side 60 and the milestone for me alright the Batman's are moving my stuff away moving my stuff my inventory I'm convinced my pickaxe is gone now actual Badman Oh where's it gonna be this is insane it's like a game of lack of all I gotta grab my pick before it booth did bullied we can't report to that means what if they're all in on it it might be an other side oh I don't want golden carrots oh my god I just lost 2% of momentum for that dog no I'm joking it wasn't yay seven seconds ET it's a good area 9% down here local mine here maybe level 94 the diamond pick in case you missed it oh is it level 94 the diamond pick sigh yeah dude what the what is going on this is insane this oh no but one of those little fortnight kids that 11.5 million dollars yesterday uh contacted me sad they want me to be their financial advisor after hearing what I said that's perfect they said their parents said it was wrong to get a bunch of Gucci gear side but since they heard me saying it was it was fine yeah yeah I think that should be all it's spent on on fallen cosmic J's don't ask me of what I'm you know my cosmic is there no wait I'm getting taxed pretty heavily in this area maybe I gotta go to somewhere else I can say wait so I'm 25% of 61 you're crazy are 262 rather you're just you're just so good at mining side I think that's what it is you're siding right people think I died you know like on accident stuff I wanted an organic way for a species catch up to me so this is the only reasonable you know way for me to do it no I respect that so much did you what's your pick right now sigh like a crown in it for me um no it's uh Donna gave me his it's a level 49 pick or 48 I guess I just made it low for now so it's probably better than mine yeah yeah the thing the ones we enter like 50 plus no or surge cuz I don't want to use another reroll 3 wrong yo red thanks to the 500 biddies I'm not gonna slide into your DMS but I appreciate that you want me to in Clyde thanks 105 everybody's what I must have no man and you link what sacrée everybody selling on the h4 side you check I meant dependent million 10 milli yeah side I'm gonna slam 15 million on a coin flip later actually I also I'll slam 10 million a coin flip if I win I'll buy you a cooper buddy okay okay maybe that's stupid but not I should tell you that I already have one oh okay I'm not gonna do that yes but you know what you wanna are you are you in spawn no okay I wasn't say you want to slam a book you know gonna slam a couple of lists bruh I mean I wanted to get to Satan do you stole those XP bottles I think I gave you one okay oh I have a 3000 XP bottle that's nothing right I think that's pretty good I think it's kind of misleading like as far as we just don't know you yo you're gonna go I'm one mm out of it maybe how nice right yeah I got an or booster dating these sell for a lot I could maybe sell one of these and get everybody again to my own but my very own level 90 is required to have a diamond pickaxe oh is it level 90 side cuz I've been actually wondering about that myself yeah yeah thank you oh the white scroll when applied to pickaxes you keep the big axe upon death but lose the energy on it so whatever progress you had on it if you die is oh okay that's right I mean who really cares about that because we have so much nerve but that's probably nice for an organ player yeah our next milestone by the way is level 70 is when we get iron picked okay which I think that's when we want to start eating stuff on but I have one question side definitely my other question is when are we first allowed to use as diamond picks is what I want to know cuz I really want that second my sources I'm thinking level 90 speed ease when we unlock the ability [Laughter] sparkless night you know I my coin flip for QML I might I might mess around in Quinn's lefur for now I'm just gonna go drink that and see if it sends me up higher than I oh geez this is well what are you getting a wobbly shot wait this is chump change for this to wait 32 seconds – okay can't /spawn right now so it'd be like oh oh I just lost the mill the belt op-eds lost if he lost one mill sweetie he wouldn't even feel it if he took windmill from his account he wouldn't even understand he would feel it like it love it gotta have it for the price of a man thank you rob for hooking it up thanks easier primer on me dude I just always forget to look at the guard taxman taking all my XP rich get richer what does it mean splooge v does a sir speech a lot live here is there I'm looking for a sir there's Gujarat perhaps that's my son if we can lock it yeah watch the episode again Rosa thanks to the six months rosa absent you the best Rosa yeah it's been make love not war at the most famous episode of South Park side they come to this house and he's like I forget it's exactly username but he's like yeah there is like that's my son I'm opening up a countryman City legendary do with that arms do it with 74% bro yo Inc join what you got fine one maybe Batman can't even fly what if people like bad I'm so just disappointed in your lack of focus recently really oh yeah I apologize I will be y-intercept I'm fine I think the thing yeah it's looking for a meteorite couldn't find it so I think your shirts are appropriately sized and I'm sorry people give you a hard times about them I feel like that's I feel like by you saying that side you're you're setting me up you're literally just giving an alley and then the comment sections look of that side is what that is I'm not oblivious to the truth Titan blood reduces all incoming damage then kick damage yeah I think I just got some legit ass and Chancellor how do you do you definitely lost your legit a sword [Laughter] yes Scott thanks to the prime sub appreciated dude and summer.i Kensei thanks for the crime sub as well if anyone else has a prime sub they're not using feel free to give it a streamer man he's not gonna be mad about that let's just do a little aged a real quick sell it off 84% do I need to get away from this stupid tax buddy ah I feel like I'm defeated you know I mean well I'm at 85 % and then when I win this coin flip and send you some money you're not gonna feel defeated at all how much you know what I might I might flip one more I might I might I might flip Oh might as well bro Joe Joe and I'm gonna just here's the thing side when you're on your deathbed like a few hundred years cuz obviously modern medicine is gonna make us last longer are you gonna look back and think wow I'm glad I spent time with my family are you gonna think I'm glad I flipped those coins on cosmic prison so I'm personally gonna be thinking about those coins on cosmic prisons we can't take him with you when you die I'll tell you that much alright is it be your own sometimes it really do be your own okay how did I just lose two coin flips in the road that doesn't make sense because you've got the bigger side there's something wrong with how I just Reaper buddy I could I could risk two mil and win it all back sweetie but then I'd be well I'll tell you one thing I don't think the coin flips in this game a rig but the GTA casino is I did the math side I got hit by a point two six percent chance at the roulette table doing that to me twice in two consecutive nights so that means it's garbage Wow seven straight red side another night seven straight red are you kidding me no arrow crime I mean arrow gaming thanks to the private sub my rap god at that sentence oh we should have been over here earlier the taxes way nicer over here I'm sorry level six day let's go I'm gonna slam are shards flips the coins and then we out she today freaky beaches thanks for the 500 videos mint how do you get the mini-map how do you get the mini-map and info HUD I just came with Oh actually if you don't have it go to settings and then go to I forget where it's at in here map writer I think you click map writer and you put it on if you have a cosmic client that's how I did it at least so yay okay level 60 let's slam some shots oh geez ah boom shard thanks for the prize up boom shard okay we will take all those we will slam these as well it it's time oh it's time come back I wasn't call you silly speedy but I didn't prefer if he didn't I just you remember that one time actually texted ooo that was fantastic alright I just wanted it oh no everyone's texted the wrong person that once or twice yeah you know with the green bubbles it's hard to I got some cosmic guys look at that 293 on the on the chain wax slam this money no real quick there we go we got 16 milli radio wave gaming thank you for the three months you enjoyed come on Dawg for the people ask him I'll pick some on right after the stream I'm eating a pixel on up set up on YouTube so you guys can watch that in Scott thanks for converting your subnet alright CF and em I want sidearms to get back for this this is a big deal for me let's skip this person's all up in my busy sidearms screw it I don't need solder to flip a coin chat what color do you want me to pick here's your options you got nine of them alright whatever when I see the most I'm slamming ten million on alright what do you want chat orange green blue splurge red blue Oh God too many colors red and blue scene it's red red seems to be the most popular blues getting a big push red and blue are just incredibly unpopular I see a lot of Reds I'm gonna be doing red here 10 million on the coin flip let's go who's got the cojones to go against Rima man 10 million on red oh my god the good luck boy how much no I know this I don't have five million after this sad I'm gonna get scammed Scott who only will have four million you're gonna win I can feel it I was both of mine you went on today sir 25 million I'm done I'm done I'm done okay thanks for watching everybody everyone have fun episode today unless their name was Sodom's and died twice what is this lost there floaty diamond block I'm so confused but yeah thanks so much for watching everybody I hope you guys enjoyed our fantastical episode of prisons and by any chance anyway go ahead side side everyone come for the family photos oh we forgot the family photo let's go again the cosmic prisons right now timeless server good or so we'll get ourselves out first person trying to run so I'd be careful um everyone get on the stairs alright no one jumped us yeah thank you that'd be fantastic anyone gentle ball ball position let's not spam my chat Joseph already answered your inquiry oh my god this is the greatest class photo ever did there's so many people it's gonna be hard to be super come lottery my mouth [Laughter] anyway look at this squad here dude this could be you too if he just came and hung out with us the timeless serveral cosmic presence calm let's go anyway thanks so much for watching everybody have a fantastic day you wonderful people and bye bye

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