Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “angry” and “concerned” as nationalism …

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “angry” and “concerned” as nationalism …

we are living in a time of division
which is being undermined in the name of nationalism and aggressive trade
barriers former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban ki-moon recently
spoke with a dude on TV stressing the need for global unity as the world faces
a slew of challenges that affect human development our Oh Sooyoung gives us a
preview of an exclusive hour-long interview that will air on this very
channel early next month now is not the time for trade fights and petty division
but the time for global coordination these are the words of former UN
secretary-general ban ki-moon in an exclusive hour-long interview with
Arirang TV spoonball young what I am concerned at this time frankly speaking
that the leaders are not United the multilateralism is under threat if
you are trying to do their own way reflecting on the increased use of trade
policies as a means of political action and retaliation most recently Japan’s
imposition of crushing export curbs on South Korea pan stressed the need for
diplomatic solutions my advice at this time is that there is no other way but
to resolve this through diplomatic negotiation you may have freedom of
choosing your friends or even your spouse but you don’t have any a choice
when it comes to geographically neighboring countries Seoul has
repeatedly invited Tokyo to hold talks aimed at resolving the matter and raised
the issue at the WTO as Japan’s export measures run counter to the
organization’s provisions on global trade many global observers including
Panthea Tokyo’s actions are part of a worrying trend of world leaders backing
out of multilateral agreements Panzers US president Donald Trump’s decision to
withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement while declaring global warming
as a hoax is a prime example of that I am deeply concerned even I felt and
when President Trump decided to withdraw from this Paris climate change a woman
was only possible because China number one the greenhouse gas emitted country
and the United State were United and they were leading this campaign and what
President Trump was saying is first of all scientifically wrong and
economically irresponsible mm-hmm the political society in a time where many
societies faced critical threats from poverty and inequality to climate change
and environmental degradation pan stressed the need for all countries to
band together for the common good the hour-long interview is former secretary
pan will air in four on Arirang TV on August 8th at 7:30 a.m. Korea time
Oh Sooyoung Arirang news

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  1. Ban ki Moon is a Korean communist and a "climate change" hoax propagandist. Airrang is a disgrace for giving this globalist clown a platform.

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