Former Democrat hits Hollywood hypocrisy over politics

Former Democrat hits Hollywood hypocrisy over politics

31 thoughts on “Former Democrat hits Hollywood hypocrisy over politics

  1. You know making this woman go Republican by doing corruption in the Democratic Party is the best thing they ever didFor us. She believes in the American way. Small government, make the people smart so they can live on their own,

  2. I love candace, she is a straight shooter. celebs & media can not buy trump nor pocket him, that could be very annoying & frustrating for 4yrs. they feel the will always install a president, buy them with money & give him dos & donts, they sit down somewhere to remote control & run the WH. Trump is not interested in your money, so get that right. now americans know your game & your expose, so no more brainwashing us with money doing some stupid charity work to continue to enslave us, no more. It goes to proof that, all your money combined this time, is not power & HRC lost gallantly, thanx to celebs & the media. good job!

  3. crappy washed up actors. zero common sense from people. living in a twisted sick little world. I'm not doing anything idiots like that tell me to do. I can think for myself.

  4. Will never watch the Oscar's, or any other award show out of Hollywood. Including the country western award show. I find to be them all unamerican.

  5. Less people are going out to the see movies. Hollywood does not make all its money by making movies. Hollywood is the child trafficking capital of the world. Child trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business.

  6. if any Hollywood actor stands up for removing our legal guns, then we should remove guns from their movies

  7. I really like this young lady – how refreshing to have a fresh, intelligent young woman who "gets it". Wishing her great success in all she does.

  8. It's gotten to where we don't even need Hollywood anymore. Hollywood tries to tell us how to vote, how to live, how to dress, how to act, how to believe…like we should let THEM make our choices & our decisions for us. They also try to use the Bible in defense of how they think we should be & they end up making a total fool of themselves because they don't even know what they're talking about. I won't even have cable or satellite in my home anymore because Hollywood is nothing but hatred, anger, violence, & wanting to take over our Life & our freedom.

  9. The question is , once you blexit what are republicans going to do for people of color. It all boils down to money. Are they going to get a big tax cut? What’s in it for them?

  10. Thank God for Candace Owens she will tell it like it is she is so much better then Hollywood thank you for saying what we are thinking

  11. I agree with Candace Owens…Candace is like
    Trump she's for all the people!! And that's what we need!!

  12. So-called celebrities are one trick ponies who think way too highly of themselves and their opinions.

  13. Democrats are panicking because people are waking up to the lies that they have been exposed . People have seen bigger tax refunds and more take home pay. More job opportunities.

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