25 thoughts on “Foreign Policy & War Profiteering

  1. (continued from below)… the U.S.A.can't survive without an Enemy / War. It used to be the '' REDS,COMMIES '' but soon they found another '' Wide Spread Threat '' of the Arab Countries they selectively Groomed for attack. It made little difference which side of politics was in power…War just had to be Had ! But why ? Apart from the obvious International control gain by each '' Conquest '' Every piece of gear from each Shoelace to cruise Missile & Bullet had to used & replaced…Big bucks !

  2. As an outside observer approaching 63 & living '' Down Under'' (Australia) I have been saying since the early 1970's that

  3. @smujismuj
    People, read what I wrote:
    "Maybe there shouldn't be…"
    It shouldn't matter, but it does.
    Serious minded people will dismiss or more likely completely ignore the VALID message based on how this woman is dressed.
    I agree with her message.
    I did listen.
    I'm just making a point about how people have been brainwashed into tying a message to the messenger.
    It's not a huge deal, but it matters…whether it should or not…it matters.

  4. @Cyallaire so true …I love the "flaky upper crust in the US. " because they are surely taking more than their fair share of pie !

  5. @MMIIXX It IS treasonous to go to war for profit, and it's also a war crime, yet we've been seeing plenty of mass murder for profit. It's not coincidence that the wealth has become more consentrated while a decade of needless warfare drags on. The poor of this country are sent to kill the poor of other countries when they have something coveted by the flaky upper crust in the US.

  6. @AbbyMediaRoots Thank you for sharing it. Good job. I get the impression it was made shortly before Richard Holbrooke died.

  7. @MMIIXX Thats a great idea. If they could profit from making a strong national defense during peace time then maybe they wouldn't be so easy to make the jump to go to war.

  8. All wars were false flags, all benefit Wallstreet, big pharma=illegal drugs made into legal drugs.

  9. There is a dress code for being taken seriously.
    Maybe there shouldn't be, but there is.
    This young lady needs to understand that.

  10. @skaman852 An organization I worked for called Your Network that was dissolved. I now have the rights to share the videos under Media Roots.

  11. It should be treason to "profit" from war in a countries time of need.
    Imagine if once at war all suppliers had to supply at "cost only" .
    Peace MUST be made more profitable than war or else we will be in perpetual war…hey wait !

  12. hey, dudes, i got this really cool sales idea! lets make a policy that benefits our sales, give it to the people in charge with a money contract, THEN, when they sign it we can suck the country dry, bankrupt the entire economy, and still make money! god those tax-payin, votin, workin, strugglin, idealistic citizens are fuckin dumb….
    its genius really.. hah

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