Foreign Policy RAP (AP US History)

Foreign Policy RAP (AP US History)

dude what should we do for silence women I'm sorry rep Paul chicken we're coming straight out of the head keep the crosshair coming out like the shirt we rapping on the mic no a better place to be will tell you a story American foreign policy you will start at 1900 the Chili's out front presidency brought a new land upon us and we're happy fitness nearly done with expansion feel isn't my solution neutrality stand still now one year later the Killiney is done shot Byron Anika's with a small handgun if you're up with us you can policies upholding police power in the Western Hemisphere what a man in the color could reduce the fear inducing American ideals and have Europe spirit from moving across the Atlantic over a year now top is around this big fat ass and from upon the policy of TR real fast I maintain the progressive image of a sensible yeah but truly a book create something called the dogs Bowman C promote commercial interests P good posse so those ideals were not just enough Teddy comes back ready and rough roots in from office are running against him but rather than elected we get will see so wasn't the mcwrap promotes TR corollary we get Hispaniola but on the contrary Europe comes down in the war that carry and scary constant u-boat tickets then please up spare me every step of reading warfare we've just had enough Congress declares a war in your a rough World War one a truly long fight the war to end all wars yeah right revenge remains in the mind of Britain and France Treaty of Versailles is reflected in pants Germany is forced to make reparations and Wilson to propose it to the League of Nations the Committee of the countries of the world to uphold ideals of was it forty forty but counted by reservationist ironically isolationist America Jojo a conservationist are coming up now lose hair up percussive um down World Peace by creating a budget path they become free in fact in effect yeah new policy inhibited by foreign affairs events like a revolution and Red Scare and in 1924 we become more hectic limit the eclectic immigration as we stabilize European ethnic proportion for economy crashes in 1929 Cooper screws the pooch and Holly should have died when Franklin Delano Roosevelt came things just never became the same isolation is dumb as Germany grows up dirt breaks fighting the main stuff but FDR looks around American ideal Len lead at an embargo on oil and steel and directly brought the United States to war I had to depend on paraguas poor damn I didn't know that there was more so we fight in Europe some old regions but also in the Pacific with a bit of parent reason disclose the idea of conditional surrender fight to the bitter end sending to the blender of hell talking in with conferences Casablanca Cairo to Rania Al to Potsdam no doubt battling the war now damn so we finally dropped the bomb on Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki incinerated fast millions died seconds after the blast VJ Day comes the war's over we stop intense European countries moreover parallelism isolation new tiling is gone the United State has changed the Cold War Dawn's

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  1. The New Deal got us out of the depression. Taxes do work. How else would the government get money to fund things. would you prefer anarchy?

  2. This is extremely lame but it actually helped me a lot for a test I have tomorrow.. Thank you. Haha

  3. @rokouttilur80 course it did; It extended the depression. The US was already comming out of the Depression when he came up with if lame idea of the New Deal (ND). But it actually only made it worse Why? Because Money has to change hands 7 times for a healthy economy. the ND raised taxes. when you pay taxes money is only changing hands 3 times at best. This is also why taxes don't work.

  4. dang, this is good stuff. thanks guys, this is really helpful!!! haha wAAAY better than my stupid apush textbook!!

  5. This is Great, Super funny and it helped me with my homework, I'm in Gov't now but I was in AP US History last year, I got a 4 😀
    Hope you did well, too
    Thanks for the video

    you guys are totally cool

  6. Lmao! Are they wearing those masks so that they didn't actually have to sync the lips with the music? Hahahahahahaha!

  7. damn this beat is wack and andrew sounds like a girl. irwin you remind me of the hunch back of notre dame haha

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