48 thoughts on “Foreign Policy is More Than Just War and Peace

  1. Many of these wars are about the petro dollar. Our dollar is proped up by oil. The dollar would be worthless without being backed by
    oil sales. When countries start trading oil with other currency it's bad for us. Our economy would crash without the petro dollar.
    Iraq, Libya, and Venezuela all started or had plans to trade in other currency.
    What we need to do is back our dollar another way, perhaps a green economy, maybe we should buy more gold to back our dollar.
    Perpetual war is a common factor in fall of empires, this doesn't end good for us, unless we do something.

  2. It's Tulsi Time! She's the only one who will stop regime change wars: Check this out: https://activatenow.us/activatenow-democratic-straw-poll-first-edition/

  3. When put something first we call that the Prototype; it is important to get the first fruit right otherwise it will stain the rest.

  4. My only advice to tulsi is to cutback on the use of the word “aloha” despite all its good meaning, it will not relate to midwestern blue collar Americans especially trumpee low educated voters who would see it as “alien” ( these people don’t even know Hawaii is an American state)
    If you present yourself too native to Hawaii you will be seen as alien (hell these people think California is not American) so my advice is just speak plain simple English and avoid native culturalism as it just goes over the heads of blue collar midwesterners, kentuckians, southern states…
    speak in simple direct English terms so you’re not a Hawaiian candidate but an American veteran candidate

  5. If I remember right, McKinley was the first president to more or less declare war on his own, when he ordered troops from the Philippines into China to put down the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. So it goes back a long way.

  6. Thank you Mrs. Sanders. Tulsi is the future we need and deserve. #NoMoreWars #AntiWar #TrueProgressive

  7. People need to research the lost year in Iraq, who were the snipers that killed American soldiers I bet they are the one's who you can't criticize.

  8. I TRUST Tulsi Gabbard more than any other candidate for POTUS at this point. She cares about issues, not about labels and memes.

  9. I don't think Tulsi is a human being, and certainly not an American. I think she is some kind of artificial intelligence. Maybe made by Google or Elon Musk. In China. "Americans" have exterminated their colonial masters, America's indigenous people, each others, multiple foreign countries. America enslaved Africa. Destroyed South America. And have helped nobody. Ever. TULSI can't be real. Can't be american. Impossible. A drop of dew can not be formed in a sewer. Tulsi is the twin sister of "Sophia". This is a new trick by corporate USA. The world should build a giant wall all around USA. End of the problem.

  10. To me it's incredible that this woman in the middle of the Pacific Ocean can feel such strong emotion to what happened thousands of miles away in New York and 911. I will never forget how that horrible day brought this country together as Americans regardless of our religion or color. Tulsi took that tragedy and used it to intellectually grow into the person she is today. I'm so proud of her and so grateful that she too is an American. If this country can produce such a person, than there is hope for our future.

  11. I am so impressed with Tulsi Gabbard (and Jane and Bernie Sanders).
    Our Mainstream Media is a Horror, truly, not only have they inexcusably "dropped the ball" in fulfilling THEIR RESPONSIBILITY (yes media hacks, responsibility to the public, not responsibility to your infinitely greedy source of funding). That someone would shill WAR to line their, and their cronies, pockets. Look up "EVIL", "DEPRAVED", "TREASONOUS" in the dictionary

  12. to begin, the usa is not a democracy. it is ruled, not by the people, but by politicians. they don't do what the people want, they do what their sponsors want. consequently, voters do not choose what laws, plans and policies are best for the nation, they only vote for the person who will hurt them least, or benefit them most. since they are lied to universally, that choice is badly informed and frequently mistaken.
    so the sanders institute is just a device to make the sheep get into the chute, next step, lamb chops, or annual shearing.

  13. This lovely lady, Jane Sanders, WILL be a wonderful First Lady! Bernie Sanders WILL capture the 2020 Democratic nomination, and WILL be our next President of the USA. With Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate, the Sanders-Gabbard ticket WILL take the general election by a landslide. Donald Trump WILL be a one-term President. Four years later, Tulsi Gabbard WILL make history and become our first female President. We, The People, of the United States of America, can and WILL make this happen! Amen. Tathastu. Namaste. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

  14. You are asking the wrong questions.

    I am the only candidate for President who is opposed to mandatory vaccinations.
    See: "Highwire", My Incredible Opinion",

    Walk the talk: Build 4-plex solar homes with 100 solar panels to stop global warming.

    Guns. As a doctor I have evidence that we can prevent most suicides
    & homicides by supplementing our kids with the organic mineral chromium piclonate,
    to create normal brains in our children.
    We can prevent 90% of criminal activity & Opioid addiction with chromium.
    I have worked in the criminal defense industry for 40 years as an investigator.

    Cancel student debt. Free college, like Germany does.

    I am a US Navy Vet: I was a guard for Kennedy, & involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    I think everyone should be required to do 2 years in the military.
    Gulf War Syndrome is caused by the anthrax vaxx. Stop mandatory vaxx of babies & Vets.

    PREVENTION Health Care:
    Our soils are anemic. Our foods lack organic minerals.
    Natural medicine can provide all the medicine we need to prevent cancer & most diseases.

    AIDS can be totally prevented by supplementing our babies with organic selenium.

    By supplementing people with vitamin C hourly, we can prevent most
    cancer, heart disease, autism & asthma.
    Read Dr. Levy, "Cure Cancer Vitamin C".

    I have cured dozens of people of AIDS, an Acquired Immune Deficiency of Selenium Syndrome.
    Youtube: paul8kangas
    We can prevent autism by banning mandatory vaccines.

    Stop global warming:
    build 4-plex solar homes with 100 solar panels.
    Require Utilities to pay solar homes $0.49 Kwh for 20 years.

    I co-founded the Peace & Freedom Party, merging the Mississippi Freedom Party
    & the California Peace Party in 1968.

    I have 3 unvaccinated kids: Alisa 41, Shane 37, Jess (autistic) 35.
    The #1 issue we face is the Climate Crisis.
    I am the only candidate opposed to mandatory vaxx, of babies & Veterans, Gulf War Syndromes.

    Paul Kangas for President 2020, Bernie for VP 2020.

    Youtube: paul8kangas [email protected]

    I will be traveling down the Mississippi from Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, New Orleans
    Sept 1 to Sept 28. I will be at each Vets 4 Peace office.

    Women 4 President: Marrianne Williamson, Tulsi Gabbard, E. Warren, Kam Harris,

    The US must partner with China to put solar panels on every new home & school in the US.
    We must raise teachers pay to $90 K.

    I wrote the first Nuclear Freeze Zone for SF 1986, & passed it by 3 to 1.

    I co-founded the very first Earth Day at SFSC in 1968, as part of the Black Panther Party & SDS.
    Watch the movie "12 Angry Men".

    My parents were victims of the McCarthy Era. We hid from the FBI by moving to farms & small towns every 3 years: Chicago, Lansing, Iron River, Baraga, Butte, Hells Port, Mullen, Id., Stanfield, Ore., Hermiston, Ore.

    I lived in 9 nations overseas: Morocco, Cuba, Iceland, Philippines, France, Germany, China, Mongolia, Russia, etc.

  15. Tulsi saw something about Bernie… she sees further out than Bernie does; more intelligent and wiser. She is more focused, but she is focused on something further out than every other candidate. Trump will win 2020 because he already did his job with the wall. Now, Tulsi will 2024, choose to run.

  16. I support Tulsi Gabbard. Not because she is a woman, not because she is Samoan, because she is obviously a really good candidate with an amazing track record and she is willing work across party lines and talk to the so called enemies like Assad in search of peace.

    She has a good head on her shoulders and she is pushing for reasonable policies. I never hear her acting like a feminist or a social justice warrior trying to hate on me for being a straight white man. Tulsi gives me hope for not just the Democratic Party and USA but all of humanity. She is an excellent example of how to be human. 

    Tulsi for president!

  17. Lord of War (9/10) Movie CLIP – Evil Prevails (2005) HD – Shooting my brother ain't a deal breaker.- Betraying my country , or destroying my planet. It's just good business.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQMofmwnt6s

  18. To all of you who like Tulsi's ideas.Please give to Tulsi's presidential campaign, if only $1 ,so that she will be permitted to appear on the debate stage. She must have 65,000 individual donors in order to appear on the stage.
    We need the rest of our nation to hear her voice.
    I just saw a poll today that showed Tulsi at 0%.
    The media isn't mentioning her on lists of Democratic candidates…or they are trying to pass a false narrative about her.
    We need to get her to the debate stage.

  19. My gosh. A real conversation where one comes away with a broader mind! (As in "The Art of Conversation). Tulsi, I will push and push for you (I think you're a dakini) because of your emanation of love and Truth! Dr. Jane, you made this gem possible by skillfully guiding the conversation. I learned so much (I thought I knew everything). The two of you work so well together, each so full of wisdom. The benefits of your conversation were more than the sum of its parts!
    If you ever get this message, Tulsi, is that a feather hanging on the left side of your face, or is it a streak of grey ("frosted?"). It looks like a feather. What is it and why might it be significant? (To me, it is bird protection as a feather)

  20. Yet, months down the road when President Trump says he is going pull our troop out of Syria both Republicans and Democrats cry that would be a terrible mistake. So who are the Warmongers?
    And lest we forget Syria was Obama's deal.

    Let's get out of all these Forgien battles. Stop Elliott Abrams and Boltins murderous plot for Venezuela.

    I may or may not vote for Tulsi as I do not support all of her agenda. I did however donate a few shekels to her Precedential campaign. I am one of 65000 needed to get her on the debate stage with the rest of the Democratic Presidential Runners.

    Let's see if she can convince me to change my vote from President Trump to Tulsi.

  21. A very good example of US interference is in Afghanistan. After pulling out of Afghanistan at the end of the Cold War, they left the country in ruins and open to militia groups. The Taliban came via grassroots, to bring some sort of peace to the country, but after they grew in numbers, they became something completely different with funding from Al Qaeda. Suddenly, after 911, the US notices the atrocities in the country. So they pick an Afghan living in America to be the president of Afghanistan to fight off the evil Taliban. But then US starts to get tired of Karzai and his corrupt ways, and they decide they need to make the people think they still have a voice and sovereignty. While Karzai starts to side with the Taliban, because he's no longer getting US money, the US send another Afghan living in America (working for the World Bank) Ashraf Ghani, to "run" as a candidate in the election. But then the people also chose another candidate that the US didn't put in. So they both sat on the throne, and Karzai joined them as an advisor. And now that Trump is in bed with Russia, the US is holding peace talks with the Taliban, Russia, and Karzai in the Doha. So basically what you're not hearing in the media is that the US is supporting the Taliban to regain power in Afghanistan. So all that bloodshed and talk of women's rights was for nothing!! The Afghan people have no sovereignty because of the United States. Tulsi needs better talking points. Afghanistan and the hypocrisy of the United States would be a good way to start.

  22. Tulsi is very right about the scandalous "policy" concerning Yemen, but she has to confirm that Trump is paving the way for her in many points of view.

  23. I think it's good for Gabbard and Sanders to run for President. This will force the establishment Dems to spread their smears and propaganda against two progressives instead of focused on a single candidate. They should run together if one emerges as the front runner. America can't afford to have the centrist Dems hand Trump another disastrous 4 years.

  24. It is the first duty of every lefty to speak against it's own imperialism. The greatest betrayal of social democratic parties in europe to defend the war of their respective elites during WWI. It was workers who paid the price with their lives and sweat

  25. Ms Gabbard hasn't dumped on anyone yet when given the chance in any interview I have seen. Where as that is the way I operate it seems to not play with some ( most?) people. Thoughts?

  26. this interview isnt just about ending wars its about embracing our higher selves. Brace yourself for the next wave : )


  28. 6:26AM eastern time & they just reported Breaking News, Bernie Sanders has announced he's running for President in 2020 on Vermont Radio!

  29. Tulsi Gabbard is the Goddess of Wisdom.
    I am also very afraid.
    She is taking on some very powerful people.
    May God protect her from harm.

  30. PEACE is a BOLD policy?? NO, a default policy for over 70% of citizens.
    I don't trust Bernie after his sell out to DNC in 2016 and supporting Hillary – a well known war monger.

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