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  1. In many ways, the "boomerang effect" is a real in how much of our government's actions overseas do have repercussions in our home front (e.g. how the global war on terror changed our legal framework and our attitudes towards the rest of the world). And the connection b/w domestic & foreign issues aren't limited to military intervention; the way we build relations with other countries also changes our attitude towards them. Such can happen vice versa (The internal political skirmishes, which often begins domestically, can also determine who would be the next world leader). I do, however, see a flaw in Prof. Blanco's statement, specifically about military personnel. Soldiers, for instance, do not just bring home their skill sets; they bring their experiences. Despite previous foreign interventions, they didn't bring their expertise to law enforcement until the war on drugs began, nor do they share John McCain's worldview.
    Take for instance T.E. Lawrence, who has passively opposed the Sykes-Picot Agreement, JRR Tolkien, who achieved his post-traumatic recovery from WWI through the writing of what then became a series of major motion pictures, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who outspokenly criticized the president's request for a declaration of war against Bashar Al-Assad. These accounts do not have to justify the important yet often exploited roles our warriors served for our country.The point I'm making is that we shouldn't deem every personnel who participated in military interventions as prone to enforce repressive laws. In some ways, that can depersonalize them.

  2. What I find interesting is how other parties/pundits/micro pundits (if that's a word) tend to use much much more rhetoric and statements like "we oughta have X and Y will achieve this goal" without any sort of real world examples or evidence to support their position, while many of the learn liberty videos sound like textbooks and give many examples in history or use logic as evidence to support their position. It doesn't seem like any other (at least in the vast majority of cases) political leaders or parties use well thought out logic or historical evidence to support their ideas or proposals.
    I would really enjoy watching some other youtubers that would debate the views on this channel with evidence/logic. But it doesn't tend to happen. Until then I'll keep watching every opposing position I can find because I think it's a good idea to watch things that completely disagree with what you think.

  3. So guilt by association then?, just tell are military it can't hurt anyone, that will fix the problem, right?.

  4. Bravo! Knowledge is power, please keep up educating The People on clear mechanisms of Liberty, or those powers that can strip it away!

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