33 thoughts on “Foreign Policy Diary – Turkey and Kurdish Question

  1. Southern and eastern part of country will be become north and northwest Kurdistan. Northeast part of country will be go back to Armenia and Georgia. Istanbul will be become independent state. And rest of turkey will be become Anatolian Republic. Problem is solved.

  2. i am Turk and you misunderstood everything…i think MORE SEARCH and ''STAY AWAY'' our country.You don't know anything about Kurds and Turks.You don't know us

  3. Now Turkey is killing her own population. I can't wait till the U.S starts pushing for regiem change in turkey

  4. as a turk I can say we have lost a lot of credibility in the world under erdogan regime.. his adventures are costing too much for turkey and I find him too naive since he quickly became a puppet of the usa.. no surprıse, if you have a leader who was once a bus driver then you miss the real diplomats and politicians in your country..

  5. Don't blame Turkey – blame their criminal regime who in no way represents its people. Erdogan & his crime family will die in civil war from Turkey's own citizens & military it seems. Turkish military hates Erdogan, remember that.

  6. It is a chance to Russia again to bring down Turkey more than ever before, Turk are old enemies with German against Russian, history told us.

  7. Fairy tale story is nice but only happens in Youtube clip with 5-10k view. If anyone thinks RUSSIA and USA ( even with TRUMP ) will get alone each other you are dreaming, just wrong DNA's. Very soon they will be very strong Independent Kurdish State when Turkey pushes in 10 million refugee where their belong, into Syria. The question is "Are Russia ready for bleed for Kurdish state?" Step daddy already turned back home just in case, you have never know. Left over WWI borders are not right, we all knew that. Sure map will be change but after WWIII. Are you guys ready to wake up from dream besides talking BS.? Breaking up Turkey only possible in Youtube colored maps.

  8. The Idea of all Turkish citizen to be Turks, thus calling Kurds 'Mountainturks', was in the way of the idea of O.Empire 2.0. Such an Empire would necessarily include many citizen that are not Turks. So, that part of the constitution needed to be scrapped, the Kurds were the perfect reason to do just that.

  9. Well the Muslims keep HOWLING about a Caliphate . Someone FORGOT to tell them that TURKEY ( NOT SAUDI ARABIA )was where it was based.

  10. we know that turkey will oppose a kurdish state that threatens turkeys borders BUT …….. will the U.S. Turkey and kurds work together to carve out territory in syria currently t borders?? the kurds turks and the U.S. have something up their sleeve here. The Kurds can be used to achieve what isis couldn't. watch for the kurdish flip sides.

  11. kurds doesnt deserve any land, they wont get any territory of Turkey. And if they try then they should accept military intervention with bombs that will destroy everything they once called home. Let all the kurds go to europe. Europe loves kurds.

  12. I support the major opposition party in Turkey and I loath Erdogan. However, this piece is completely biased and can not even be considered as journalism. Kurdish terrorists are blasting bombs in Turkey's main cities for 30 years. There is not a civil war, there's fight against terrorism. You couldn't even spell Diyarbakır or Cizre correctly, and you want your audience to believe all your crap? "Kurdish genocide" ? LOL.

  13. I'd like to see the Kurds take back autonomy and control of the geographical areas they reside in. Turkey will do anything to stop that from happening. However, at the same time, such aspirations might tempt the Kurds in Iran too as to also seek a sort of independence or complete independence which would put Iran into the equation. The US would find an opportunity there I bet! Anyway, justice would be served if Kurds, who have a national identity, language, and culture, would have their country one day but it's not all bright and shiny though as they are fragmented into many political parties and armed militias that would definitely create an internal turmoil over the control of that country so it will still be divided into regional Kurdish states under certain warlords or political figures that exist today and they will, in their internal strife, be used as a puppets by the countries around them to keep them in conflict and to keep them weak. This hypothesis might be reading too far ahead if all the Kurdish axis rises up and attain their autonomies. After Saddam's era, Turkey is the second worst country for Kurds in the region, especially with Assad favouring the Kurds and supporting them at the moment (there might be a promise of autonomy after the conflict, which may satisfy the appetite for the YPG and co for now).

  14. man erdogan is sending his paid sons to type pro-erdogan comments in all the comments of videos which show his evil nature.. these videos are overflowing with terrorist supporters nowadays…

  15. I don't know if it is still the same person who is speaking but the tone has improved, more confident and in control.

    Nice update.

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