23 thoughts on “Foreign Policy Diary – EU future?

  1. The problem of the EU is not bureaucracy but the complete lack of solidarity which is essential to solve the problems rationally. It is not the "European bureaucracy" that has failed but the individual leaders of the member states who seems to be unable to think of themselves as being part of union were problems are dealt with in the best way for the common good.

    What you call EU bureaucracy are really the incompetence of the European council, they currently only want to serve the close minded interests of the national states. The European Commission have already made rational proposals of how to deal with it, the refugees only constitutes at most 0,5% of the European population, like a population 200 was
    increased by 1, that is not really going to tip the boat unless you screw it up.

     To say that the EU have loaned money to Greece completely misses the details. It was the Eurozone members who were the loan givers not the European Union, and reality mostly German money. The way it worked was that as with most banks, the German banks were broke and as such needed to be refinanced by the state, but unlike many other countries, the German banks didn't actually have to repay their loans through interests. Instead the German state gave money to the banks who in turn also loaned money to Greece. Greece then had to repay the banks and by extension the German state through interests, interests which have already earned the German banks far more than they loaned off in the first place. Greece is defacto repaying the loans of the German banks.

    The debt holders have in fact made money off the deal and continues to do so. Meanwhile Greece have lost 20% of its GDP which obviously only makes it even more difficult to pay off their debt.
    You don't have to be genius to know that also hampers the German economy which is heavily reliant of Greeks like the other member states buying their products.

    People always fail to notice how interconnected everything is.

    As for the refugees a lot of them are emigrating from countries in Africa who have been forced to undergo the same kind economic reforms that Greece has, they have been forced to treat European made products equally to their own, thus preventing them from creating jobs at home. This kind of disillusionment that is often the results of these economic polices also makes them susceptible to radical groups.

    In the end, the Refugees at most represents 0,5% of the European population, but because of the lack of solidarity it is really only a few European countries which takes on most of the responsibility while Eastern Europe clearly shows that a lot of people are still stuck in old superstitions and never really understood the fundamental values of the European Union.

  2. Europe has become the toilet of the world. Major powers like Russia, Turkey, Saudie- crybaby,  US and Iran stir up shit everywhere and flush it down the European toilet. It is about time European nations stood up for their own interests.

  3. I love these videos because it sheds light upon what Russia wants the European states to do. Basically anti immigration, divide, and dissolve the EU.

  4. The best thing you all must do now all is to spread the word. Making people awake of what is going on. Friends, family all of them. Make them find it out for themselves. Let them see through all the media lies and more.

  5. If you give map of the Schengen zone you should give it correctly, Hungary is inside the zone. Such a failure undermines your credibility seriously.

  6. If you're thinking Marine Le Pen will in any way not side with EU bureaucracy, you need more insight into French politics and the FN leaders' motives. It's all just populism, really, nothing disruptive, a different flavour of brainwashing. Currently no independent political party with a chance of winning anything exists in France, as most people are drawn to the easy no-brainer elephant parties – yes, including the FN.

  7. ofcourse millions of people die in muslim countries because of EU and NATO, but its the Europeans who always suffer the most

  8. Well… they wanted to remove Gadaffi and Assad right ! now they have to swallow it… all this suffering for nothing…Just because a couple of EU and American politicians decided to finance terrorist in the middle est…you having what you deserve…

  9. hopefuly this Augean stable will colapse, and we can build something normal with strong foundations and with knowledge and experience from UE how to NOT lead new union of European Nations.

  10. Solution for EU? Ally with Russia. Stop fooling around with those fellows from across the pond and those islanders who were never keen to join the EU anyway

  11. Europe has a bright future, and so can Eurasian Union. Keep in mind all those unions are what NWO planners want. There will be a civil war in Europe before anything drastically changes, Russia will also experience a few hardships.

  12. Coudenhove Kalegri plan – look it up, the sinister plan to turn the ethnic European races into a mongrelized mixed race with no identity and Europe at large into a third world continent.

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