it is our first full day in Lima we don't know anything about this place we haven't been exploring yet the only thing I do know is that Lima is the culinary capital of South America so needless to say we have booked a food tour since this was like such a big food city we wanted to make sure that we picked the right one so we talked to a lot of people we ultimately went with delectable Peru and Erica the owner is taking us out to Vegas around the city today and we are so excited she seems the most excited and passionate like we are can't wait to meet her yeah I don't know this is our guide Erica she chose to come hungry to all Haqq today but they come across perfect we just got a tour of the whole local market we're buying lots of fruit and we're trying an orange banana we just only improve and as so much tastes like we're gonna eat it like a dessert because I want you to try something that you've never tried before but it's like the grenadine yeah well it's pretty much famous year he's on all the global shows and even Anthony Bourdain who came and market is right next to the ocean through getting our first views that's because we told Erica that we just got in last night we hadn't seen any of the city so we made a detour on the way to ceviche and she's taking it to one of the best view points to overlook the entire sentence Lima is so impressive I had no earthly idea it was in a desert and I'm loving this sunny weather and blue skies we've basically been in rainy season for the last month and at altitude for some cold bushes making the save and better we are at Lamar it is officially so these daytime turns out we used to go in the kitchen and help service thank you eventually okay good hi it was actually got to go prepare that is bursting with flavor seriously so delicious I love it we also got ice bucket full of plan basement and you remember Peruvian pops and they're all sells amazing hello Kristen normal person oven and then we're getting a drink demonstrate Mira premiere para poner la la Pavoni one yeah Oh oh my god our new friend Juan Lopez a boy here for 10 years and he wassup this is in about three seconds it smells and there gets dusty I already tell you I'm going to love them I don't even feel like I have to say that it's the best I've ever know Fiat filter be complete without a pisco sour this restaurant has been so much fun we got here and before I knew it I was behind the counter making ceviche and then over in the smokin hot grill with one making the scallops is this crazy we just drove the Bohemian town of Baraka all the buildings are a lot more colonial looking with a miraflores where we're saying it's super pretty and America's favorite part of town one of the top 20 restaurants in Latin America we just met assess it seems awesome a nearby I'm Anthony Bourdain so this restaurant is called a Selena is mom and all his recipes are her recipes okay Karen told me had to try this because she's tried everything else today silverfish and red onion some kind of like wife tartar sauce and between the fried fish and the bread the total site cried ceviche on a piece of bread harbortown very so this number two is cow with their summit of account and on top is slugs sausage it's a little crazier than all the things we could hate they're going to be less awesome is very like brain and the cow so make it is very like forget about the trombone I know that sounds really gross this dish took five hours to make so I feel really special that we get to eat it the meat is so printer it really reminds me of something that my grandma would make in the cross part like all day long I love it one that we're eating is picked on de estado para limpiar refolded which is see with tanzanite our next dish is the famous Peruvian Lomo saltado this looks the best out of all three it smells amazing and it seeps with onions and potatoes and tomatoes carrots some kind of herb is supposed incredible I'm just going to try to be first hmm no brother I'm glad we're walking some getting full yeah now what is calm how we're right in a threesome oh yeah oh yeah that money certainly has like handy this is called tuna but it's not some fish Chum this is tuna the cactus tree so apparently there is a cocktail that you make out of with Green cactus trick that we tried and we're about to get our restriction so he was part of the visto sour in Peru there's another traditional drink that's very similar instead of pisco it shades with this from this one is made in Cusco is called Pena zone and it's member suda2 it's very similar to superpower but it has a lot of other little fancy things in it we just said bye to Erica and got dropped off at our place I'm not going to lie I had super high expectations for our food tour in Lima I've basically been looking forward to doing this since we got to Peru and she did not disappoint we made a fantastic decision going with delectable Peru the first private food tour we've ever done and it was amazing much different than all the other creatures but so cool how she only does private groups which she wanted to be like his personal as possible and so like a few times she would say what do you look for like she no two goods are the same for her and she kept telling us like this isn't what we normally do but then it was like there's never normal I also think she's the most passionate food to her god we've ever had and she knows everybody yeah we got to meet the chef at every restaurant we went to she's friends with all of them we stopped at places just to say hey to her friends so that we'd know to go back later because she was just like telling us it was a good restaurant or like it was the best bread in town and those awesome a Korean guys flip into food competition Thank You Erica and delectable bird who knew we had veteran sunset you the other so nice here my name is Seamus Louis Kolkata

45 thoughts on “FOOD CAPITAL OF SOUTH AMERICA | Lima Food Tour!

  1. We are travelling to Peru and this food tour is on my list now! Thanks for being such wonderful sharing travellers 🥰

  2. Kara, I am mesmerized by how beautiful you are with your braids and this hat. It makes me smile and warms my heart like a proud big sister. Been watching your vlogs since day 1 when I skipped work for 7 days to recover from a surgery and all these made my recovery easier. I am so happy you get to do what you love. Stay salty. Warm hugs from balmy Manila. 💕

  3. That ceviche looks soooo good, in Mexico we have ceviche too, but I had tried the Peruvian one, and is so good too. I want to go to Peru, my good friend Maria is from Peru, need to go with her one of these days.

  4. I have seriously become obsessed with your channel…I feel like I know ya'll! I have looked up food tours in my city after watching your last food tour! I'm going to ask for a gift certificate for one for my next birthday! looks like so much fun!

  5. Those fruits from the market you were eating are really good for you. Here in Mexico they make like a sherbet out of them they are delicious and not fattening and good for you

  6. What surprised me the most was how widespread the credit cards are accepted in Perú as compared to Germany. I couldn't believe seeing four card readers at most cashiers (one for MasterCard, one for Visa, one for American Express, and one for Diners Club, etc.).

  7. Lima is amazing – one of the best food cities around! We really loved our stay in Barranco. We also went to Isolina – great dishes there with a huge menu! The cau cau was tasty – loved the mint in there, too.

  8. I love you guys and I'm grateful that you're going on these adventures. They allow me to enjoy sights and experiences I can't really afford to do. I feel like I'm included. Traveling the world has been my lifelong dream but I don't have the resources. Thanks to you guys it's like I'm doing it! After watching your vlog I feel great and I'm looking forward to the next installment. I'm sharing your travels with my friends and their starting to follow you too. Keep up the good work, it means a lot to people like me.

  9. Another fabulous food tour. I loved everything you tried… well, except the cow stomach and blood sausage. I've had British friends try to talk me into the blood sausage, and it's just a no-go. But those scallops… and the beef con arroz y frijoles… I'm all about that. Muy deliciosa.

  10. kara, you got a good smotach. the cows stomach. its know as tripe in Philadelphia. Italians make thia sandwich with an Italian roll.

  11. Great video!. Now I'm hungry… for ceviche. I live in Los Angeles and I make ceviche with a mix of serrano and habanero chilis and it taste GREAT!

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